The Last Werehog

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The Last Werehog

Post by Katniss the Werewolf on Sun Jul 16, 2017 9:50 pm

The Last Werehog

War is over. Well, the war between the humans and the werehogs is at least. The werehogs were said to be an extinct species. That was 30 years ago during Werehog Wars. But, some the werehogs lived. One bloodline did. Now, 30 years later, there is only one werehog left. He knows nothing of his ancestors, other than they all died in The Werehog Wars. He carries the blood of the werehog royalty, but he does not know it. But the current human king knows about the last werehog, and is determined to get rid of him. Before the werehog overthrows him.

You are a knight that was sent out to capture him and bring him to the king, so that he may have the honor of executing him. But, you find him in the forest. He is injured after a fight, and human bodies lay around him. He is so weak, you could easily bring him to the king. But he is so weak, it would be unfair to kill him now. Will you bring him to the king to watch him die or will you take him in? The choice is yours.

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