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Post by Galaxy The Wolf on Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:36 pm

(PICTURE BY MY GIRLFRIEND CHASSKA ON VIRTUAL SPACE~ She drew this for me so if u wanna ask her go ahead ^-^)
Name:Himitsu The Fox Himitsu The Fox 2hq9fyu
Appearance: White Fur, Black and white swirled eyes, Sharp teeth, Black and white tuxedo, small glasses, long fur on head
Personality traits: Very Quiet, Very Serious
Likes: His job,quiet people, freaks of nature like him
- - -
Dislikes:Loud People, people who don't believe in magic - - -
Personality:Himitsu is very depressing when trying to have a conversation. He likes to be alone from everyone to study his work Combat traits: Quickly learns the enemy's attack patterns as he doesn't rush into things Powers: Hypnotism, Flight, Kasetsu Eyes,
Black Magic, The Forbidden Book
Strengths:His powers work better with his magic pocket watch - - - Weaknesses:If you break his watch he is weaker but can still use his powers - - - Social information: Single Positive relations: None - - Negative relations: None - - History: Himitsu was originally in a tribe of cannibal foxes that used black magic. He found a forbidden book of spells and wanted to become the strongest member and please his father so he used a random spell not knowing what he was doing because he was a child. It gave him power yes but at the cost of his soul and memories. He was banished for using the forbidden book and grew up an orphan in the city. After learning how to be a normal citizen he used his powers to get him a job. He is still studying the black book in his spare time.

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