Halloween Horror Extravaganza 2017

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Halloween Horror Extravaganza 2017

Post by The Red Blur on Sun Oct 01, 2017 12:19 am

It was the night, and a cold one, at that. Brown leaves had begun to fall from the trees to signify the end of the summer, and the beginning of Autumn. What better way to celebrate this changing of seasons then to dress up as all manner of ghosts and goblins and go out on the town? 

That was the exact thought process of Caen, as he began to dress for the evening. "This is going to be fun, Cinder, I can tell!" He said, looking over to the chao flying around his room. "Games, food, and... Oh, I wonder if they have any mazes or something? You know, something really scary to get the blood pumping!" He continued, finally deciding to dress in a rather formal-looking suit. The twist, however, was after he had put on this suit, he dug into his wardrobe and pulled out a black cape, with a large collar and a blood-red inside. Fake fangs and red contact lenses were also a must to complete the outfit.

Cinder, on the other hand, started rooting through what odd bits and bobs Caen had stored away in his wardrobe, soon finding a pair of devil horns. He looked up at the hedgehog, saying "chao chao!"

Caen laughed at the adorable display, "looks like you're getting into the festivities rather well!" 

Now that he was ready, Caen turned to walk out of his apartment. Cinder landed on his shoulder, also ready for the evening of excitement. They both exited, with the hedgehog ensuring to lock the door and put the key in his pocket. He patted himself down, ensuring he had everything he needed, before using one hand to smooth down his spines. "Right. Let's go."

Before long, the pair had reached a small festival, with the aforementioned games, food, and a few attractions, such as a small funfair. There were lots of people around, all dressed in costumes that fitted right in with the festivities. "Right, where to first?" The hedgehog asked himself, observing the options available to him.
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