Do You Trust Me?

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Do You Trust Me?

Post by Hikari on Sat Feb 11, 2017 10:10 am

Location Station Square – Business District
Time: {19:58} May 2nd (20XX)
Case File:  Invasion of Station Square:
RP Status: Open
Metal pelted metal along with the rain that ran down layers of steel…
It had been an hour now and still, no one could process what had been happening. Downtown Station Square had become the sight of soldiers strapped into militia suits and bulletproof vests taking kneel behind a nearby vehicle that was now the makeshift barricade. Their scopes setting on the sight of the giant metallic piece of humanoid machinery that had opened its cockpit revealing shards of glass like jagged teeth. Suddenly it done something that a machine should not have been capable of…
It roared! The animated machinery of wires and scrap metal roared?! Logic had been lost!
Or…perhaps it had become lost a long time ago? The strange wave of light had emerged in downtown Station Square after all. It was only mere minutes where the soldiers branded with their signature “G” had come swarming on the area around a humanoid form. The form of a man, but the wavelength of an electrical current. They brought in their artillery, their soldiers, and their mobile robotic units only to suddenly, in a flash of lightening and a quick minute turn into the battleground many seen now.
The helicopter blades beat against the air as even the video camera projected the unbelievable sight.
“The thing is insane!” cries went over the intercoms and radio waves, “It came to life, and now it’s trying to kill us! What is with it?!”
The hunk of machinery answered with a whirling roar of a machine gun turret that was its right appendage. Once more, pieces of metal riddled the roads along with the downpour of rain that ran into the open cravats of the paved road that was now becoming upheaved rubble. The explosions left weak flames and scorcher that stretched from one end of the road, and soon the next if the G.U.N. soldiers could not be able to hold their ground. They had desperately gritted their teeth and tightly woven their finger around the trigger with a firm grasp. The air smelled of gun powder and sounded off with blasts that rivaled the thunder as they tried to fathom how the piece of military equipment was rebelling against them.
“We won’t be able to hold it back!” Their eyes were hidden behind their visors that barely hid their worry, “It’s going to reach the Residential District!”
It went without saying what was in that district…
The G.U.N. Soldiers would fail the very mission they were given if such a monstrosity had stepped into that square. Lives would be in danger and their efforts be in vein. Continuously, they had this very thought linger in their minds not for just one mission, but many. This one in particular just was one of their most bizarre as the troops had continued to search every bit of the monstrosity: every twisted pipe and steel rebar that formed what look like an artery that was flowing with oil as fluid. The face of the glass cockpit opening like a maw to take the appearance of a demonic feature. Even the cockpits illuminating lights had become bright to seem like the glowing irises of a beast. Its right hand spun the many shafts of the automatic weapon repeatedly while the left had coils and fender beams wrap around to take the form of fingers on a hand that reached for pieces of rubble that was flung into the nearby side of the buildings to make its narrow passage wider and to destroy the barricades of cars in its way.
“It is because of me,” a voice whispering lower than the rain spoke in guilt, “…I am the reason it is here.”
He thought this quietly to himself of course as he watched.
His feet felt weighted to the terrain from behind the creature: the safest place as it seemed not to care for the destruction it wrought. The big eyes of the snow white echidna had watched from afar as the creature continued to stamp its way down the district. His eyes were filled with regret…and not to mention a lack of life. Was it the best chance to come here? Destiny had a funny way of working: especially if it meant sending a stamping mutated beast of metal and oil down the road of a peaceful civilization.
Out of all the effort he made in trying to prevent tyranny, he instead bought a malicious alien that hijacked a weapon of war.
The echidna’s right hand stroked the side of the building while he stepped onto the broken sidewalk, barely missing the shattered drain. The bullet fire shot past him or struck the nearby building, sending the wet debris crumbling to the ground so easily…so delicately. Slowly, the echidna lifted the Nocturnus Blade that was in his right hand; the rounded weapon glowing as he stared at the machine quickly approaching the pinned down soldiers behind their barricade. Another powerful roar escaped its manipulated maw.
…perhaps it was not his place to act? After all, destiny was a funny thing.
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