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The Euclid Zone Empty The Euclid Zone

Post by Shrike Marine on Tue Jan 16, 2018 10:40 am

-Time had pressed on in the world, well after the final show down between the enemies of Cydonia Dark Terraria and the masked soldier, the chard area around the explosion of raw dark energy was believed too be just that and nothing more, just burnt ground. What was not known however was that the immense explosion of dark energy had lingered in the area ever since it had occurred.

Unknown and undetected this raw energy continued too silently expand over the outskirts, those who entered this area would start too experience strange feelings, sickness and after long term eventual death. Radiation was the first conclusion, and it seemed correct at first that the dark energy had immense radiation pockets, scattered through the area, some areas were greater then others and some places had zero radiation too begin with. 

Months passed as the energy continued too slowly build and expand, even reaching into the atmosphere above it, the build up became incredibly strong, what was going too happen next would be the mother of all storms. 

The sky began too darken rapidly and violently, heavy dark clouds began too build up on each other, forming what looked like typical thunder formations. Suddenly a violently white light explosion ripped from the sky, sending a shockwave over the area. From with in the center of this formation pulse orange and pink energy streams seem too seep out from the clouds expanding across the sky. 

Lighting spiked all around as the streams expanded across the evil sky, in the far distance the real danger was approaching, a wave of red energy stretching from one side of the horizon too the other seemed too be coming, as if it was a wave. 

Any one who had a radio device was warned too take shelter immediately, those who did not run or attempt too hide from the approaching wave would be erased from existence as the wave seemed too not harm the environment but living beings.

The wave rushed for miles and miles reaching a distance of roughly 50 kilometers before the storm seem too subside and quietly dissipate. As quickly as it came...the strange storm was over, the sun return with in mere minutes, those who took shelter and avoided the wave like storm emerged too find something disturbing. 

The land effected by this storm had began too warp and change, the fabric of reality bent, strange anomalies began too emerge in certain area's some terrain and foliage, had been altered in strange ways.

It was unclear what had happened, but it would not stop those coming too investigate, it would not just be a few no no, this area began too draw attention from all walks of life, scientists, military and even simple civilians too try an figure out what had happened. 

exploration, careful studying, experimentation and more concluded that the strange storm was indeed a build up of dark energy left after from the explosion previously and it had mingled and changed the land due too the energy being extra dimensional, Personal also discovered that in these spots of anomalies, strange items had been created out of the mix of energy and land

Objects with strange properties, highly valued by the scientist community and soon markets, these would become too be known artifacts. While this zone appeared too grant strange new unique treasures and features beyond the realm of normal, the dangerous were also clear.

High amounts of radiation, had not only left pockets of it in the area but also heavily mutated while life too be creatures of nightmares a constant danger in the area. Of course the growing potential of another storm would hold another great danger all in it self. 

Dubbed the Eculid zone by Scientists, this strange place where reality breaks down, a new area was built from the dark energy of another reality, brings its share of civilians, thugs, looters, treasure hunters, military and scientists alive. All taking risks in the name of science, protection and wealth. 

Welcome too the Euclid zone.
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