Hi, Glad to be here!

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Hi, Glad to be here! Empty Hi, Glad to be here!

Post by ScoutDoggo on Fri Jun 09, 2017 5:17 pm

My name is Scout! I'm a 16 year old roleplayer who's pretty happy to finally find a roleplay forum dedicated to the fandom! My pronouns are They/Them or He/Him (I don't really have a preference), and my favorite Sonic Game is probably Generations or Sonic Adventure, but I'm super excited for Forces and Mania! Outside of Sonic, I'm a fan of JJBA and drawing! My deviantart is of the same username, and I draw my OCs there! I hope to enjoy my stay! <3!!!
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Hi, Glad to be here! Empty Re: Hi, Glad to be here!

Post by Electrisa on Fri Jun 09, 2017 8:14 pm

Hello, Scout, nice to meet y-

it's spreading onto the youth

I mean hi I'm Elec! Part of the staff, so if you need any help with finding yourself on the forum, feel free to ask me x3 Then again, most of our members are always happy to help a new person! So I'm sure you'll  have no trouble getting used to here c:
there is also a considerate amount of those who like them some bizzare adventures
so there's that

Hope you have fun here <3

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