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The Training Dome Empty The Training Dome

Post by Electrisa on Sun Oct 22, 2017 5:22 pm

The Training Dome is placed in the very centre of the entire Guild. Several floors tall, with balconies for observators at each floor, round room finished off with a glass dome, hence the second part of the name. The first part comes from the invisible technology hidden in the walls affecting the entire room, and a small console room placed at the height of the first floor. Inside it are several white computers and panels, all available to the Guild members - as long as they insert their ID into a special slot. Outside people probably shouldn't play with that. Different panels control conditions of the ground (Whether it's rocky, a desert, a city, wooden floor or even a lake), the weather, ranging from a slight breeze to the extremes, the time of day, year, place, air conditions and even generating a fake crowd to meander in or zero gravity imitating conditions.
   With all of the control, any hero can create a training field just for himself to try his limits in extreme conditions - or he can challenge a rival to a friendly battle without risking destroying half a real city, but still receiving real punches.
   Either way, it's probably a fun thing to play with. Try not to break anything, ok?

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The Training Dome Empty Re: The Training Dome

Post by OfficialOverkill on Wed Jan 10, 2018 10:28 pm

I would have been there first. I was carefully scrutinizing the console that controlled the whole room. I didn't touch ANYTHING until I had gotten a full understanding of it on my own. I, of course, was holding a manual to help explain to me the functionality of every button, lever, slider, trigger, etc would do. I haven't yet noticed the arrival of any others yet, but I was glad that I got the first taste of this room.

"This is incredible.. Honestly, I haven't seen technology this advanced. And I never would of thought it could exist TODAY"

I was somewhat excited, but I stayed focused. I don't want to accidentally bump into a button and have the room go up in flames.. Fake or real.

I didn't really see myself as a person being in this incredible guild of heroes. Ask me a week ago, and I would have laughed in your face saying that there was NO WAY. Look at me now..
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