The Grey Party

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The Grey Party

Post by Jaredthefox92 on Tue Jul 04, 2017 3:53 pm

The Grey Party is the primary political movement within the Anti Mobian Federation and the Anti Mobian Army, (and later the Order.). They are a intercontinental political movement which could be compared to the Soviets to an lesser extent, and run a socialistic agenda within both the Order and the AMA. The Grey Party has become a staple in maintaining order within the federation, as well as seeing it progress into the future. Sadly however many Greys tend to be war-hawks as comes with their Moebian nature, and most of the party is in favor with getting revenge against GUN for it's preemptive strike on the Moebian city of Siag.

Notable Members

  • Lord Ivan Bradanska (Founder of the Grey Party, top figurehead and freely elected poltiical leader.)
  • Baron Griefan Nathaniel Bradanska (The appointed leader of the New Order, but in secret is merely a puppet to the party's plans)
  • Major Merci Androlf (an Influential member of the Grey Party.)
  • Sherely Periwinkle the Cat (Staunch Grey Party figurehead, she is in charge of all the New Order's camps.)


"Forward men! Siag has cared for you, and shown her love for you! Do not turn your back on her now! Do not let fear take hold, that is the enemies most potent weapon they can use against you! Show theses human primates every ounce of anger you have in your hearts for attacking the noble city of Siag! Woe be upon these foolish humans who seek to tame Siag and her ferocious citizens! If any amongst you are truly a Moebian you will join with your brethren in taking up arms in Siag's defense!"-A Grey Party officer giving a rallying speech just before the AMA counter efforts to reclaim Siag from GUN forces.

The Grey Party maintains a policy of upholding order and socialistic rights given to all Moebians. The party is known to also be heavily entrenched in the AMA/GUN war as well. Many AMA officers are in fact Grey Party officials, and political speeches and uplifting authorized chants are spouted by many Grey Party officers even in battle. Yet rather than flat out execute their soldiers for charges of cowardliness Grey Party members are known to inspire them with AMA propaganda, only if with charges of complete treason will Grey Party officials then be able to carry out executions. The shame of being a coward in the Federation alone is well enough to break soldiers to the point of insanity.  

Base of Operations

Everywhere there is AMA soldiers, diplomats, or members of the Anti Mobian Federation in general there is a Grey Party member around. Yet their main base of operations is internationally on the planet Moebius. Yet it is believed that a secret underground bunker area beneath the streets of Siag is now their prominent command center. Such allegations of a top secret nuclear blast proof command bunker under the city of Siag has been denied by the Anti Mobain Federation's government thus far however.


As their political movement's name would suggest Grey Party officials are known to wear grey uniforms with either dark red, crimson, or light red trimmings to represent resemblance to the AMF/AMA flag. Usually Grey Party officers are in what appeared to be standard officer attire, and may wear a peaked cap depending on their own rank within the political group. What is known however is that most Grey Party members also wear a gray arm band with their insignia on it.


"We're with you Mr.Bradanska, the free Moebian people of the Federation stand once again united to come to the defense of Moebius's freedom. The Grey Party stands behind you sir in our united efforts to defend the grand people of Moebius."- A Grey Party official discussing their involvement with the current war.

It is widely held that the Grey Parties's origins hail back to the days of the Grand Revolution. They are beleved to have been formed by the most closest members of the rebels to Deraj during the Revolution, as well as the most successful of soldiers, and members which Deraj personally selected. while not formally created until after the AMA's victory during the revolution many of it's members were seen throughout the conflict directing the people of Moebius to turn against Scourge one by one.
Deraj officially created the Grey Party to unite Moebius, and help with the reconstruction efforts after the defeat of Scourge. He wanted to give his world a strong governing backbone which to prop it up after all this revolting and chaos, something he believed Scourge could never accomplish. He knew the best way to help the people of Moebius was to finally install a proper form of government to support them.

Secretly when war finally broke out between the human military of GUN and the Moebians the Grey Party have been eager to get revenge on the human oppressors. They were the first to come to arms along with many other brave Moebian men and woman, and defend their now besieged  city of Siag.

Now the Grey Party is seen extensively throughout the war helping with operations, gathering Intel, even directing troops into battle. To defy the Grey Party is defy the will of the Moebian people, and that surely will lead to your own demise.

Grey Party Trooper:
Grey Party Troopers are the elite and diabolical elite veteran political guard of both the Anti Mobian Federation, as well as the New Order. The Grey Party has been around since the first founding of the old order of Moebius, and now they act as the baron's gestapo like storm troopers that enforce Moebian order all over Moebius, as well as the prime world. They are feared even by normal Moebian soldiers as they have almost total political power.Grey Party troopers are often more armored than the more mobilized forces of the Order, and excel in nighttime operations, abduction, espionage, urban combat, and even riot suppression.They are mostly recognized by wearing a dark shade of grey, having on high tech masks with senors and filtration systems, and sometimes seen wearing black robes over their uniforms.


Needless to say, the members of the Grey Party are ruthless, so their personal secret police are also brutal and ruthless.Grey Party troopers act as a sort of secretive police force within both the Order and Federation.Members of the party specifically look at the records of all active non-party members for selection and pick only the most promising to join the ranks. As such outside the party there is a moderate level of prestige within the Moebian army.

Grey party troopers are not only used as a secretive police force within all Moebian cities, but are often deployed in occupied territories, or even in special combat missions as well. They operate as independent units from the main AMA and Order forces and are known to be fanatical and deadly efficient, if not ruthless and terrifying.



Grey Party Troopers, (or simply Grey Troopers), are selected from veterans and high performance soldier

A Order Grey Party Sturm Panzertruppen.

s within the Federation and the Order, with the later of the two being specifically selected for canine species within the Order.The grey party reads the reports of each individual soldiers and looks for high marks or comments by their superior officers, as well as acts of bravery and devotion to the cause within their battle reports.


Officers are selected differently under the Grey Party, and thus they are subject to special qualifications for entry. For instance one does not necessarily have to the ideal candidate that troopers are selected from for entry. In fact, being a high ranking officer within the Order itself may be grounds for entry, however, records are carefully looked at for selection.While it is possible for Grey Troopers to enter the officer ranks, it is not necessarily a requirement. Political ties may also shape the future of someone attempting enter an officer rank as well.

Psychic Inspectors
Psychic Inspectors are often pulled from officers within the Psychic Guardians who have shone a long and substantial record of using their psychic powers for the service of Moebius. Not only do Psychic Inspectors act as special officers within the Grey Party, or as squad leaders, but also as a psychic secret police that uses mind reading and mind control to find out information vital to the parties goal's.Psychic inspectors are known for being cruel, unwavering, and merciless to lend their psychic gifts to preform a thorough psychic inquisition of their victims.

The Wolf Pack

A very secretive and covert sect of the Grey Party, the Wolf Pack is believed to be a top secret unit of elite assassins within the Grey Party that act autonomously and are often known to track down and kill enemies of the party.


  • Eclipse 'Blastmaster' laser pistols.
  • Eclipse 832 laser rifles
  • Adamintium body armor
  • 'Nightwatch' masks
  • wrist logging database wrist computers. (Officers only)
  • Sentinel riot shields with energy deflecting materials.
  • Sleeping gas grenades.


  • The Grey Party is a mixture of real life political movements such as the Soviet Bolshevik party in the USSR, as well as the National Democratic Nazi Party in WW2. However, history would prove that both of these political movements would clash in the late 30's and 40's.

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