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Species:Proto Humans Empty Species:Proto Humans

Post by kingleon on Thu Dec 14, 2017 10:51 pm

Race:Proto- Humans

Life Expetency:92


History- The proto Humans are a production of a exposute to radiation. Namely Protomis radiation,  which mutated their genes. A meteorite landed on earth aproximitley 980 gears ago. As people began to be more exposed, The population grew and grew, As natural selection took its toll. More proto humans populate the earth. 

Other ifnormation: Proto-Humans in average are about 10x Stronger, have an average speed of 45 MPH, They are much more durabale, with about the same level of intellgence.  Compared to a Pre Protomis Radiation Human. Intip fo that, they handle extreme temouratures much better

Relations wuth other raves:

Pre PR Humans- The relations between protohumans and normal humans are  good, For the most part proto humans and normal humans live in the same citues and nations. However there are groups of proto-Huamsn tbat seek to wipe out the normal humans because they feel that they're underevolved. The apeerance of these groups has caused the relations to begin 
 breaking  down. 

"Wether you choose to accept it is your choice. But one Particular always rings true in ones life, the world is a dog eat dog situation.  Despite beliving in this 'power of friendship', You'll never get anywhere if you can't handle things by yourself"

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