Anyone up for reviewing my character?

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Anyone up for reviewing my character?  Empty Anyone up for reviewing my character?

Post by Guardian Aelita on Tue Dec 05, 2017 4:05 am

So... I'm a fairly cautious type of person in real life. I'd rather not break the rules right out of the gate when it comes to my character and I was a little bit scared that maybe my character would be considered too OP or too weak. So, I'm going to post up a rough draft of what I have for my character and if anyone would like to help me out by reviewing it and telling me if there's anything I can improve on and how to improve it, I'd greatly appreciate it. 

Name: Saige the Cat

Nicknames: N/A

Age: 16

Species: Cat

Gender: Female

Occupation: Student (Wishes to become a nurse in the future)



               Saige has light yellow fur surrounding her entire body. She has blonde bangs that are cut straight and cover the top half of her eyes and short blonde hair that goes down to her chin. Her muzzle is a light peach color while her nose is black. Her ears are folded down and look like Scottish Fold cat ears. She primarily wears a light blue tube top shirt, purple skirt with a plaid pattern, dark purple gloves with silver studs across the knuckles and cuffs of the gloves along with silver buckles and dark brown loafers with purple plaid socks that are meant to go to the knees but are pushed down to cover the ankles and loafers a little.






Personality traits



Helping Others- Saige is an altruistic person at heart and likes nothing more than making sure people are healthy and happy. Whether it be bandaging wounds or reuniting family members with each other, Saige likes to do her best to help out

Reading- Saige wouldn’t look it with her attire but she adores reading. Her favorite type of books are books related to health, horror novels and the occasional romance novel.

Organization- Saige likes to keep everything neat and orderly. Everything is in its proper spot and she’d prefer if no one stole her equipment willy nilly.



Fighting- Saige knows who she is, and she knows she’s incredibly weak at fighting. She tries to avoid fighting anyone.

Pessimism- To her, everyone should try to keep their chin up. Bad things may have happened but Saige believes that only good things can come in the future.

Movies- There’s no real reason, Saige just prefers reading as her form of entertainment over movies.




               Saige is primarily an optimistic type of person. She tries to find the positives in every little thing and won’t break down so easily. This goes hand in hand with her being incredibly stubborn. If someone is injured, she will heal you and even the tiniest of papercuts gets disinfected and bandaged the moment someone says “ow”. That said, if someone gets hurt too much, she can be upfront on how that annoys her and how she would rather they try not to get hurt as often. She can be quite energetic as she’s very passionate about what she does and always looks for fresh opportunities to patch up other people around her. She’s also a pacifist and tries to talk enemies down or distract them rather than actually hurt them.


Combat traits



Excellent skills in healing: Ever since she was little, Saige learned how to heal people thanks to her parents. She’s able to patch up any wound to the best of her abilities, including broken bones, open wounds, reattaching limbs and even therapy when it comes to recovering from a trauma. However, her skills exist up to wounds and injuries as she’s still learning about diseases and how to cure them.

Plant Powers: Saige, as her name somewhat implies, has some form of plant abilities. They don’t really exist as combat abilities but rather as control over vines. Saige can manipulate vines that grow around her to travel from place to place a lot faster, grab things that are out of her reach and if push comes to shove, trap enemies in bindings so she can escape.



Excellent healing abilities- As mentioned earlier, Saige is great when it comes to healing other people’s wounds.

Good with children- Saige lives with a fairly extended family and as such, knows how to talk to kids and how to handle their tantrums and behaviors.

Intelligent- Saige knows a lot about people, injuries and even some things related to school work and mathematics. If push comes to shove, she could try her best to help with strategy during battles.



Not Strong at All- While Saige’s greatest strength comes in her intellect and skill in healing, her greatest weakness is her overall strength. Her punches and kicks are about as effective as getting hit with a wet noodle and her defense is like wet tissue paper.

Hates Being Alone- One of Saige’s greatest fears is being alone. She has her moments of doubt and insecurity and in those moments, she needs to be around other people. She also just likes to be around people in general as she’s an extrovert

Insomnia- When she gets passionate and enthralled in something, she often forgets to sleep. This has caused her to develop a case of insomnia and it’s very hard for her to sleep easily. This will lead to moments where she will be spacey and tired but refuse to sleep because people need help.



Social information


Positive relations


Negative relations




               When Saige was born, she was a happy and energetic child who lived with her mother, father and 2 siblings. Two more siblings would enter her life when she was 5 years old and she lived a fairly easy life. When she was 9, one of her little brothers slipped and fell out of a tree. Saige watched curiously as her father patched him up quickly with a band-aid. Saige felt a sense of wonder at seeing how quickly her brother went from sad to happy again. During the next month, Saige saw one of her friends get a scrape from falling down. Saige immediately went to the nurse’s office, got a band-aid and fixed up her friend. They said thank you to Saige and Saige felt a strong sense of happiness. Ever since then, Saige would try her best to heal up as many people as she possibly could with band-aids and disinfectant. When she entered middle school at age 12, she learned that there were other methods to help out others and stuck her nose in books to learn as much as she could about health and fitness. She was very confused on a lot of terminology and had to ask her parents for help on certain terms but tried to learn as much as she could. All she really knew was that she wanted to help others and healing them from wounds seemed to produce a lot of smiles from the people she helped. Now, at 16 years old, she’s entering her 2nd year of high school and is wondering about becoming a nurse or even a doctor in the future. For now, though, she’s trying her best to help out those in need.

I feel like I'm somewhat lacking in the likes, dislikes, history and personality. And where I feel concerned with is the powers. Am I over powered, underpowered, just right? I'm not too sure. Please, let me know because the last thing I want is to make a Mary Sue or a bland character. Thanks a lot for anyone who agrees to review!

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Anyone up for reviewing my character?  Empty Re: Anyone up for reviewing my character?

Post by DeltaGear on Tue Dec 05, 2017 5:03 am

Heya, Gear here, thought I'd throw in my two cents. 
She seems very nice and fun to interact with. Hers powers are ok as well and its totally ok as long as its not "I'm god of everything" type stuff. She has nice humble beginnings amd a great personality with good traits. I think she would be a great character to RP with. I'm not the actual person who reviews however but I'm sure its ok with the staff.


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Anyone up for reviewing my character?  008b10

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Anyone up for reviewing my character?  Empty Re: Anyone up for reviewing my character?

Post by imbadwithnames on Tue Dec 05, 2017 6:58 am

I'm no veteran myself, but I do agree with Gear: I think your character is fine so far. She definitely doesn't classify as being OP. To me that would be like, I don't know, having the ability to instantly regenerate after any and every blow no matter how severe the damage or having god-like healing powers that can raise the dead just by a touch or something like that. Just being an extremely great nurse isn't that ridiculous lol. In fact, I personally like characters that don't have to rely solely on a superpower to be useful. That being said, she could be considered a little underpowered, but that really just depends on how you want her to be portrayed. 

However, her plant powers seem kind of...random. Personally, I feel like you could flesh them out a little to make them tie into the character more. For example, how did she get them? Did she have them since birth? Were they gifted to her in some special way? How have they impacted her life/backstory? Do they get stronger over time, and is she training herself to learn how to control them? 

As far as the likes and dislikes: I mean, you could add more, but I don't think it's that necessary. I feel like you covered a majority of the bases with what you already have, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to add some stuff if you feel like it. 

Overall though, nice job so far. Hope this helps!
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Anyone up for reviewing my character?  Empty Re: Anyone up for reviewing my character?

Post by Guardian Aelita on Tue Dec 05, 2017 10:42 pm

Thanks to the both of you! It seems like I'm overthinking this kind of thing.  Laughing  Still, I'll try my best to update the profile to add more information on her plant powers. Seems like I was just worrying for nothing. Well, I'll try my best with that! Thanks for the input, Gear and imbadwithnames!

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Anyone up for reviewing my character?  Empty Re: Anyone up for reviewing my character?

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