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Post by SmookiSmooku on Thu Mar 02, 2017 12:28 am

Name: Deren the Hedgehog
Nick: Turqoise
Age: 19
Species: Hedgehog
Gender: Male
Occupation: He is a engineer at station square, and when he's off work he's usually doing anything else, not really the fighting type, but he does do sometimes. When he's in his dark form, he works as a black market dude.
Birthday: October 7th, 1998

Appearance: His colour scheme is Cyan and Blue. Most of his fur is Cyan, but on the ends of his quills, it's blue. His back quills and tail is also blue. He has hair sticking out that is also blue. On the top of his arms are Cyan, while the bottom is skin colour. He has rings in his wrists but non at his shoes. He has chest hair instead of chest. He wears a long jacket, and his gloves go up a little farther. His shoes are like sonics, and the colour is the usual red white and yellow. When hes in his dark form, he has shadows quills, while a part of his fur covers one of his eyes, and he has no pupils. He wears a long sleeved jacket, and his speed chargers are gone. He wears pants, and wears sonics shoes, except very dirty. His jacket is dark red, and his pants are dark blue.

-Noodles, he enjoys the taste, and makes it everyday.
-Knuckles, he idealizes him, and whenever he's around, he'll fanboy out and push everybody out of his way, just to get an autograph.
-Chilling, he enjoys doing absolutely nothing, and enjoys the chilling cold. He really does like the cold and nothing.
-Plants, he enjoys watching them grow, and enjoys flowers. However, it'll be very hard to get a girl with a flower...
-Children, he loves working, entertaining, and just being with children. He enjoys it.

-Chaos Emeralds, he doesn't like ultimate power, he doesn't want them to be stolen or anything, but if they are needed, then he will use them in dire situations.
-Sleeping, even though he's basically lazy, he won't try to sleep, but rather he'll fall asleep for staying up too long.
-Chili dogs, beans? No. Chill? No. Hot dog? No. He would do anything just to not even look at it.
-Rouge, since all the time she steals the Master Emerald, from his idealized hero Knuckles, he doesn't like her.

Personality: He's a good guy, who is funny and kind. He idealizes knuckles for his bravery, and his will to keep guarding the master emerald at all costs. He chills whenever he can, and if he sees knuckles, he'll go all fanboy. He doesn't really care about his life, as long as others are fine, besides, he just wants to have fun after all. When he's in his dark form, he's just this emo, serious dude. He's basically shadow, minus flashbacks, fakers, Maria, Ark, etc.

Abilities: He can't boost, but he can speed teleport. What happens is when his rings charge up, which they do in a period of time, since they aren't actual rings, but instead speed chargers. It allows him to run by at the speed of sound to a place he calculates in his rings. He also has natural speed which allows him to go as fast as a speeding car. He has the ability to change between his forms, normal and dark. 

-He can swim very fast, and can swim in general. He also enjoys water too, so it's not as bad as it looks.
-He can survive in the coldest envoirements, since he's half robot, because the cold doesn't really affect him for some reason.
-Pretty fast, gotta go fast.

-Not very physically strong, even though he does try to punch and kick often. 
-Can't survive in extreme heat, since he's half robot, he might melt to the ground, and that's painful for him.
-Electrcity, because it could blow up his rings and kill him. The chances of that, are rare.



History: He was just a normal hedgehog. He was named Deren the Hedgehog. He was given his golden watches as a gift, but made it into his Speed warpers. He soon found out he could switch between his forms at will. He uses it as a way to hang out with his friends his jail. If he had any. He also has history with Alfie Wolf, where he doesn't remember him.

Extra: He has a purple scarf. He received and has no idea who it is from.

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