I'm Just A Slave: A Sonic x Amy roleplay

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I'm Just A Slave: A Sonic x Amy roleplay Empty I'm Just A Slave: A Sonic x Amy roleplay

Post by Katniss the Werewolf on Sun Jul 16, 2017 8:48 pm

I came into this world as a slave. You know, born to a slave mother and a slave father. My mother was a cooking and cleaning slave, and my father was a field work slave. So, my life didn’t look all that hopeful from the beginning.
When I was turned seventeen, I was sold, separated from everything and everyone that I knew. My world changed, as the owner of the farm that I was born at was gentle and kind, but he went bankrupt, and had to sell most of the younger slaves. My new owners were cruel, and I'm not going into details why. But I knew then and there, when I saw those exhausted slaves that something had to be done. I became rebellious.

In the two years that had passed, I have been sold to many owners, each one sending me back to the slave auction due to my rebellion. But, one day, I went back to the auction again.

But, that time was all that was  needed to meet her. Her name was Amy Rose, a pink hedgehog who gave me hope for some reason. While I was lost in my thoughts, a slave driver pulled on my collar, forcing me forward. I didn’t even hear the bidding, as I was too focused on her. Before long, there was a exchange of money, and I was walked to my new owner. My new owner was her.

Now, I can’t love my mistress. That’s against the rules, and if a slave fell for its master or mistress, the owner would have to get rid of the slave.

Anyways, I eventually bring myself to confess to her, but I ‘m too late. Amy’s parents already had picked someone for her to marry, but she doesn’t like him. After arguing with her parents, she comes to me, secretly confessing her love for me. I confess as well, but we both know that we have to keep our love a secret.
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