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End Times : Final stand Empty End Times : Final stand

Post by Shrike Marine on Sat Oct 21, 2017 9:04 am

They said true evil never dies...I guess they were right...I know what has to be done.
"Final words of Shrike." 

- Indeed it was true, the evil of the world whether it would be here or beyond would never cease, but there would always those who stood up whether alone or rallied together, when ever evil came to be there was always those who stood ready to oppose it. Some times just ordinary people against the extra ordinary. 

It had been 3 years since any thing relating to the former enemies of Shrike had been seen or heard from, for what it was worth he truly thought it was over, the nightmare was finally destroyed and his life was more or less returning to normal, well at least what passed as normal for him.  Still being the freelancer by choice Shrike had come to know many by his actions of helping and protecting, his reputation while still a bit grey had transformed a lot in the eyes of those he crossed paths with. 

Never turning a blind eye to the cry of help whether it was a simple plea for assistance or something far dangerous he was there to do what he could. While not the most sociable of characters he did none the less meet many in a short space of time, some where one offs, others became life long allies in his journey across the planet. 

Yet for all it was worth the figure couldn't quite figure out where he was suppose to fit in or find his place, he had been searching for that for some time yet to no avail. He had a great sense of needing to find purpose for being here, he wanted to achieve something he didn't even know himself. He never aimed to be the best nor a hero, in fact Shrike wanted nothing more then to just live simply and protect, and while he found more or less that in his free lancing travels he still didn't feel like it was what he was needing. 

Nights would come where he would simply sit by himself and look upon the stars thinking about all kinds of things, but mostly about himself and hoping to find what he was searching for, now that the dark days were behind him he felt like there was nothing more he was needed for. He grew to have a feeling that, that was all he was really meant for was one act of fighting to stop a enemy and no more. 

Nights would pass by one by one when suddenly strange nightmares began to flood his dreams, images of a returning horror, dark red energy, and creatures sprawling across the lands as the towns burned. In the back ground a single dark being rose from it. These nightmares would play out the same over weeks ahead never fully exposing the creatures identity. 

After the nightmares came the whispers and sounds that made sleep almost impossible to attain some nights, whispers muttering words such as " Darkness is coming...but it will not be the end." 

Shrike presumed to be just memories of the past coming back to mess him around with his sleep and didn't seem to see the true warning being hidden among the images and whispers coming from the other side. As far as he was concerned he had put a end to the creature who was the master mind behind its invasion. 

Unknown to Shrike a plan for revenge had been going with out him or even the planet knowing, after the final destruction of the Ark gate device a handful of Dark ones had remained on Mobius by unknown means, massing no more then maybe half a dozen, these creatures had been ordered by the higher entity to search far and wide for a alternative means of re entry into Mobius. With the main gate way destroyed beyond repair or reconstruction. 

The higher entity resulted on a dangerous gambit. He would order his creatures to collect as many remaining Spheres of Dark Terria as possible, the Spheres were terrible artifacts that were flung into the world during the attack, these spheres although able to grant unique powers had terrible draw backs to them for any user. 
The idea was if enough spheres could be brought to a single location its mass combined energy could be used to rip a gateway from Dark Terria to Mobius thus allowing there legions to once more invade, and unfortunately these creatures were successful in obtaining these dark relics, it had taken 2 years for this plan to come together. 

In the wake of a cold night the Spheres were brought together, combining into each other as the energy began to build rapidly with each sphere being added. The Sky above the spheres began bloom in a dark evilish red tone masked by black clouds. As more and more spheres were added flickers of dark energy began to surge from its spot. A small ring of red appeared growing further and further and further until it was about the height of a door way and the length of three. 

With the suddenly boom of energy the gate way burst into life its dark aura swirling around it containing the now open gate way. 
From the distance Shrikes energy signature system in his helmets hud sky rocketed, he had not seen such energy readings in some time, but he knew exactly what was generating it, he refused to believe it tho, it wouldn't be that his helmet was malfunctioning, he would of liked to believe it was. Wasting no time Shrike changed his direction to where the source of power was emanating from, as he would get closer he would notice the sky change and feel the sense of unease flow into him. 

His worst nightmare had become a reality...they had returned, throwing all other thoughts aside the figure was now purely focused on finding the source and quickly eliminating it before it could escalate, he just prayed he was not too late. 
Fortunately for him that was just about the only luck he was going to have, the portal was still in its infant stage but it was growing, if allowed to grow to maximum size the gate way would be able to send thousands if not millions of rampaging creatures into mobius. 

Upon arriving at ground zero, Shrike could make out that several variants of creatures had arrived, some he recognized, others were new, he also made out the gateway that was forged and just below it, Dark Terraian spheres in the masses. Taking refuge behind what limited cover there was, the gate way had opened in a small clearing with woods surrounding it, if the creatures made it to the woods he would loose all hope of tracking all of them down, he had to strike soon and fast if they broke from the tree line, what lay beyond was nothing short of a city, they got their claws on that city it would be over run and destroyed untold numbers would be harmed and killed a tally he was not willing to see. 

Shrike made a quick check of his gear, 8 clips of ammo, 9 counting the one already in his rifle, 315 rounds of ammo and only one concussion grenade left. Shrike was up against serious odds here, he was going to have to fight his way in open ground to get to the portal, and even then he had no idea how the hell to terminate it, he would have to improvise a method. 

For a moment Shrike closed his eyes and gripped his rifle taking in one last of breath of air before he leaped over the small cover he was at, charging head long for the creatures which he seemed to catch off guard, I guess they were not expecting such a sudden encounter from him. They were all for some pay back against him tho and began to hurl there spheres of dark and deep purple energy at him.

Strafing from left to right avoiding their energy spheres Shrike fought back with his weapon gunning down creatures on his left then right then left and right again. Suddenly what liked seemed good progress on his part was altered as new creatures poured fourth from the portal, thick black skin hides with deep blue burning eyes, these new creatures moved faster and discharged far more powerful attacks, some of which impacted upon his armor causing some damage to his left shoulder plate and completely destroying his left side entirely. 

As the adrenaline surged through his body Shrikes unique hyper reflex state kicked in which did help with the enemy his was facing, but as he knew very well they had almost unlimited stamina..he did not. Blasting his way passed the creatures with every bullet the had left, while he had a limit to the number of ammo he had...their numbers did not. 

A unsettling truth finally hit Shrike, his weapon had stopped firing, finally depleted of ammo, all 315 rounds spent and nothing left, he tossed the weapon to the ground and drew his chain blade, his unique sword, and his last ranged weapon that was his pistol. With these two he would gun and cut down the monsters before him, only meters away from the portal. 

Their assault on him seemed to ease up as after dispensing with the last creature no more continued through the gate way, he had no time to ponder why this was happening all he knew was he had to destroy this thing and fast. As Shrike came with in about 3 meters of the portal he passed through its dark red aura that seemed to swirl over him unknown of what it was exactly doing to him on the inside. 

The armored figure frantically looked for some way of destroying the gate before more arrived, but there was nothing, no support columns, no device machines, nothing even to hold onto. He had nothing to destroy or damage to seal the gate. Until he looked below it, there sitting at its base 15 Dark spheres all grouped tightly together, from those spheres the energy was feeding directly upwards into gate it self. Shrike believed these were the result and had to try and either damage or destroy the spheres. 

He had no idea if they could even be damaged or destroyed for that matter, his time to contemplate or what to do was drastically shorten by a voice, a deep and dark voice coming from with in the gate.

" Making progress soldier ? Your efforts are futile...you can not destroy the portal...we no longer need that machine to enter this world..I will bring this nightmare to yours  and shall wipe the life from it's surface...you will bear witness to the new world....You never could win all you could do was delay the outcome."

-Suddenly a extremely large and long arm began to reach from the rift out into the world, it was huge, a mix of dark red and black with various horns sticking out of it. Shrike had never seen any thing like this before, what ever it was it was coming through the portal, he would be powerless to stop it if it made it into Mobius. Fearing the worse Shrike was left with only one option, use his last grenade and attempt to destroy the Spheres. 

Ripping the device from his chest Shrike leaned down wedging the grenade in the middle of the combined spheres, he pulled the pin and attempted to run, 3 seconds later the device detonated with a large concussive shock wave, the sheer force seemed to separate the 15 spheres from each other. Thinking the worst was over Shrike stood up looking back to the gateway, a bright glow began to emit from the portal, seconds later the gate way began to violently suck any thing in its near by area into the void, the large arm forced back behind the gate by this vacuum, it was incredibly strong ripping trees even out and pulling them in.

Shrike clung to the ground holding on for all he could but even he could not hold on and was pulled with in just meters of the rift exposed to horrific mass amounts of Dark Terrian energy surging through all of his body pain rushed over him as he tried to fight it with all he had, his very last glance was the bright lights of the city beyond, the woods he had spared and knew now it had come to pass, here, was his final hour you could only cheat death so many times before it caught up, eventually his image seemed to fade away all together in a final dieing echoing shout from him, being lost behind the dark red aura of the gate. 

Moments later a violent explosion ripped a huge hole into the ground as the final stages of the gate way finally exploded into and vanished into the night sky with nothing more then a sparkle of red energy before it was all over. The bodies of the fallen creatures dissolved into dust and the only remains of conflict was a sizable hole where the gate stood, the explosion had slung the Spheres far into the sky and into the unknown. What had taken 2 years to plan, a hour to fight and mere seconds to destroy, it was all over. 

What happened to Shrike ? It would seem that his exposure to so much Dark Terrian energy had literally erased him from existence....he was gone, all that remained of the faceless enforcer was his rifle, his rifle that he had thrown down after he had run out of ammo the weapon he had carried with him, protected him and struck down the evil. The last piece of his existence left on the plains of Mobius. Its ingrained words on its side " Fire of hope", Shrike had stood his ground till the last and while his life was lost in the process, he had prevented what possibly could of been a nightmarish invasion.

Thus was the end of the freelancer, his rifle would lay on the final ground where he fought till the end, taken by who ever would claim it, they may not know who it belonged too but it would keep his memory and legacy alive, perhaps to the hands of a alley who would carry on where he left off... however was it really the end ? It seemed unfortunately true. A faceless figure who fought not for glory or fame but to protect those who could not protect them self and ironically in the end he could not save himself but saved thousands of others.

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