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Post by MikeMurdock on Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:00 am

( This is a joinable faction. If you want to make a character for this faction please PM me or post in this topic)

Faction Name: Clan Félagiknǫttr
Leader: King Önde Adansson
Location: Mountain region, NorthHamer
population: 3,000,000

Combat traits
Powers/Technology:Slug thrower based weapons, melee weapons that has a control system connected to the Bracers of each Warrior giving them the ability to call on their weapon and have it come back to them in their hand like a boomerang. Heated Melee weapons or vibroblades

-Agressive warriors skilled in range and Melee combat
-Mining and foundaries to allow them to create there weapons int here territory
-Valkyrie force. a small unit made from the best women in the Clan

-Small population that are isolated. Leaves to hunt or raids
-They care of nothing ,but the tribe. Will force people off there lands by force if need to.
-Neutral Party. Do not care of those of the outside world unless it threathens the clan's survival

Social information

Positive relations
(will add over the course of the RP)

Negative relations
(will add over the course of the RP)


Clan Félagiknǫttr has been around since the old days. During radis over time they gained technology many boys and girls of the tribe are all trained to become warriors ready on call upon at a moment's notice to defend their realm from any intruders be it G.U.N., The Robotnik Empire, or someone who stumbled in. Much of their weapon technology is more advanced than G.U.N. ,but not as advanced as the Empire.

The clan take pride in there combat prowless and even challenge themselves in either hunts or taking out the largest enemy on the battlefield.
They also do love large gatherings with beer and the meat of the game they sucessfully hunted while sometimes they do raids in order to gain new territory for there lands from more room to grow, Areas with resources to mine out, or Hot Springs to relaxed there battered bodies from combat.

Other Info:

Standard Uniform with a bio of a standard trooper:

The majority of the species are Sweidsh Elks. Follow by Wolves, Arctic Foxes, Wolverines, and miscellenous species over the year that join from conquested areas and were learn the way of the clan over generations or those that ran from problems and went through a rigerious training to make them a member of the clan.
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