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Post by imbadwithnames on Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:50 pm


Name: DVNz (pronounced “deviants”)
Species: Mobian “Reactors”
Date founded: Approx. 7 years ago
Profession: Vigilante Gang
Main base location: Sanctuary/hideout in an underground cave system deep in the mountains of NE Eurish
Other base locations: Off-grid, abandoned warehouses across Mobius
Uniform: Varies; usually includes a black, full-body cloak with a black undersuit
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Theme: Feed the Fire by Coldrain


  • Alloy the Wolverine- Founder/Leader, commander, head mentor
    • Power: Metal transmutation and manipulation
  • Overclock the Wolverine - Hacker, engineer
    • Power: Computer circuitry manipulation
  • Mirage the Margay - Hand-to-hand combat specialist, master of deception, spy
    • Power: Light/sound manipulation for creating illusions
  • Volt the Cockatiel- Marksman, sharpshooter, spy
    • Power: Electricity manipulation controlled by a set of blasters


Although DVNz is a relatively small faction, they are pretty high-tech thanks to Alloy's slight engineering background and Overclock's mastery of computers. Below is a list of some of their technological feats.

  • K.E.S.L.A. (Kinetic Extraction System for Limiting Accretion) - An invention designed and built by Alloy and Overclock, used by Volt. This gadget set is made specifically for Reactors vulnerable to the 'Overload' phenomena—i.e. the constant, uncontrollable accumulation of Reactor energy prone to damage the gene-carrier's body—and allows them use their powers more freely.
  • Base security system - The DVNz main base lies within a hidden cave system underneath Alloy's main residence: a mansion built behind a gated, snowy mountain trail. Overclock built a complex, covert security system complete with cameras, motion/thermal sensors, silent alarms, fail-safe traps, and a hidden tunnel in Alloy's mansion in order to protect the base if they ever were to come under attack.
  • Volt's goggles - Designed to switch between normal vision, thermal vision, night vision, and EMP vision (for detecting electrical wiring). Can also take pictures and send/recieve video feeds.
  • K.O.N.D.U.I.T - A defense robot Overclock is currently building to fight alongside his comrades. As of now, it simply serves mainly as a mode of transportation for the gang, yet it is frequently being upgraded to eventually house all the powers of DVNz in one unit.


DVNz’s origin dates back thousands of years ago, with the emergence of a gene that caused its carriers to have special—yet subtle—reactions with atmospheric elements. With each passing generation, the mysterious gene mutated and created newer, more potent reactions. Within centuries, the reactions turned into full kinetic powers, and the fairly large number of Mobians that wielded them came to be known as “Reactors”.

Unfortunately, public fear caused the Reactors to be shunned and treated as monsters. They were forced into exile, living as nomads until they could find somewhere they belonged. However, the harsh treatment soon became too much to bear: the once-peaceful mutants retaliated, forming a league of violent bandits. 

Eventually, the then-ruling kingdom declared a genocidal crusade to eradicate the Reactors. Despite putting up a hard fight, a majority of the Reactors were wiped out. The handful that survived were scattered—forced to leave their homeland, conceal their powers, and take on new lives. They continued their lineages and further spread the Reactor gene’s mutations; however, the gene suddenly became recessive, lying dormant in its inheritors. Only a very small number of people have been documented since the crusade to have the dominant Reactor gene. In each case, the Reactor suffered the same outcasting as their ancestors did.

However, many centuries later, a Eurishan scientist by the name of Oskar van Heimlich discovered his identity as a Reactor. Keeping his powers a secret, he began researching the gene’s history and heredity pattern. The results of his research prompted him to find other Reactors and protect them from suffering the same fate as their ancestors. Travelling the Mobian globe, he was able to round up 3 other Reactors and relocate them to an underground sanctuary in the Eurishan mountains. After years of training, the newly formed “family” of Reactors formed a crime-fighting gang to redeem their ancestors’ honor. Thus, Deviants, or DVNz, was born.

In present day, DVNz continues to function as an underground vigilante organization. Aside from petty criminals, they have taken down numerous corrupt politicians, fraudulent business corporations, and high-power crime syndicates around nearly all of Mobius. Their heroic deeds have given them a favorable reputation with the general public; however, they are viewed as international criminals by G.U.N. and number of other government organizations. Only a few members of DVNz choose to live normal lives while keeping their identity a secret: Oskar (a.k.a. “Alloy”), a professor for Spagonia University; Volt, a cashier for a pizza restaurant; Mirage, a student at a public high school.

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EDIT: Changing the number of members...not sure if I want to have 4, 5, or 8. Probably just going to go for 4 for now.
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