Strife the corrupted soldier

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Strife the corrupted soldier

Post by Shrike Marine on Wed Oct 25, 2017 1:39 pm

Name: Strife 
Nickname: None
Age: 25 before transformation
Gender: male

Strife bears resemblence to his former self, the armor and clothing structure is fairly similar, however the dark energy has twisted and warped a fair bit of it, External spikes and plate pieces are noted on the shoulders, marked symbols with arrows are on the front and back of his chest armor his top armor has been warped on the surface by the aura energy, downward facing spiked braces line the sides of his forearm armor and the evil skull which has been fused directly into the front of his helmet, His clothing is now a dark blue with the fury Aura being of similar color with hints of lighter blew, the skull masks eyes are a shade of light blue, his forearm armor emit small electical discharges. 

Personality traits
-Obtaining new technology to be used with his Fury ability
-Causing Terror 
- Exploring abandon facilities 
- Finding more or his origin
- Locating the Spheres

- Those who think they can beat him
- Law enforcement
- Any science division
- G.U.N
- Day time

What more could be said for a former protector who has become a incarnation of evil, Strife will come across as evil as he looks, he will not speak all that much instead choosing to display force to get his message across, in some rare occasions Strife will simply just not engage at all and rather leave to go do something else, unlike the creatures of Terraria Strife is fairly tactical and intelligent, it seems the training and weapons use of Shrike still remains with his corrupted self now as does some remains of his former personality which have not yet been fully explored or seen, Despite being a walking nightmare Strife may show hints that not all of Shrike has been completely destroyed. Co-operation from him is slim at best. 

Combat traits
Strife retains the skills and tactical knowledge of Shrike, thus making him dangerous at range combat with weapons or technology he may of obtain, he will use cover and other means to engage his enemies, however now being Strife it makes those skills far more powerful as his dark energy makes his threat something new all together 


Fury: The Fury ability was given to him by the Higher entity it is the dark and light blue Aura usually seen around his forearm armor crackling with dark energy spikes of power, this new infused ability grants Strife various types of offensive and defense powers. The fury ability can be used to possess weapons which in turn will amplify its damage out put. Range weapons such as rifles will become infused with dark energy and fire blue super charged fury energy rounds that can create devastating results upon impact, the same applies to hand held weapons, this trait makes him extremely dangerous with use of external weaponry. 
With out weapons his overall strength is amplifed as well given him power beyond his older self, the spiked lances across his forearm armor make for excellent close quarter weapons. 

Fury Blockade: This defensive power projects Dark energy in a type of thin almost invisible layer over his body, this shield in a sense is able to stop incoming powerful attacks, dispensing the energy from the blow back into the void, as if its transferring the energy of impact back to Dark Terraria itself, however while the shield is incredible strong against single powerful attacks, rapid quick attacks can overload this energy and knock out it for a time being leaving Strife vulnerable for attack. 

Fury fire: The fury fire is a last resort power, in which Strife may use the energy to creature spheres of super heated plasma in the palm of his hand and hurl them at his targets, these spheres can burn through most known metals and emit radiation, however these spheres require a lot of power to be formed and it will only take a few to rapidly deprive him of his Dark energy leaving him open to any form of attack. 

Psi Aura: While not a power in the sense, Strifes body pulses with high levels of psi energy, this energy aura reaches distances of up too 1km, the symptoms for those in the radius of the aura will experience feels of dread, panic, fear and depression, not all will be effected by the majority will, as Strife will get closer the symptoms will begin too get worse, radio and communication devices will also be effected by the energy creating high levels of static interference. 

Physical traits 

Still obtains Shrikes Hyper reflex state although no where near as strong as it was before.

-Powerful ranged combatant
- Strong defensive shield
- Ability to use his fury power on any weapon. 
- Use of tactical knowledge makes him unpredictable. 

-Multiple rapid attacks
- Multiple opponents 
- Can miss out on small details when in combat
- Close quarter battles
- Use of high electrical attacks. 

Positive relations : None


- Science divisions
- Freedom fighters.


Strife is the name given to twisted and evil being who was created out of the dying moments of a former living being on Mobius, while not originally created evil by design or learned it Strife was corrupted by pure Dark Terrarian energy, a powerful evil force that resided in the dimension of which this place exists. It is a world of darkness, all manner of evil residing in it. Unlike the other creatures from this realm Strife is not bound to it with out a link, he is free to roam where he chooses, whether it be there or Mobius. Using both evil powers and technology to his will Strife is a incredibly dangerous enemy, that is if those who dare to stand against him are against serious odds. 

Strifes History comes from a being once residing on Mobius he was a former G.U.N soldier turned freelancer by the name of Shrike, Shrike had fought the creatures of Dark Terraria for some time as he was the result of their first failed attempt break into Mobius via the ArkGate incident. However the higher entity watched and planned for the second coming, a far more powerful invasion then the first one. 

A plan to open a new portal by use of scattered artifacts known as the Spheres of Terraria, what creatures remained spent those years searching and collection these terrible artifacts until enough of them were collected to rip a rift between their world and his. Unfortunately Shrike had caught wind of this via energy readings and as before confronted their plans while they were still in their infant stage.

For a second time the lone freelancer was able to battle his way to the rift and destroy it by blasting the Spheres apart from one another, however the immense vacuum generated by the void closing in on it self sucked the freelancer into the heavy concentrated Dark energy around the portal, this energy was so strong it virtually vaporized him in mere seconds, which was the end of Shrike forever. 

It was not his ultimate fate tho, while he vanished from Mobius the blast had flung him into the void of Dark Terraria, there his lifeless body drifted in the dark thick energy, the higher entity saw a chance at not only revenge but a new asset as his control. Instead of destroying Shrike the higher entity decided to turn him into a powerful weapon to be returned to Mobius to spread terror. 

Using vast amounts of Dark Terrarian energy the being was about to bring Shrike back to life only to overload him with so much of this energy that is corrupted him and binded it self to him, as a result some of his armor began to warp and twist, sprouting spikes, blades and other markings onto it, his cloths shifting to almost electric blue as a powerful energy aura began to circulate around his armored forearms, the skull infused into his helmet marked his final transformation phase, fused to his helmet it beamed out 2 light blue glowing eyes from the eye sockets...Strife was born. 

Too make sure Strife was indeed a force to be reckon with and able to carry out his task, he was imbued with a powerful ability called Fury, this would greatly increase his over all potential as a terror weapon. Now Strife is heading back to Mobius, not as the hero he once left it as..but a terrifying being with the purpose of evil.
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