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Post by Electrisa on Sun Oct 22, 2017 5:18 pm

Remember that the person who posts a quest isn't necessary in the final RP (unless they state they want to take part in it too in the form), so you have to have a minimum of two people signing up per quest. Sign up via posting in the thread with the quest. You guys decide if you want to start the quest with only two people or wait for more, unless the quest requirements say otherwise.

Quest Form

(Anyway you fill it in is good. IC or not, with maybe some fields missing (necessary ones will be *'d), with quests like 'buy me milk' or 'SAVE THE UNIVERSE' everything goes here! And yes, the heroes themselves can submit quests as well.)

Objective*: My kitty won't come down! / Explore unknown ruins discovered near Sapphire Island.

Address: The big tree by 34 Emerald Street! / Longitude: -1.1743197 Latitude: 56.3384931

Description: Please help? / The initial meeting shall be at Martha's Cafe on 24th of July, 8 AM. You'll be given a map of the environment and necessary equipment if we deem you suitable for the mission. The ruins seem to be riddled with traps, but contain valuable information and items.

Requirements: Ummm can you climb trees? / A healer, or an earth-bender at least. 3 people minimum.

Reward*: You can pet Pepsi. / Price to be discussed at the place of meeting.

Client*: Marcie Firetail / Anonymous

OOC details*: (Here you can put anything more you wanted to say but couldn't through the form, like "I'll be the RP master" or "I'll introduce my villain in this one" or "It's just an RP for fun!" or anything you like, really. Remember to say here if you will or will not be taking part in the quest you submitted!)

Empty form:

Quest Form







OOC details*:

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