The Derp Crusade (Ask to Join!)

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The Derp Crusade (Ask to Join!)

Post by Jaredthefox92 on Thu Feb 16, 2017 9:51 pm


When a Warp Storm throws off an Imperial ship carrying members of the 707th Siagian Regiment of the Imperial Guard, they imperials find themselves lost from their own galaxy and nearing the planet of Mobius Prime! As their ship crash lands on the world suddenly the men of the 707th find themselves surrounded on a world of heresy! To make matters worse their vessel wasn't the only one that crashed.


  1. This roleplay is just for fun, it's not canon and no it's not meant to ruin both franchises, (even though Sega already owns the Dawn of War franchise.)
  2. This roleplay is ask to join.
  3. There is no 'right or wrong' in this story, your character is neutral, aligned to the forces of order, or the forces of disorder.
  4. To play as another race, please contact Jared.
  5. Warp connections and chaos, (forces of chaos) powers will be allowed.
  6. No Orcs, Tyranids, necrons, or daemons. You can have ONE Dark Eldar or Eldar character, TAU forces are limited as imperial and Chaos forces are.
  7. Astartes are stronger than humans, but certain Mobians maybe stronger one-on-one.
  8. No exterminatus or even fleets, this is a planetary roleplay.
  9. IF you want to make a Chaos, (forces of chaos) aligned character, they must be with the Dusk Owl Warband.
  10. IF you want to make an Imperial character they MUST be with the lost 707th regiment, (astartes could have been assigned to that regiment if you HAVE to make an loyalist Marine.)
  11. Inter-species battle brothers alliances are allowed. (Example: The 707th could peacefully convert some local humans, Tau could teach the Greater Good to Mobians, Chaos forces could make some sort of deal or trick to use the locals, ect)
  12. Chaos (Mobian) powers are allowed to balance things out.
  13. Jared made this as a fan of both Warhammer 40,000, and the Sonic fandom. This is not fanon material or some sort of crossover any more than something he just wanted to make simply because of fun. Any problems with the roleplay please contact him outside of it, this isn't made to promote one fandom over the other.
  14. Astartes are generally tougher than humans and GUN forces, but they have smaller squads. This may vary with Mobians however. 
    Adeptus Astartes

  15. Tau are slightly weaker than humans physically, but their weaponry can easily pierce GUN armor, (and power armor).
  16. Dark Eldar are generally stronger than normal humans, but with Mobians they may suck in terms of one on one, (oh and you need a very damned good reason for having Dark Eldar just show up.)
  17. Conversions to Chaos, the Greater Good, or the Imperial cult will be allowed, (but you cannot force a character to, it's the owner of the character's own choice.)

Forces of Order:

Forces of Disorder: 

Let the galaxy burn!

Act One: Descending from the Heavens.

The skies above were lit ablaze as the gigantic metallic object fell from the very heavens down towards the surface of Mobius. This massive and bizarrely ship like object boomed through the sky as it was lit ablaze and made it's descent, as well as inevitable crash. An apocalyptic seen was viewed as the falling vessel crashes landed in the east with a mighty strike against the earth.

As a a boom that shook the earth and very air was heard and the earth shook the vessel seemed to had made a crash landing on it's belly and while much of it's internal systems were destroyed, the gothic like ship was not completely destroyed. Inside the vessel however it was unknown if the anyone survived inside. While much of the hull appeared to be in ruins the internal damage remained to be seen.

"Status reportus, knave."

"My master, it appears that our internal engines have been severaly damaged, our life support systems are not responding and much of the crew from the lower deck are not being read by the Machine's Spirit."

"What a waste, it appears the Shaper of Fate has played a joke on us, however this may be all in his wonderous plan."

Dare to fight my most evil Sonic villain team to date?:

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