H.R.C records 3 - Uprising.

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H.R.C records 3 - Uprising.  Empty H.R.C records 3 - Uprising.

Post by Shrike Marine on Mon Feb 13, 2017 8:36 am

-A camera switches on, before it the same man in his black lab coat, his face showing signs of fear and terror, his hands shaking as he quietly sits down trying to calm his nerves before speaking.- 

"This is the a....a data recording log of Project E.C.H.O chief field tester Dr Samuel Hendrick, the time is erm 9....9:pm. I am sorry if I look stressed and distraught that is because I am, what I am about to explain is all true. 

The situation is breaking down, what was once considered a noble and ambition goal is now becoming a complete disaster a time bomb waiting to go off. I can not stress the amount of danger we are getting our self into. It is becoming apparent that Dr Lysander was right all along.

We are digging to deep and I believe very soon we going to dig straight down to hell. Its been 2 weeks since the crisis called the Replicant uprising took place. It all started shortly after my concerns were raised about the second commander under going severe exposure and telestatic amplification. She started to have strange nightmares involving some pretty violent and horrific events.

While some showed concern the top brass merely thought these were just "bad dreams" How wrong they would be, didn't stop them from continuing the amplification process. In time these dreams became more in depth and regular. Infact it began to reach such a bad state that in her sleep during the nightmare her powers would be so powerful that items, tables even the very bed she slept on began to move and shift. That kind of power is dangerous more so if the being is unstable. 

Despite the warning that was clearly being shown we pressed on, more and more tests to root out any possible issues or glitches that could threaten the project, we were completely unaware of what was coming. 
It happened during a late afternoon, she had been moved to a small isolated room, after having a severe headache shortly after a small practice run with the Replicant soldiers she was left there to recover. what happened next threw every thing out the window. 

We were never quite sure what caused it but I presume it simply just became to much to handle and cope. Her mind pushed beyond limits, shattered by the constant experimentation and ill treatment, the horrific nightmares and so on finally caused her to snap. I was checking out for the night when I heard a loud Scream coming from her room. 
Before I could reach her room I started to hear gun fire, I scrambled to my office, there I had various surveillance camera's which mostly monitored the testing floor as well as the Replicant holding area. That is when I noticed something that sent the coldest feeling down my spine. The replicant soldiers were not there, quickly switching to the next camera confirmed my fear. 

The Replicant soldiers had been activated and were mercilessly gunning down the security staff and any one else who got in their way. At first I couldn't understand what was happening, but I soon realized that it was her. That scream I heard was her snapping, that scream was the call the linking of her to the soldiers. 

I straight away used the nearest communication device to send a distress message. Stating that something had gone terribly wrong and that Primus had taken control of the Prototype soldiers which were now spreading through out the facility destroying the place and neutralizing any one they ran into. 

The call was answered rapidly, H.R.C's private security force was deployed to combat and contain the situation, however even tho they were well trained and well armed they were little to no match for the far superior soldiers we had created. An intense fire fight took hold of the night as reports began to come in that Replicant forces were on the move, after attaining various armored vehicles and helicopters they were on the move and or engaged in fire fights with H.R.C private security...it was a complete blood bath. 

I on the other hand was stunned and shocked, I walked through the hall ways of the facility first hand witness to the sheer destructive capability that was had created.  Brass, shattered glass, empty casings and the dead lay on the floor. I couldn't believe what had just happened, then again I knew this was coming and so did Lysander, we refused to listen and we had truly dug right down to hell, perhaps this was punishment for what we had done...retaliation. 

There were no more excuses to hide behind, all of this was because of what we had done and I had been apart of it. I wanted to make Mobius a safer world, instead it seemed all we brought was more destruction and death. 

The rebellion would not go on for much longer, soon enough they had cornered primus at a highly classified facility known as the Vault. I do not know what this place is but it was extremely classified, some one speculated it was there where the most dangerous, darkest and most kept experiments , files, failures and other terrible entities were kept. It was noted that H.R.C were able to fully surround the compound.  While conventional forces battled the Replicant soldiers.

 A covert special forces team manage to infiltrate the compound to "dispose" of her. Strangely she had entered alone, after coming into contact with her it became clear that her power was far to great to contend with, she tore apart most of the soldiers as if they were a piece of paper with her mind alone.
Fearing the worst H.R.C ordered a immediate facility lock down in an attempt to trap her and end this crisis. The remaining soldiers manage to activate the lock down sequence, activating the facilities enormous security blast doors. With the doors finally sealed shut and tight, the connection between her and the soldiers was lost. The facility some how yet tho unexplained managed to sever the link. 

All of a sudden Replicant soldiers ceased all hostilities and went dormant. The heavy gunfire subsided and the once calm night returned. H.R.C private security moves in to secure the dormant soldiers for transport to a new facility. Unwilling to risk reactivation by her the choice was made to leave the facility in permanent lock down leaving her trapped....leaving her to die alone inside that horrific place to become a grim reminder of the true nature of this path we were following. 

The soldiers were transported away to a new facility that existed with in the Badlands, this was not the end despite the crisis H.R.C was not willing to just stop despite even all this. How this did not even remotely attract attention was beyond me. For myself I felt the guilt and regret build up inside of me, the words of Dr lysander were right...we make our own monsters...and they come back to haunt us."
-Camera goes to static.-
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