H.R.C records 6 - Haunting past

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H.R.C records 6 - Haunting past Empty H.R.C records 6 - Haunting past

Post by Shrike Marine on Thu Apr 27, 2017 5:29 pm

-The Camera once more switches on, this time to a office with a large open view window of the night and land stretching for miles, a man sitting in a chair swings around putting his hands together as he looked into the camera.- 

" This is the video data logging of the  lead Scientist John Halford of Project E.C.H.O and Synchronicity, the time is 11pm Monday.  It's been roughly 8 months of both trial and error, blood , sweat , tears, long working hours, testing and testing but after this incredible journey we have finally reached our  destination and end. Hard to come to terms with the fact this has been running for almost 28 years now..these last 8 months were the final testing phase of both projects working together to achieve the greatest success of Horizon to date. 

We have developed, programmed, armed and assembled a full and complete battalion worth strength of these soldiers who are currently being transported, heading for Station square G.U.N HQ, Commander Abraham Tower will now be over seeing there use. Some of the others were kept behind as a isolation test to figure out the glitch in the programming that cause the so called " Self awareness" event to take place. So far no results or conclusions.

Since the time of the last log the only subject who showed any signs of this issue was Echo 528, however from then till now nearly 50 Replicant soldiers have exhibited the same signs, all varying in aspects. These 50 have remained behind till they can be corrected. We have had another issue however one we are greatly concerned about.

3 months ago our current commander Vanik Kotare reported...hearing voices inside of his head claiming that some one was trying to talk to him, however he reported that when ever he tried to go and investigate there were simply no one to be found. A couple of weeks later he reported that the voices were getting louder, headaches started to set in and what alarmed us all was the large telestatic spike on the charts. It was almost off the scales it was so powerful infact it caused a power surge of the entire complex. It took the maintenance crews a couple of minutes to bring power back into the facility.

At first we suspected that possibly the commander by be faulty or a previous issue had come back to plague him, however both of these ideas were shot down when began to track the source of the telepathic out put signal. That is when I felt the hardest heart sink feeling I ever had, the signal was emanating from the vault facility....that facility is miles and miles away which was locked up for a very good reason. A meeting was called straight away, many possibilites were thrown around about the signal coming from the vault. 

The whole project team were scared and nervous believing it may very well be the second failed prototype contacting or trying to possibly influence Vanik Kotare. How this is possible if this is the case is unsure, we are currently debating whether reopening the vault is a possibility, the potential for a catastrophic back fire is a real issue here. As I said we locked that place up for a reason, reopening it could set  a event in motion that we may not be able to stop a second time. As for now Vanik Kotare is being shipped along with the first battalion of Replicant soldiers to begin first deployment. Hopefully that will be far away enough for that signal not to reach him.

In the mean time I will no doubt be looking into putting together a team to possibly reopen the vault to discover the reason for this incident and solve it as soon as possible. We have almost established a third facility to the west to begin work on the next generation of soldiers of the Variant 7th batch, I shall have more information once I make a complete report of the weeks and months to come.
This is lead Scientist John Halford  signing off."

-Camera goes to static.-
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