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Post by imbadwithnames on Sun Dec 17, 2017 7:15 pm

General Info

Name: Victoria van Heimlich (last name originally 'Pennteller')
Nickname: Mirage (DVNz name), Vicky
Age: 17
Species: Margay
Gender: Female
Occupation: Vigilante, Fugitive, High School Student
Residence: Underground cave base hidden in a Eurishan mountain range


Height: 3’2”
Build: Skinny
Hair color/style: Long, blonde, swooped bangs with dyed highlights (usually purple or red)
Eye color: Brown
Body color: Yellow-brown with brown spots
Muzzle color: White
Tail length: Long
  • General attire: Varies, but typically follows a punk-rock style.
  • Combat attire: Black aviator sunglasses; Black bandana worn over mouth; black full-body undersuit (optional); black full-body cloak (optional)
imgur link (by fellow member Sea Bunny)


Mirage is a calm, relaxed tomboy who keeps to herself a lot. Her icy, fearless demeanor makes it hard for her to make friends, yet she displays a friendlier, more playful side to those that she knows well. She is a classic “tsundere”, being easily flustered when shown kindness or when showing her softer side. She can be typically seen flicking or rolling a coin in her hands or playing games on her cell phone.

  • Punk-rock fashion
  • Mobile games
  • Light teasing (unlike Volt's pranks)
  • Rock music
  • Sweets
  • Her height
  • Boredom
  • Nosiness
  • Injustice
  • Stuck-up people
  • Sleight-of-hand tricks
  • Shopping
  • Cooking
  • Athletic sports (parkour, basketball, soccer)
  • Hanging out with other DVNz

Combat traits

Expert Hand-to-hand combat
Expert Stealth
Master of sleight of hand/misdirection
Expert cold reader
Enhanced Acrobatics and Reflexes
Enhanced Speed
Skilled Vocal Impersonator

Mirage is a Reactor—that is, possess kinetic powers due to an inherited genetic mutation. Her power is hallucikineses: she can emit and refract light and sound waves to create intangible yet convincing illusions.

Mirage’s illusions involve any (or all) of the following:
  • Cloaking - Make herself and/or other objects undetectable by sight or sound
  • Projectioning - Create mock projections (can include clones, fake powers, large beasts, etc.)
  • Misdirection - Make objects, people, and/or sounds appear as if they’re somewhere else
  • Steel-plated gloves, boots, elbowpads and kneepads - Mirage has exceptional striking power on her own; these accessories, created by metal from Alloy's transmutation ability, greately increases that power. With them, she can deliver punishing blows with enough force to effortlessly break brick and bend steel.
  • Pocket Knife - A custom-made pocket knife also made out of Alloy's metal. Although simple in appearance, its sharpness rivals full-length katanas, able to make deep cuts with very little pressue.
  • Cleverness in manipulating perception
  • Deceptiveness (e.g. concealing her actual powers, creating distractions, etc.)
  • Hand-to-hand combat expertise
  • Conservative fighting style
  • Limitations of her powers:
    • Limited duration, especially for large-scale illusions.
    • Visible activation. If her opponent doesn't blink or look away before she activates an illusion, they can detect when it begins.
    • Energy consumption. The larger the illusion, the more energy it takes.
    • Counters. She has to deactivate her powers before attacking to regain strength; therefore, there is a small split-second where she can be countered if her opponent catches on to the illusion.
    • Senses other than sight or hearing (i.e. taste, touch, smell)
  • Long-range combat
  • AOE attacks
  • Mispredictions due to inexperience (rare but possible)

Social information

Positive relations
  • DVNz - Her surrogate family. Individual relations as follows:
    • Volt: The annoying little brother and combat partner.
    • Overclock: Her big, adorkable nerd brother. Teases him often, but still loves him nonetheless.
    • Alloy: Sees him as her real father; she’s pretty much “daddy’s little girl”.
Negative relations
  • G.U.N. and other military organizations
  • Criminals


Victoria was born in Central City to a seemingly normal family. Her parents, however, were selfish, wealthy con artists who ran many scams and pyramid schemes across Eurish. While she was still very young, her parents were caught and arrested; she was consequently placed in foster care.

During her stay at the orphanage, she began to discover her hallucikinetic powers. She often used them to steal snacks, toys, etc. without anyone noticing; play pranks on the other kids and faculty; and escape from her room during bedtime, among many other tricks. She acted out mainly for attention; despite this, her reputation as a troublemaker made her disliked by the other orphans. She frequently got into fights, and although she won most of them, she was still outcasted and bullied.

One day, a well-known Mobian scientist named Oskar ("Alloy") came and adopted her. After bringing her home with him to an underground sanctuary, Oskar revealed to her her identity as a Reactor. He then homeschooled and trained her alongside her surrogate brother and fellow Reactor Rico ("Overclock")—and eventually, Sydney ("Volt")—to teach them how to use their powers responsibly. Years later, the 4 Reactors formed a vigilante gang to restore their ancestors’ honor: DVNz.

Victoria currently is a student at a local public high school. Her vigilante identity, Mirage, is kept a secret. However, unlike the other DVNz, no one outside of the gang knows what her power actually is; she uses her illusions to disguise them.

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Mirage the Margay (DVNz) Empty Re: Mirage the Margay (DVNz)

Post by imbadwithnames on Tue Dec 19, 2017 8:46 pm

Haha! That's exactly where I got her species from. I felt it would fit because of the mimicry thing they're supposedly known for.
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