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Felicia Xandra Sule

Post by Dione on Tue May 30, 2017 9:53 am

Name: Felicia Xandra Sule
Nicknames: Felic, San
Age: 18
Birthday: January 1, 1999
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Straight
Species: Domestic cat (Felis Catus)


Felicia is a red tabby cat with slightly darker hair (This is her... as a cat..). Her hair reaches her waist and she usually wears it loose. She has pale green eyes. Her hands and feet are white, just like her belly and chest fluff which reaches all the way to her chin. She has no defined muzzle. The cat has a big scar on her left thigh from practicing knife wielding while being drunk. However, whenever she goes out swimming and a little kid asks her where she got that, she will usually say that it was from a big battle with a viscious feral tiger or something along those lines. Her regular outfit exists of a grey long-sleeved tshirt, a darker grey scarf, a pair of black jeans and white sneakers. She has a rather skinny build and wears a grey beanie with white letters spelling 'TIGER'. 


Credits for the amazing art to ForevaYoung. The rabbit in the picture is Malakai, one of her own characters. 

Personality traits:


  • Fish (especially salmon and those kinds of fish)
  • Instant noodles
  • Noodles in general
  • Parties
  • Reading books
  • Boys


  • Snow
  • Spicy food
  • Vegetables
  • Picking fights

As extroverted as she is, Felicia has a quiet side to herself as well. This side however, usually only shows when she's alone or with Dione. It means that she's calm and not very outgoing at all. It means she can focus really well and that she's able to work efficiently or listen really well to what her friend has to tell her.

Felic likes partying and drinking and won't hesitate to go to a party if you invite her. Just.. be careful with her when she's around the guys of the party, she's.. Rather into boys and stuff like that and won't hold back.

Combat traits:
Knife wielding - Felicia has always liked knives and has trained a lot with them since she was around fifteen years old. She got pretty good at it. She also has a strong punch.

Felicia doesn't have any powers.


  • Outgoing. She's not afraid to talk to strangers and is not easily flustered.
  • Good with knives. She's practiced a lot of knife throwing and other skills with a knife.


  • Too easy with the guys sometimes
  • Not physically strong, not much muscle power
  • A bit of an attention seeker

Felicia has had a relatively calm life. She was born and raised in Castle Town, a small village relatively close to Station Square. She went to the same primary school all her life and after that only changed schools because she had to go to secondary. On primary school, in second grade, she met the wolf Dione Captor. They immediately 'clicked' and have been best friends since. 
When Felicia was seven years old, Emes Fade joined their class. The three children became good friends but it all changed when the bat turned against Felicia and started bullying the cat. This didn't turn out in his favour as Dione teamed up with Felicia and formed a strong alliance. Even though it was hard, Felicia is sort of grateful Emes did it. Or at least gave them a cause to get even closer. It made the bond between Dio and Felic even stronger and nearly unbreakable. It also later on turned out to have made the transition from seeing each other at least three times a week to once a week in the weekends at max a lot easier after Dione moved to Station Square. 
Both her parents started working full-time when Felicia was twelve years old. This had a huge impact on her life and her way of behaving. She became a bit spoilt, seeing as her parents would give her anything for they were earning so much money. She started developing an expensive taste in clothing, food and accessories. Her parents would be able to finance it all without any problem though so it was no issue. It would only become an issue when she moves out for she would have to start making her own money. However, this isn't something that will occur soon seeing as she is still in her final year of secondary school. She hates it there but she'll get through it and hopefully pass her finals with good grades so she can get into a proper college and study there. She'll either still be living with her parents and travel back and forth or she'll move in with Dione to study in Station Square. If the latter is the case her parents will pay Dio's parents for food and housing. On top of that Felic will get her own monthly pocketmoney. 
Back to the past, to when she was sixteen years old. Boy-oh-boy, that was a weird time in her life. It was where she discovered many things, including knife wielding,alcohol and boys. Sidenote, don't drink and practice knife wielding at the same time, it ends in nasty scars. That time was also where things started to slowly go downhill. See, when Dione left Castle Town, Felicia needed a new buddy to hang out with at school and that new buddy, who is two years older than her, had made a lot of connections with a lot of people. He had mainly made those connections when he was 15 years old, some earlier and some later. Those connections were with both younger and older people (older being 21+). Because he knew people who were above the legal drinking age, he had easy access to alcohol and other illegal stuff for minors like tabacco. Since Felicia hung out a lot with this guy and since she loves going to parties, she often went with him. Especially when she was sixteen years and older. She got sucked into the world of partying, drinking and one-night-stands. A young age to be involved into that sort of stuff but for her it was all fun and games. 
Her first time was with her buddy who currently is a bit more than just a buddy. They both were drunk and they went to his house. Well, you can fill in the rest. After that, she was a lot more easy-going with people and a lot looser with what she would and would not do. It's easy to say that this guy hasn't been the best influence on her. Despite her close connection with this boy, Felicia didn't forget about Dione and still regularly visits her, mostly in the weekends. Either that or the wolf comes back to Castle Town. There they go out together, usually on shopping trips and film-nights. Sometimes the cat succeeds into convincing the wolf to go to a party with her but that's a rare occasion. When they're on those parties the wolf usually stands in a corner, smiling awkwardly until Felicia gets her tipsy with Bacardi-cola and other mixed drinks. Once tipsy they steal the dance floor and rock the party but it takes quite some effort for Felicia to get that done. Those parties often end up in Felicia making out with some random dude from the party and Dione dragging the drunk cat home, tucking her in and going to bed herself as well. They share great memories together and their friendship is as strong as can be, no one is likely to get between the two and the times they share are usually amazing times. 
Except when Dione has to hold back the cat's hair so she can throw up above a toilet. Those moments are.. less fun.

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