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Post by Veteranoftheconsolewars on Sat Mar 11, 2017 10:32 pm

Description of and rules for this thread will be established here.
Post order will be decided on who first arrived. Since players can come and go, the order will change frequently, but I will always try to post last so I can react to everyone involved.

The sound of dream-like music carries through the distance, echoing from obscurity and fading quietly into the blank void. It comes from and goes to no place in particular, somehow reverberating on walls that were nowhere to be found. A home with stars for windows, clouds for rugs, and a rainbow for a door stood at the threshold between countless realities, rippling through causality and stopping just short of the end of time.

Draped languidly across the soft, yielding floor was a grown clydesdale, staring at an endless reflection of himself hovering about five meters over his head. He could see he was looking at his back and the back of his head, hands folded behind to cradle his neck as he rested with one leg crossed over the other. His gaze went on to look at another version of himself, resting just the same way and looking on and up towards yet another resting stallion above that one, and so on into an endless void. Somewhere, at the top of that line, he figured he was probably laying above the rest, but he didn't want to turn away and look behind him. Not out of fear or confusion, he just wasn't tired of lazing out like this just yet.

Of course, he did look from side to side on different occasions as tears in reality opened up for brief moments. He could see some universes being born, others being destroyed... He could see heroes triumphing over darkness and villains lording over oppressed masses. Adventures and epics unfolding, as well as the day to day rituals of the everyman. Realms where 1 and 1 made 3, and up was down... But nothing had yet called to him. Without any prompting to get up, he would simply relax and enjoy this moment of peace he found for himself in the middle of chaos.

... Ah, damn. He blinked, and just like that the endless span of horses in front of him was gone, replaced with a ceiling made of tissue boxes with the words "Careful for nosebleeds!" written in an alien language that resembled a cross between Russian and Arabic. Standing up, the floor had changed from soft fluff to a hardened metallic surface, though it curiously made a wooden knocking sound as his hooves walked across the ground. Well, with a world with infinite and changing possibilities all around him, he may as well wander and see where he's taken!

Who survived? Somebody new? Anyone else but you...

Meet my OC, Muscles the Horse!
What do you mean I can't have a horse character? Archie's had, like, at least three!
And here's my other character, Tricky the Fox!
He's a complete and total asshole! ... So that's a thing.
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