H.R.C records 4 - awakening

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H.R.C records 4 - awakening  Empty H.R.C records 4 - awakening

Post by Shrike Marine on Fri Feb 17, 2017 8:44 am

-A man wearing a white coat this time, is seen adjusting the camera sitting down, he was different from the previous man yet was non the less a scientist having the H.R.C emblem on his coat.- 

" This is the video data logging of the new lead Scientist John Halford of Project E.C.H.O and Synchronicity, the time is 11:pm Friday. Well let me just say that I feel quite honored to be now the head of such as huge and important project in the Corporations ambitious path. I'v been working here now and over seeing the continuation of these two projects for roughly 1 year now.  There was not much to log about until recently I was getting rather busy with being the lead on over seeing and maintaining the projects. 

I was diverted from Project ArkGate near the outskirts of Station Square to resume leadership and development on the project after the terrible incident that took place roughly a year and a half ago. I am currently working in conjunction with a long standing employee and second in charge Dr Samuel Hendrick, he use to be the chief field tester but was placed as second in charge to aid me in over seeing the projects.

His work has been invaluable as he has created a brand new system upon which is not only more effective but far safer then previous attempts. He really has his heart and mind in the project wanting it to make it a success, says he was fueled to make changes so that the terrible event may never occur again. 

Project E.C.H.O has been moved to the Badlands, moving it fairly away from where it was before hand. While Dr henrik is over at the Synchronicity facility I am here over seeing of the new Replicant reprogramming and development system. Henrik came up with the idea that, previous Replicant soldiers had no ability to act on their own or think for them self, they purely relied on orders from a commander to function. 
However that huge strain of power is what caused such instability in the previous commanders.

 Having to control up to 1500 of them took a severe toll and in order to have the power to do so they had to amplified enough which caused them to severely deteriorate mentally.  His idea is simple, off load the telepathic power by allowing the soldiers limited free will, this allows them to take a order and carry it out they best see fit. This elevated a lot of strain on the new current commander. Since this feature was implemented we have seen no signs of any kind of problems of instability of the current commander. 

In fact its working perfectly. Not only is he able to command with no strain on him but the soldiers have the ability to learn and adapt far more rapidly then before, tests show that when a order was issued the soldiers could think and change tactics as they saw fit which only makes them far more effective. 

Currently we have a full fresh battalion size of these soldiers, 1500 in total. Almost daily simulations of various enemy threats on the planet take place to test not only the commanders abilities but the soldiers as well, every thing from the Empires mechanical forces, Dark legion infantry and even G.U.N forces are put against the Replicants which time and time again proved they are shaping up to the exact soldiers we were hoping to create. 

However there is a little..how should I say " strange discovery." currently going on, to elaborate, 2 weeks ago I came across some recorded camera footage of our security systems which I found extremely interesting and highly unusual. 

It was during the night where the facility was locked up and work was finished for the day. The cameras monitor the facility in case of any break in's or any other potential trouble. What we captured was most intriguing. At exactly 12:am the camera observing the Replicant holding area captured one of the Replicant soldiers awakening. Lifting his head he seemed to look all around him before moving around to the front of the force. He seemed to be inspecting them as if he was not sure what was going on. 

He then moved away from them and entered down the hall way, along it stopping ever so often to look at something or to pick up a item and inspect it, he no doubt was very curious of every thing around him. He stopped finally at a large window which looked out of the facility it self onto the lands beyond. He stood there looking for some time, after which he made his way back to where the rest were, returning to his spot and going into his dormant stage. 

We have yet to explain this strange and sudden awakening of a soldier with out a link to the commander, footage taken days later showed him again and again awakening and walking through out the facility, exploring more and more. I think soon we will need to do a proper investigation into the reason behind this issue. Perhaps its just a slight malfunction.

After our investigation into the matter is concluded I will update here again with more news. this is Project lead Dr John Halfford signing off.

-Camera goes to static.-
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