Rambling about a demon and how I got four characters

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Rambling about a demon and how I got four characters Empty Rambling about a demon and how I got four characters

Post by Angered-Fluff on Mon Jan 22, 2018 4:46 pm

The name, the body, the personality, and the experience. This is what I came up with at four this morning when I was awake, listening to my cat snore and complating life.

Flame, the namesake. Literally nothing else is shared between her and the original. Her and Cinder both, to be honest. I kinda made them without much thought, but they're still useful incorporated into Cheyzy's backstory XD

Eclipse, the body. She's the one the carries the backstory, the Chaotice Element Demon lore, and the powers the the original had, with fire being thrown out the window. Her and he bro Sol are basically the new Flame and Cinder, just somewhat amplified and simplified to a moon/sun type of thing. 

Savage, the personality. Originally she was a completely original character, belonging to a different universe where I borrowed the old Mechanic and Nox Repairs for the backstory. But she's also the cool mom personality I remember the old Flame having after the intial edge phase. That and I really liked Savage's design, so she has a mobian design as well just cause she's super cool and is amazing and I love her and I'll move on now

Seraphina. Literally had the idea while I was sitting there this morning. Because, none of these guys have the actualy story that happened here or on the other rps Flame was in. Like I literally just plucked her out of existence. Which kinda sucks, because I love all the memories here, at least the ones I can remember lol
So I really wanted to make a 'flame' that had these experiences, one that I might be able to actually use here. I don't have a design, but I feel it would be similar to the the original, buuuut probably more....demon looking? I dunno. I have a basic backstory though-

Basically Seraphina is a demon. Yeah. Duh. Super cocky, typical demon powers and stuff, but her dream is to become a part of theeeee.....uhhhh.....Noooooxxxxx......Shiiiiiiiiiiiit? Those guys. Yeah. Burn knows. Buuuuuuut she can't join. (Also got a huge crush on a certain hedgehog assassin *Wink Wonk*) So to prove herself, she goes to the surface, where she runs into these heroes, and decides to help in achieving great feats, such as the giant robot invasion, yadda yadda I can't remember much else but yeah. She's definitely not as powerful as the original, so I doubt she'd be a Madness Rival thing, but she can most certainly but a thorn in his side.

Buuuut then I had to figure out where she went. Where some people just moved on, or went to travel, she went back to Void to try and become a Nox once more, only to be denied. Probably. It's all speculation afterall. So, she either is still set on proving herself, or ends up giving up and takes to the surface to find a new purpose. And misses her 'boyfriend' dearly. It's a good ship I swear.

Okay I'm done rambling. Might doodle Seraphina'Flame' Designs.

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