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The Story of a Kid. Empty The Story of a Kid.

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((Hello, ladies and gentlemen, most of you, probably have absolutely no clue who I am, but seeing this site breath signs of life has inspired me to have a look back as one of the oldest members, upon my main character, to document all the events I consider as canon to give a final, one-shot chronology of the events that happened with him. Out of respect for other people and their characters that played a part in his story, I will not refer to anyone else's characters by name, unless they are my own. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy this story.)

It began 25 years ago. A family of nobodies. Living on the road. They were typical, a mother, and a father, madly in love and setting out on their dream of travelling the world. God knows how they scrapped their money together to afford to set out in a little RV to drive across the nation but they did it. They planned to be on this journey for as long as money could carry them. When they ran into a little bump in their proverbial road. Bella, wife of Eli, fell pregnant, just a few months into their trip. The two hedgehogs were both, delighted and scared, unsure how they could manage this, but they tried. Eli would worry every day, asking his dear wife if she wished to return to the city and settle down so they could birth their child securely. Her answer was the same everytime. "And wheres the fun in that?". As so they ventured on. Until a long, nine months later, they found themselves at a warm... bright place.

The plain of dreams, or so it was called. The couple had reached another stop on their journey, a beautiful area of meadows, streams and a blazing sun above. It had just reached sun down on their stroll through this meadow... when the time had come. Bella was struggling for hours, the whole time Eli was struggling with her, doing everything he could to support. Yet.. nothing was helping, time passed as things began to look bleak for the couple. Tears were shed and cries were let out. Until, some sort of, force was felt within the two, some sort of calling. The sun was calling to them, bright rays of light falling onto them as they gazed up into the sky. They done so for a long time until the bright rays began to amplify, radiating on the two who panicked a great deal. Yet before they could react, the light blinded them, nothing but white filled their vision... and after a few seconds, it returned. And within Bella's own arms was a newborn child. And in the most curious way, the young boy looked not much like either of them. The pair, Eli and Bella were brown and white furred respectively, yet their newborn son, he was a bright, burning orange, and his quills, they were a sparkling gold, standing stand at the front, and flowing down at the back... and his eyes, a glimmering yellow, the very sun reflecting right back at them. But, he was their son, the emotion verified it, the young boy grabbing up at his mother as the three embraced. The child was therefore known as, "Solar."

We move forward. Solar had grown into a healthy, 14 year old boy. He had become quite the young trouble maker too. He had grown a fondness for extreme-sports, particularly loving when him and his parents would stop by local towns and he could find a TV to watch motocross. Anything that involved stunts just kept him hooked. His parents managed to get by, stopping in small towns to take on odd jobs as time rolled on. It was then upon the eve of Solar's 15th birthday, that they returned to his birthplace, the plain of dreams. The happy parents were excited, jumping out of the RV as they finally reached this special land. But... things were different. The lush grass had become more brown, the flowing streams had been reduced to a trickle. Bella looked to her husband "This, is the right place isn't it?". He would nod, surveying the area before a voice echoed to them all. Solar looked on to his parents as this almighty voice spoke. "I have given my essence to you, and now it must be returned.... return the light... return the energy." It would repeat, over, and over, each time getting louder. Solar spoke "Whats....whats going on?" He would say, a shook tone in his voice. Bella's eyes instantly filled with tears as she clung onto her husband and son "W-we can't! They can't take him!" She would sob on, time passing as she wept, the voice still booming louder. Eli finally gulped audilbly, looking up to the sun. "We offer our energy, in his place." He said. Solar's eyes darting up to his father "What are you talking about, dad?" He asked, curious and scared of the whole situation. Before suddenly the voice echoed "It makes no odds...I simply require the energy." With that, two couple began to sparkle tremendously. Their bodys beginning to fade into the light from the feet first. They both burst into tears as they gripped at their boy. Holding his hands as they cried. Eli spoke "Son.. you're special, you, have something hidden within you, you can make a difference in this world... if not for the world, then for yourself. I know you can be happy." He said, patting his son on the head, before his mother spoke "We will always be watching, you will never, ever be alone." They embraced, before the light of the sun burst bright, the light overwhelming them all in a large explosion engulfing the area..... And who knows how much time past. When Solar came to, it was deep into the night, the moon raised high into the sky. He stood, looking around, before at his hands. "What... happened... where am I?" He would taking a few steps before clutching his head "Who... am I?" He would groan, his body beginning to shake and convulse. "Ah!" He would gasp out in sharp pains, falling to his knees and back up again, seemingly unable to control his motions before he finally stood, letting out a gut-wrenching cry as his body lifted from the ground, his eyes shot open and a bright light emerged from his body, causing somewhat of an explosion of power around him, it had seemed... something was awoken.

Many months passed since that faithful night. "Solar" had managed to make his way to a city. A rather large one at that. The city of Station Square. He had been toiling away he for months now, stealing from cafes and pockets just to get by. This is where he adopted his new name, the constant callings and words of those who he stole from landed him with the title "Punk" which he decided to label himself with, as, well he didn't have anything else to go with. You may wonder how a now 16 year old kid could possibly out run adults, and authorities on a constant basis. Well, he didn't. Punk would almost never run anywhere. Ever since that night upon those plains, an instinct within him made him lift from the ground and hover, or fly away at low levels at high speeds. And well, petty theft would at least keep him off the most wanted lists. He managed to garb himself in the most covering clothing he could. A long, leather jacket, black cargo pants, a plain t-shirt and some typical white gloves. He wanted a hoodie, but nothing could keep that massive hair under-wraps. 

Punk's days all blended together, the same thing happening over and over. Until one day, his antics made him meet someone who would become a substantial part of his life. Upon one of his getaways, he would slam face first into a red fox white glistening blue hair. ((NOTE: This is the first instance of an impactful character who does not belong to me. I will not be naming them or detailing their words)) And she was not happy, she would berate Punk for his reckless attitude, Punk well, didn't really care all too much, and rather, decided to run from her as well. But it wasn't over for her, not for a long shot, she knew she was gonna find this hedgehog again and give him what for!

Punk however would find some peace for the time being, finding a nice little nature filled getaway just on the outskirts of the city. It was their where he was greeted by a rather, divine being. He had the physical appearance of a humanoid, yet the air of a deity. He spoke with Punk, letting him know the powers that dwelled within him. Telling him he had the power of light within him, with ability to control it, should be unlock it. Punk looked to him with curiousity "And how do you know this? And why would you tell me?" He would ask with raised eyebrow. The being went on to tell him, he is a mighty being with powers of creation, and to observe. The being moved a hand over Punk, a bright light emitting. And before Punk's very eyes was a complete copy of himself...except, this copy had longer, flatter golden hair, along with softer features. Yep, she was a female. Punk, concerned and scared fled the situation, leaving his clone sister with the being. His clone would go on to speak with the being, she had a rather, distasteful attitude, and even more distasteful language, she went on to call herself "Bullet" and her current whereabouts, are unknown.

Time would pass for Punk when BAM! There she was, that annoying red fox again. This time, there was no reason for Punk to run, so he gave her bickering more notice "Listen, I'm loooove to stay and chat, but I'm not into crazy chicks." He would say, and obviously his smart mouth didn't help, she would continue on, yelling and screaming at him before he would notice something. A small black void appearing before them. A dark, shadowy figure emerging, and before long it had began to attack, launching a wave of dark energy towards them. "Look out!" Punk would call, tossing the red fox to the side as he held his other hand out, unknowingly unleashing a blast of light himself, directly countering the darkness. The figure spoke "Hm... this isn't what I calculated... I will return." It claimed, before disappearing. He looked at the fox, who said nothing before he spoke. "What the..." Before he could overthink, he was gone. Away into the night.

We fast forward. The pair of Punk and this Red Fox had run into eachother more often. Punk was now 18 years old. And these two.... had become best friends! He even found out this fox had the power to manipulate ice. The two would constantly engage in tests of power with eachother, all of which leading to one of them needing bandaged up. They would defeat many trials and battles that came across them, all with a host of new friends and comrades along the way. Until one night, all was quiet, behind the closed doors of a small apartment Punk had managed to afford, the two shared a passionate moment, and thus began, Punk's first serious relationship.

Things were great, Punk was happy as can be, spending every day goofing off and doing what he loves with his best friend, now girlfriend, how could this possibly go wrong. Well in exactly 6 months, THATS when it went wrong. One of the usual battles against evil took a horrible turn. The fight was won, but his girlfriend's powers were very, uncontrollable, much like they always have been, and subsequently, they had harmed a young member of their friends. A young fox boy. Punk stood up to her "This... this can't happen! You need to control your powers or, he could've been killed!" He scolded her, his eyes tearing up. But before he could go on, she had ran off, but not far, as within minutes, the world around them became cold, she had lost control, her powers of ice flaring around them wildly, engulfing her body. If this wasn't stopped it would tear the whole city apart! And Punk was the only one with the strength to do something. With tears in his eyes, he looked on to her, crying out for forgiveness as he unleashed a blast of energy into her, causing a giant explosion of light. Her body would crash to the ground, the ice storm finally subsiding. He would beg, cry and shake her. To no avail. A week had passed. The mourning continued, but was more calm. Until a rather mystical figure approached Punk, claiming to have the answer to his girlfriend's revival, of course, he listened. He was told to gather an ancient power that could restore life. So he, along with some friends set out on a journey to find this power. They searched high and low, their didn't involve any battles, just hours and hours of searching...

They eventually returned, bringing this power to the area of the resting place. Praying and hoping it would work. The powers began to glow, showing signs that they were working, a bright light emitting, but when the dust settled, there was not one, but two figures in front of him. They looked exactly like her, except one of red furred all over. The other, blue. And the kicker, they both had no idea who he was, claiming to have names that were vastly different from that of his girlfriend. However, he pitied them, they had no home or idea where they were, all they knew were their names and personalities. He offered them shelter until they could figure this all out. As Punk would soon learn, the red-furred girl was extremely hot headed and brash, speaking her mind and wasn't afraid to let everything out. Oh, and she also had untamed powers of fire that would burst out whenever she was mad! As for blue, she was timid, quiet and would often keep to herself, and when feeling extreme emotions, she would burst out with freezing ice powers! This all became a bit much for poor Punk, but he dealt with in, after all, at least, some part of his departed girlfriend lived on within these two.

A few weeks passed before both girls went missing. Punk would search high and low for them, turning every stone in his house before setting off into the outside. Finally reaching the resting place, where he found them. He ran up to them "Why are you here?! I was worried!" He would call. They didn't answer, they just smilied, and faded away, before the bright spirit of his girlfriend had emerged in their place. She told him, the power they had used, was only strong enough to project a certain part of her onto the world, she choose the two girls as they represented their firey past, such as the arguments when they meet, and the cold of the troubles they faced, yet also the intimacy of what they became. The two embraced one final time before her spirit passed. Leading to the next chapter.

Two long, boring years passed. Sure Punk would still battle, defending what he could from dark evils and threats to peace. He even grew quite the fondness for being a "hero". Almost claiming himself as soon sort of superhero before... well something new walked DIRECTLY into his life. This something was red, long spined hedgehog who immediately had eyes for Punk. There very first exchange was that of pure flirting after she had just witness on of Punk's battles. Punk.. was naïve, he would grasp onto any attention he could, and well, she... made him feel great about himself. All the words she used all the things she did for him, she made him feel like he was the best in the world. And so... Punk clung to her... more and more. He started to, lose track of his heroic acts, focussing on just her. Yet, everytime he tried to make this a "relationship" she would shut him down, forcing him back and forcing him to stay in this destructive 'relationship' that was slowly tearing Punk's will apart. Before long, she was gone. And Punk was broken, she had made him rely on her, she had made him need her, then she just up and left, vanished, leaving him with nothing, nothing but a feeling of darkness within his heart.

Things took a turn for the worst. This feeling of darkness was not just a metaphor. Punk's light within him had literally been infected, and given how rare and uncommon Punk's power was, this kind of 'chemical reaction' was not good. On one day, Punk had surrounded himself with his friends, attempting to make himself feel better, when they had encounter someone who was well, he was a true hero around these parts. Punk was each to meet this fast hero, but, his body suddenly froze, he began to convulse, his golden pupils suddenly fading away completely. His jacket falling off and his gloves ripping away, his once burning bright light being replaced with a dark shadow that lit up around him. He attacked the hero, ruthlessly, attempting multiple times to use brutal, merciless techniques that only a monster would ever use on an opponent. He would continue this assault until the hero finally knocked him down with his break-neck speed. Causing Punk to be knocked out cold, the hero escaped to avoid further conflict. When Punk came to, he was finally back to normal. Yet he could still feel that darkness inside him, begging to be free.

It had come down to little choice for Punk. This darkness was swallowing his power and should it take over. Then it could mean destruction for those around him. So he did the only thing he could think of. He asked one of his dear friends to help expel him of this power. He knew this person was strong and he knew he could do something. However, but had to embrace and let this dark power out in order to expel it for good. And so he did, undertaking this dark form once more in order to engage in a long, hard battle with his friend. The darkness showing its true, horrible colours as it waged on. Eventually though, his friend gained the upper hand, using his skill and technique to bring the dark Punk down. Suddenly, the dark and light within Punk began to clash wildly, both powers sparking and flying wildly around them. "Get... Down!" Punk would cry as his power erupted, a mixed explosion burning around him. The dust would finally settle and Punk would fall to his knees. And when his friend came to check on him, he was alive, yet when he opened his eyes. His once golden, shining bright eyes had become a normal, plain brown. As he stood, he felt a massive weight had been lifted from his chest. As if, something living within him, had finally left. He thanked his friend, embracing him a final time before turning, and walking off.... into the same sunset that shone upon his birth..

Current Location: Unknown...

((Well, that's the story, I hope at least one person took the time to read this. I apologise for the LOOOOOOTs of abridging I done with this story. These are the major events in Punk's life that I consider canon (Mainly cause theres like a thousand AUs). Again, there are other events but, this is over the course of about 8 years, so to include every event would just be pure insanity and I'd be here for weeks. But yes, I don't intend to be returning as a full active member, but seeing life in this site made me want to document my small little part I played here. So thank you! Again, I apologise for the horrible abridging, goodnight!))


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