Station Square, huh?

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Station Square, huh?

Post by ScoutDoggo on Wed Jun 14, 2017 10:04 am

The rough rumbling of the train surging across the tracks wasn't a sound that Choopy particularly enjoyed. Aside from the loudness of it all, the sound had particular connotations with him being sent off whenever his family ran into trouble. Nothing they couldn't handle, but according to his father he was 'too important to lose.' He didn't feel important, for whatever reason.

 Choopy shook his head free of the negative thoughts swarming in his head as the train began to slow, signifying he was almost at his destination. Choopy's eyes lit up and he stared out the window to get the first glimpse of the city.

 "Station Square.." He mumbled, "I hope this place is nice." Naturally, his experience would be miles above anyone else's. His father, Victus, has a specific fund set aside to give Choopy the best quality hotel room available. He glanced at his handbag, which had all of his belongings inside it. 

 The train finally came to a stop, the doors slid open. Choopy allowed for the crowd to clear out before he made his way out. He slid down the stair railings, snatched a map from near the exit, and stepped out to the main street of station square. "Whoa.. This place is pretty big, wonder where the hotel is.."
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