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H.R.C records 5 - Self aware Empty H.R.C records 5 - Self aware

Post by Shrike Marine on Wed Mar 01, 2017 11:38 am

-A man wearing a white coat this time, is seen adjusting the camera sitting down, he was different from the previous man yet was non the less a scientist having the H.R.C emblem on his coat.- 

" This is the video data logging of the  lead Scientist John Halford of Project E.C.H.O and Synchronicity, the time is 8:pm Thursday. These past couple of weeks have yielded interesting findings and results, not only major strides in technology development but also in our ever growing understanding and development of these two projects.

Let me just start to say that the variant 6 soldiers have all passed with flying colors, each soldier has been fully equipped and unit integrated into his element. We have various elements now that are able to have various skills and gear to help them and others in almost any condition. All routine checks have passed out and I am happy to say with in the next few weeks the G.U.N military will have their very first battalion of ready to go Replicant soldiers to deploy as they see fit. 

Hard to believe this all started some 28 years ago, grueling, blood sweat and tears, sleepless nights a few hitches here and there but in the far long run of every thing we had to do we have come out on top and finished what we set out to do, now we plan to further expand and improve on our creations. 

The Variant 6 have been issued with unique weapons and equipment to allow them to combat for their small size in number, we have created various weapons, armor types, clothing and some highly advance yet still in prototype stage cloaking equipment for our Variant 6 Assassin class replicant soldiers. So far the cloaking field is able to render the user almost completely invisible however once moving the distortion of light generates a blur which is only really noticeable at close range. 

Phase technology is something we are pushing for, having the ability to allow a specialized replicant to phase through solid objects would greatly help in infiltration and breaching enemy fortifications. Several small powered armor mech suits have also been created to be used exclusively by Replicant units as a means of bringing in heavier firepower in small package then something too large like a Tank. The mechanized suits are flexible, well armed and armored and can easily be dropped from the heavy helicopter gunships they will utilize in the field. 

Yet despite our giant leaps in readying these soldiers for full time action we are still dealing with minor hitches and glitches with the new Replicant reprogramming system, as I reported last time we have been had reoccurring incidents of a Variant 6 model soldier awakening on his own accord who then wanders and explores the facility. finding no error in the programming data we had to isolate Replicant soldier Variant 6 model Echo 528 to a separate holding area for questioning and research.
I had Dr Samuel himself head up the questioning session with the soldier, as was as group of analysts to observe the process ongoing. This is the play back recording of the interview."

-The Camera changes to show a small room with a single light dangling from the top, a simple table and two chairs one who sat Dr Samuel Hendrick the other sat the full armored Replicant soldier Echo 528.- 

" Variant 6 model Replicant soldier Echo 528 I am Dr Samuel Hendrick you have been brought here because of a situation we have a concern over and would like to ask you a few questions...respond.

" I understand and you may ask your questions."

" Good Echo 528 we have been getting reports and evidence to support this that you are awakening from your dormant stage on your own accord during the night then proceed to enter and wander the facility on your own before returning to your holding area going back into dormant mode..can you explain to me exactly what is going on ?" 

" I...I will try to explain but it is difficult to really explain this, I have no understanding of why I do awaken, I do feel different upon awakening, I gain a sense of exploration and intrigue. I suppose you can put it simply to...I want to be awake..I want to see what is out there..I want to understand."

"Echo 528 I am-." 

" I do not like being called by a number please call me Echo."

".....Very well Echo when awake is your telepathic link activated or not ?" 

" No when I awake on my own my link is not connected." 

"Interesting it was also shown you tried to enter the genetics research sector, why is that ?" 

" I wanted to find out more information about who we are but it would not allow me."

" That Information is beyond your clearance level."

" Yes but what kind of clearance level would I need to get there ? " 

" I think that this is enough for now, please Escort Echo 528 back to the holding area I will make a report on this."

-The Camera switches back to the man in his white lab coat.- 

" Interesting stuff I might add, it seemed to be that this soldier is able to just wake up when he feels like it, with out the need for a link from commander to soldier, its extremely interesting but at the same time rather dangerous, as you might of seen Echo 528 told Samuel he preferred to be called just Echo and not his number, also he wanted to find out what kind of clearance he would need to enter the genetic sector, these are all pointing in to a conclusion we made that Echo 528 may have become self aware able to act almost independent and developing a personality of his own, for now he is being monitored, so far no other soldiers have exhibited this sign but that does not mean we can't be sure. 

I will have more to document soon after various more tests and interviews have been carried out on Echo 528 to determine the cause.
this is Project lead Dr John Halfford signing off.
-Camera goes to static.-
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