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Post by Angered-Fluff on Tue Jan 23, 2018 6:53 pm

Name: Seraphina Umbra
Nicknames: Flame, Princess
Age: 4,758
Species: Porcupine/Wolf (Demon)
Gender: Female
Occupation: Tournament Fighter


Seraphina Umbra Seraphina_ref_by_angered_fluff-dc0xnpd

Personality traits

- Monster, Taco Bell
- Challenges, Chilling with friends
- Saunas

- Cold Weather
- Vanilla, Watermelon flavor
- The color white (It gets dirty so easy!)


A high-energy cocky gal with a thirst for adventure and a heart for her friends, Flame strives to be the best she can be, but isn't afraid to throw down with someone who decides to mess with that ideal.

Combat traits


Hell Fire: A bright blue flame that burns way hotter than normal red fire, and can cause serious burns on contact. 

PyroKinesis: She can also manipulate existing fire around her, sometimes even the fire her fellow Pyros may throw at her.

Shadow Walk: She can travel through shadows to quickly reach desired areas.

Shadow Melt: She can 'melt' into a shadow, allowing her a brief moment of invincibililty. Often used as a fleeing tactic.

Demon Blood: She has enhanced natural abilities, as well as immortality from her demon blood. Also allows her to access certain areas that only her kind can go (I.E. The Underworld)

- Hand-to-Hand Combat
- Dark Areas, Hot/Dry Areas

- Blessed or certain enchanted weapons.
- Bright, Cold, or Humid Areas

Social information

Positive relations
- Samuel McLinden - Pretty much like a brother to her! There's nothing she wouldn't do for him.
-  Slade, Spark, Punk, Aqua, Boubka, Azrael - Some of her closest friends ever since her latest trip to the surface years ago. 
- Spectre - He's hot  a great friend that she's known for a good portion of her life, she can't even count the years anymore.

Negative relations

- Madness - This guy knows exactly how to push her buttons, which is ironic because he's a robot. But she's never liked the guy, especially when he tried to invade the city with those giant robots and stuff. Nothing her friends couldn't put a stop to, that's for sure.



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