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Choopy the Hedgehog

Post by ScoutDoggo on Sat Jun 10, 2017 3:02 pm

Name: Choopy 
Nicknames: 'Choopsy,' by his sister.
Age: 12
Species: Hedgehog 
Gender: Male 
Occupation: Unemployed

Appearance: Choopy is a short hedgehog, around 5'2", with three spines along the back of his head, much like Classic Sonic does. Where he differs, however, are four smaller spines attached by the cheek, two on each side. He wears a brown bandanna on occasion, and is rarely seen without his golden gloves, which have no functional purpose other than being warm. 


Personality traits

-Donuts, those weird braided ones though with the cinnamon and the glaze.
-Trading Cards

-Having to resort to violence
-Loud noises

Personality: Choopy isn't one to catch on to social trends too quickly.
He has a tendency to call people who are close to him 'dad,' especially those
who are big grumps to anyone but him. He's extremely optimistic, and outright
refuses to fight anyone. But, if necessary, Choopy will dive headfirst into 
battle to save his friends. He'd do anything to save anyone that tolerated him,
let alone someone who considered him a 'friend.'

Combat traits

Powers: Choopys family had a history of being.. well, edgy. Tainted by 
the seed of Dark Gaia, pushed onto the world as a last resort if it were to be
truly defeated, Choopys family, many generations ago, was given a bizarre mark
on their iris; three white dashes along a purple rim. It became known as a 
'Curse Mark,' and it began a long legacy of coldness and endless scratching to
the top of the economical food chain. 

When Choopy and his twin sister, Maxus, were born, it was all but fact that 
Maxus was going to be the one to inherit the Curse Mark when they turned 12.
But when Maxus failed to inherit the Curse Mark, all eyes fell on Choopy. He
was forced into training, desperately forcing the Curse Mark into action. 
Nothing worked,Up until Choopys father struck Maxus. It was then that Choopys 
ability came to fruition. 

But something was off. Choopys curse mark was nothing like the curse mark that
had been in the family for ages. Instead of the trademark three white dashes,
it was two, and a sideways capital D, forming a =D happy face on one iris.

After the ensuing cataclysm of Choopys supernatural temper tantrum, he decided
to rid himself of the term 'Curse Mark.' It wouldn't be a curse to him. He 
dubbed it his 'Friendly Mark.' He still has no idea how to truly use it, but
it's a sure thing to kick in if anyone he considers a friend were to fall into
mortal danger.

When Choopy is in his 'Friendly Form,' as bad as the name is, It's different
nearly every time it's initiated, typically coalescing itself into something that
would aid the situation, at least according to Choopys childlike mindset. It's 
nowhere near the ability of Super Sonic, but it's become a powerful force, setting
him high above those without overpowered abilities. 

But it comes at a price. For each minute Choopy is in his Friendly Form, he will 
spend an hour unconscious. Because of this, he can't spend more than half an hour
in his Friendly Form, out of fear that he might not wake up.

(Think early-manga Deku from BNHA.)

Friendly Form is powerful, with statistics matching what's needed
Outside of Friendly Form, Choopy is adept at scaling walls.
Choopy has no regards for his own safety if it means saving his friends.

Friendly Form has drawbacks. 1m of Friendly Form = 1h of Comatose state.
When he's nervous, Choopy becomes fumbly, and runs the risk of succumbing to a panic attack.
Choopy has no regards for his own safety if it means saving his friends.

Social information

Positive relations
Has a large hedgehog friend named Brass, refers to him as 'dad.' (Brass belongs to SkelixRikkard on tumblr!)
Hedgehog friend named Cyril, a 14-year-old trans girl who accompanies Choopy whenever she's in town.

Negative relations

His father, Victus, despises him for 'ruining' the darkness of the Curse Mark. He's edgy.
His sister secretly loathes him for possessing the Curse Mark, and then refusing to use it.

 Choopy lacks much history, being all but ignored for a good chunk of time before it was revealed he was the one who bore the Curse Mark. Since then, he's been nonstop training to keep his body functioning after he goes into his Friendly Form. 
 But while not training, Choopy enjoys his time with Cyril, engaging in a very platonic, Steven-And-Connie-Esque relationship. She's met Victus before, and Victus was.. uninterested, to say the least. Maxus and Cyril do enjoy time with Choopy, though, and Maxus occasionally loosens up for the three of them to enjoy some actual Childlike things.

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