Alright, here we go, my first RP plotting on here, kinda nervous but I should stop blabbing now. Basically a Sonic idea I've always wanted to do is kind of have a roleplay about a genderbent universe or to have characters go through some kind of gender transformation and have them spend the rest of the RP trying to deal with and overcome that, plus some silly antics and whatnot. I mainly play canon characters but obviously most people here are gonna use OC's which is fine, but if you are, could you please provide references to your character if you have them and do just be aware you'll end up controlling a genderbent version of your OC in one way or another. Thing is I don't really have an actual full story worked out for this one, that's something I usually like to figure out with whoever I'm doing the RP with. (Oh, this is one on one by the way, I don't really do group RP's if that's OK with you guys) So yeah, that's the very basic premise of the kind of RP I wanna do. Here's hoping this goes well  Razz