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Post by Veteranoftheconsolewars on Sat Mar 04, 2017 1:14 am

FULL NAME: Alistair Eastaughffe

KNOWN ALIASES: Tricky, Fuzzy little scammer, dirtbag, con-artist, shyster, etc....
AGE: 21
SPECIES: Silver Fox
OCCUPATION: Repairman, "Inventor" and "Entrepeneur"
HEIGHT: 3'9"
WEIGHT: 80 lbs

Born hundreds of years in the future, Alistair did his best to apply himself to become a genius... by our modern day standards. As far as the far-flung future was concerned, however, he was just barely meeting the average as scientific achievements had reached such a peak that there were few who could shine in the limelight any longer. It was rare, but not impossible, for someone as selfish, ego-driven, and easily triggered as Alistair to be born out of a nearly perfect society as the paradise of the future, but then people like Alistair were WHY it was only 'nearly perfect.'

Rather than spend the rest of his life studying as much as he possibly could for even a 1% chance of getting famous, he decided he'd rather take a few hundred shortcuts, applying more effort to stealing and cheating off of his smarter peers at school and college. He planned to make it to the top off of the hard work of others, but the problem with trying to outwit people who were smarter than him... was that they were smarter than him. While he did his best not to get caught in all his attempts, it was only a matter of time before someone caught onto his schemes and got him expelled.

In a fit of anger, he sought to ruin the efforts of his genius peers at the science fair, vandalizing and damaging numerous projects that the others had worked so hard on. Of course, if he had been as intelligent as the other brilliant prodigies, he might've realized that damaging the various machines and their power sources the way he had would've resulted in a chain reaction, resulting in a fantastic array of lights that vaporized Alistair where he stood. By most definitions and accounts, the Alistair of the future was dead.

However, a copy of him was created, one that had all the experience, knowledge and features as the original Alistair, only this one was temporally unaligned! His atoms were scattered through the universe, coalescing into one point on Gaia, in our day and age. Teleportation that essentially "cut and pasted" life forms was common in the future, but the technology to teleport across time and space had never successfully been realized... Not until Alistair's petty vandalism created that isolated incident.

While this opportunity would've been priceless to many, history was by far one of Alistair's weakest subjects... Still, he was smart enough to realize that he was now part of a paradox, realizing that anything he would've done was already pre-ordained, and he was bound to fall into the past. His actions were already a part of history, so he had no fear to tread on the ground of his ancestors.. Hell, if this was a paradox he might even BE one of his ancestors, which, the more he thought about it, the more it hurt his head. Regardless of that, he knew he needed to achieve two things... Power, and immortality.

He wanted power over these primitives, so that for once in his life he could be recognized for his endeavors, even if those endeavors were built off of the backs of others. Beyond that, he wanted to return to his own time, but the only way to do that was to wait things out! Trying to leap into the future could pollute the timeline and end up eradicating the universe, like trying to punch a hole in the fabric of reality. Virtual immortality was already realized in his time, able to repair atrophy of the bones and organs of any lifeform to great extents! He might not have been smart enough to create the devices that offered these treatments, but he knew it was possible.

In his first year here in our day and age, he has already started an online business of repair work, familiarizing himself with our "ancient" machinery like they were children's toys. Of course, he's had the pleasure of stealing a few things here and there to help him get by, including some tools, a laptop, a cellphone (which he laments over its pink color, but he knows the little girl can't squeal about losing her third phone,) and the occasional snack. This, however, was just a side-business.

Alistair's main source of income was creating fantastic technology with an emphasis on planned obsolescence. All appliances broke down over time, but Alistair made sure the things he would build would break down much faster. His scam was to sell future technology to rich investors, making sure the technology would break down into useless components that couldn't be replicated so nobody would end up being too advanced for their time, riiiight before he'd high-tail it out of there and move on to the next scam. More often than not, he'd even fake the results of his inventions to outright avoid giving them future-tech entirely, keeping the good stuff for himself so he doesn't have to risk his neck with more dangerous individuals.

One way or another, he's determined to get back to his day and age with as much fame and fortune as he can carry through the centuries... and he doesn't care how many people he has to step on the way to get there!

Lanky, tall, and wirey. Tricky has a pair of sharp, brown eyes, often darting around to make sure nobody's onto his schemes. Rather fond of the 'clothing optional' time period, he's content to wear a set of sneakers with fingerless gloves. Has a large, fluffy tail with a white tip on it. Silver foxes like him have a sort of 'black mask,' similar to a raccoon's, which surround his eyes, only distinguishing his sharp gaze even further. The only other piece of 'clothing' he wears is a belt storing all of his tools and devices, fastened on with a magnetic seal that responds only to his voice.

None currently.

Short tempered, cynical, cocky, smarmy, narcissistic, and sexist. These all paint the crude picture that makes up Tricky's character. He will always think lesser of the people around him, and he is in no hurry to make friends with that kind of attitude. He will always choose the easy way out at all instances, and he'll manipulate and lie to anyone to get out of any situation. The only part of him that isn't completely morally bankrupt will stop him from actually killing others to get what he wants. Aside from the fact that it could damage his reputation, he's far from fond of the sight of blood or bone, and can easily get nauseous from exposure. Whether this is due to his own fear of mortality or he has even the slightest hint of a conscience isn't exactly certain.
He at least has the smarts to back up his confidence, bringing the knowledge of the future with him to our era. There's no greater pleasure he gets than proving that he knows more than anyone else... well, he might get more from sex, but with how he treats women that's extremely unlikely to happen. His attitude earns him more than a few slaps to the face, often scoring a bruise by the end of a good month, and a black eye on a bad one.


  • Being right
  • Being smarter than others
  • Breasts, boobies, cha-chas
  • Butts, asses, dem hips
  • The concept and the acquisition of selective immortality
  • Shortcuts


  • Anyone smarter than him
  • Pain
  • Dying
  • Bitches who say "no"
  • Old people
  • The sight of blood
  • Clingy bitches who can't take "no" for an answer
  • Doing anything without cheating to make it go faster god dammit WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG-
  • How slow technology moves
  • Bitches, man. Just... bitches.


HEIGHTENED INTELLIGENCE: Tricky is by all means a genius, as far as our current decade goes. He has a comprehensive understanding of most things technological, biological, and astronomical, but he lacks the desire to expand upon that knowledge. Still, he has enough wit to know how and when to cut corners, though sometimes his lethargy demands him to do so even to his own detriment.

While Tricky while foist his easily broken inventions onto others, he'll keep the good stuff for himself. His most useful tool is a bubble that surrounds him and deflects all forces of kinetic energy and pressure from the outside. With oxygen tablets, an invisibility projector, sleep gas and a stun ray gun, he's able to slip out of even the most dangerous of situations. To keep up with the surprisingly large amount of speedsters in this timeline, he has also created a short-ranged inertia wave and a velocity-enhancing mod to help slow others down and speed himself up, though even with these, he probably couldn't keep up with the likes of Tails or Sonic. Still, unlike the future, our timeline has yet to discover a longer-lasting and renewable energy source, so he can't stay invincible for longer than a half-hour, with at least a four hour recharging period in between uses!

CUNNING AND GUILE: Just because he'd rather act like a jerk doesn't mean he'll always sound like one... Unless you knew him, he'd probably sound like the nicest fellow you've met! Of course, even around those expecting a con-artist, he can keep a few secrets from just about anyone. He always has a plan to get in and out of trouble with as few bruises as possible. As long as it's to his express benefit, Tricky will lie, cheat, and steal his way to victory.

STANDARD SONIC IMMUNITIES: Like other characters in Sonic canon, Tricky is immune to auditory damage brought on from explosions or sonic booms. Friction cannot wear his body down, and he can breathe even in extremely high altitudes where air is impossibly thin.


Tricky is an annoying bastard, but his dickishness shines brightest when in the presence of the opposite gender. If they lay outside of his interests as far as selling fake future tech to interested investors goes, he will act like the most decent man on the face of Gaia. Of course, if they're already privy to his attitude, or he's already successfully scored with them, he's bound to be as blunt and crass as possible. Even if he were to catch the most perfect woman in his life, he'd give up his act eventually thanks to how lazy he is, and the effort to play as her prince charming would collapse in on itself. This has forced him to change venue several times so far, thanks to angry exes and angrier husbands catching on to him. If it weren't for his technology, he would've already been buried in an unmarked grave by now.

Tricky is always right in his head. He will never admit to being wrong, even if it meant finally achieving immortality. He refuses to believe that anyone else in this day and age could have an opinion that matters more than his, all based around the fact that he comes from the future. To him, everyone else is a primitive for him to use at his leisure. The idea that these people could be smarter than him is infuriating, and he refuses to accept that in any way, shape or form.

JUST PLAIN RUDE AND COWARDLY: At most times, he's just a dick. His very nature is self-contradictory, believing to be right about everything and yet refusing to admit when he's wrong. He will chide and taunt others, even going so far as to mock the disabled as long as nobody can beat him up for it. Of course, his belt has a limited power supply, so he'll gladly run away as fast as he can before someone breaks out the boards and nails.

Who survived? Somebody new? Anyone else but you...

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What do you mean I can't have a horse character? Archie's had, like, at least three!
And here's my other character, Tricky the Fox!
He's a complete and total asshole! ... So that's a thing.
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