Lando The Mallard

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Lando The Mallard

Post by OsFortyTwo on Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:14 am

Basic Info
| Name |
Orlando Furioso

| Nicknames |
Ducky(by mother)
Duck Hunter
| Age |

| Species |

| Gender |
|Occupation|He is an engineer,but by all means a Jack-Of-All-Trades,willing to try almost any job.
| Appearance |
A duck of a tall and thin build,he has plumage like that of an ordinary mallard,but much simpler,with no spots and just solid colours.He has brown eyes,and his beak is much more Duck-Like than other ducks like Bean the Dynamite.He is often wearing a fedora tilted forwards and a simple brown jacket.He wears boots covering his webbed feet made of leather which are also brown.His beak is bright yellow and his feathers on his head are combed to his right.

Personality Traits
| Likes |
Playing and listening to music.
Emmental Cheese
Designing and constructing things

| Dislikes |
-Being called stupid
-Jeering In general
-His creations being destroyed
-Attention seekers
-Chili.He despises the stuff.
| Personality |
Orlando is,however kind and friendly he may be,extremely shy and wardistracted
thers.He is rather insecure and despite being so timid is likely to explode(not literally) in fury should he snap.He will sometimes freeze in situations he is unsure of or simply babble nonsense.He finds his friends very important for support and general enjoyment of life.

Personal History
Orlando was pretty much your average duck until he got to the middle years of secondary school.He became unsure of what job to choose,trying all sorts of occupations.The school was shut down for reasons he did not know and his mother and father had already left to visit his grandparents.He wandered the world and found his passion in the engineering and invention proffesions.He settled down eventually and set up a small business but would like to travel the world one more,especially the location his parents called The Green Hill Zone.

Combatitive Traits
| Fighting Style |
Orlando has two main fighting styles.The first is a simple hit and run technique where he will utilise a customised projectile to stun opponents,run up to them and give them a fast attack before rushing back.His second technique consists of stunning opponents and beggining to build defensive machinery from scrap lying around.He has however been known to fly above the battlefield and divebomb opponents.

| Strengths
Orlando is fast but not massively so,running at similar speeds to Tails.
He knows how to use his machinery to his advantage
He can quickly come up with a plan,be it good or bad.
He can fly,as he is a bird
He can use a technique he calls an air dash where he flaps his wing hard whilst running and then jumping,blasting him forward an slightly off the ground

| Weaknesses |
Orlando has a short attention span and can easily be distracted
He is horrible at dodging attacks
He will often become so focused on something he will start to ignore everything else.
He gets tired from running rather quickly
He cannot spin dash

He also cannot think straight when running at very high speeds
His shyness means he sometimes finds socialising a bit awkward

Character Relations

| Positive Relations |
Negative Relations |
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