Kanyon Korps. and Scarlado

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Kanyon Korps. and Scarlado Empty Kanyon Korps. and Scarlado

Post by Mr. Spivey on Fri Apr 28, 2017 4:44 am

I am writing a series called Jewel Story. In it, magic jewels fall from the sky and give super powers to anyone that they hit. The people given powers by the jewels are called Jewel Users, and their power is called, you guessed it, Jewels. There is no limit to what kind of power a jewel can give someone, but it's only from training and practice can someone learn to harness the full power of their jewel.

These are the two major factions of the story at time of writing:

Kanyon Korps.

  • Run by Kenneth Kanyon
  • Every hard C in the kompany is replaced with a 'K'
  • Affectionately called 'The Kore' by Kanyon and Kanyon alone
  • A super-powered fighting force that exists to kombat evil Jewel Users, and ultimately take down SCARLADO
  • ¬†Kurrent known members of Kanyon Korps:

  1. Kenneth Kanyon
  2. Dave Spivey
  3. Isaac 'Zed' Hawkins
  4. Holly Mars

  • Base of operations is a small office in Station Square that skans news reports of strange goings on in the world
  • Most of the budget is spent on sending Operatives anywhere they need to be (through use of public transportation mainly)
  • Only willing to hire Jewel Users
  • One of the policies is to bring no harm to Non-Jewel Users, but Zed Hawkins is the only one decent enough to follow that rule.


  • Not an Abbreviation
  • Run by Rob Scarlado and his assistant Claudia Spivey (hmm)
  • A super-powered fighting force that exists to gain power for Scarlado, and make his goal of taking over the world come to fruition
  • Countless members spread all over the world, but only a fraction have Jewel Powers
  • Base of operations is an undisclosed location
  • Kidnaps people and forces Jewel Powers on them, and then hypnotizes them to do Scarlado's bidding
  • Those that are kidnapped but not given Jewel Powers are forced to get full time jobs to fund all operations. This doubles as a way to scout any trouble, as all working members are in direct contact with a Jewel User at almost all times.

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