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Post by HalfmoonHex on Tue Jan 09, 2018 1:27 pm

Quest Form

Banana Recovery: Muriqui Treetop Village controls a large banana plantation. Many ouf our banana were stolen right off our trees, and the Silver Banana statue went missing the same night. Many of our trees were damaged in a recent storm and we fear that with our Banana charm stolen our remaining trees may not grow enough to support us.

Muriqui Treetops, 30km South of Carnival Bariio Zone
Take the train from Carnival Bariio Zone and one of our village elders will meet you at the station.

Investigate the crime scene, recover the magical Silver Banana, and recover as many banana as possible

An investigator or detective, Someone with skills of surviving in the jungle, a diplomat to arrange the return of the banana

A large donation of banana to the guild during our next harvest. Banana are high in potassium and other electrolytes, they will serve useful aid in your hero training. A banana and a glass of water are said to be equivalent to a modern sports beverage as an exercise recovery aid. Banana truly are a miracle fruit.

The Muriqui Village Council and Carnival Cidade Municipal Authority

OOC details*:
This RP will keep with the classic video-game tradition a group of primates having their banana stolen (i.e. Super Monkey Ball or Donkey Kong Country). The setting for this quest will be based on Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, and the Amazon Rainforest. I'd like to play as the NPCs as your players search for the missing banana. This will be something of a mystery involving some diplomacy.

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