Help/Combat the forces of SCARLADO/Kanyon Korps.

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Help/Combat the forces of SCARLADO/Kanyon Korps.

Post by MrFamous on Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:36 am

I posted a description in the Fanmade Faction section regarding the two major factions of a story I'm writing, and I'm looking to start some threads to help flesh out the factions and their respective characters.

At the moment, I'm looking to make some 1X1 threads involving some characters assisting either group in some Jewel Power Fueled scheme. That's where you come in! Link your free characters in this thread (and potential plots if you've got one), and we can discuss the plot in PMs. I have heaps of characters that I have yet to post, and some fun thread ideas, so let's get something going.
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