Replicant forces Project E.C.H.O

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Replicant forces Project E.C.H.O

Post by Shrike Marine on Sat Jan 21, 2017 12:29 am

he Replicant intervention force or shorten to R.I.F is a project based paramilitary outfit created by contract with the H.R.C Corporation under the project named E.C.H.O. ( Enhanced combat hybrid operatives.)  to develop  soldiers that could be far superior to that of any thing currently in the ranks of G.U.N forces. 

The task was handed to H.R.C to develop a new type of soldier, while the primary concept to produce these soldiers was first cloning its viable in terms of cost was changed in to rather genetically enhancing already existing living beings. 

Under the name Project E.C.H.O. H.R.C set to the task of creating these soldiers, what there long run purpose was fairly simple, to combat threats that normal soldiers could not. During the initial phase test subjects who under went the process had positive results, notable increases in strength, speed, reflexes and intelligence. 

However it became apparent that in order to mass produce these soldiers simple volunteers would not be enough to meet the demand, this is where H.R.C took to a dark and covert practice and abducting living beings, and by force, changing them into prototype soldiers.

While the method was extremely inhumane it was effective, they were able to secure exactly 1500 prototype soldiers, all who of which had their memory erased, genetically enhanced and programmed with all the vast combat knowledge required. 
By this time variant 5 were ready to go, and during tests fighting side by side conventional troops they proved to excel at their role. So much so that they continue to push what is viably possible with added gene strains from captured Mobian beings to further enhanced their abilities. 

To compliment their super being nature these soldiers also had custom gear built for them to use while on the field, there equipment was a mix of modern and advance gear, including some new weapons and units to deploy, this only further increased the efficient of the soldiers.

In Terms of combat viability the soldiers passed with flying colors, however getting them to follow orders and not attempt to go rogue was a entirely new problem. Firstly they attempted to eliminate free will all together from the soldiers to avoid such a issue. However in doing so they limited their ability to effectively operate, they needed constant orders and or  direction to be effective and against well co-ordinate enemies who could think for them self this prove to be a disaster.

This is where Project synchronicity was established. The reason behind this was to attempt a radical new idea, to link the soldiers telepathically to a commander who could with mere thought could issue orders rapidly to the soldiers who would then carry them out. 

The ordeal of such an event caused severe and inhumane practices, many died during the attempt to produce some one who could control the soldiers. A painful en devour that left a cold and dark memory. Eventually they were able to create commander to lead the troops, however once linked to the soldiers he became unstable the raw power of all the minds connected caused him to snap and violently revolt which in term caused the soldiers to revolt as well.

Quickly eliminating him caused the soldiers to go dormant with out the link they could not be active. The problem persisted until it was clear they needed a new being to be this superior commander. They went from small town to small town abducting children to inspect there potential psy levels. Eventually they came across a Mobian wolf who they referred to as subject primus. 

Primus psychic levels were already high on  their own but still not quite what they were looking for thus she was subjected to multiple tests, gene enhancing drugs, telepathic boosting measure and more horrific experimentation. In the end they had created what they believed to be the perfect commander. 

What they did not realize was that the viability of turning some one into a commander takes a bit of a toll, with all the power she had she could control the soldiers with ease, but as her mind began to break controlling her became a issue. 

As with the first commander she snapped, quickly rising up the troops and attempting to break free from this nightmare she was trapped in, for 24 hours H.R.C private security and those soldiers they had created waged a battle, a devastating one that caused huge losses for H.R.C. With no alternative they sealed off the complex which she resided in thus cutting the link between her and soldiers, what happened to her afterwards was never know, they shut the facility and threw away the keys, leaving her to die off.

H.R.C settled on one last final attempt, to create a commander that did not fully have to control the soldiers, giving the soldiers limited free will and the ability to operate for some time with out his or her aid would dampen the stress on the commander. Despite conflicting ideas the process worked, the man who was turned into a commander was known as Vanik Kotare who proved to the pinnacle of success and given the limited free will to the soldiers it allowed them to operate independently as well as learn and adapt to situations on their own. 

This did have the slight side effect of some of the soldiers becoming self aware, though this was not considered a bad thing but was monitored by H.R.C. With a full battalion ready to go and a able commander they began there first true tests. Various simulations were established with different types of enemies currently on the planet. 
Time and time again the soldiers proved to be extremely effective quickly adapting to over coming every enemy they set against them. It was considered a major success, however the price for this was swept aside and covered up, this later would come back to haunt them.

Despite the success the replicant soldiers were not mass produced rather keeping each variation to a battalion size for ease of control and creation, sadly tho the soldiers would never actually fully be used, as shortly after their creation H.R.C had gone down hill, exposed for crimes they committed and shut down all together. The replicant however were left dormant, with only the commander taken away. 
It was unclear how many of these soldiers there are but only two confirmed battalions actually exist or known. 


Training and formation.

Replicant soldiers are not so much trained but rather programmed with all the combat fighting they will need, this saved time and effort rather then having to train all soldiers.

Replicant units are divided into different areas, with standard soldiers, Urban soldiers, tactical soldiers, Assassins, heavy soldiers, elite forces and so on. Each element uses varied gear such as Urban soldiers using different camo's or head gear compared to other units because of the environment they operate in. It is also believed they had a number of combat helicopters in their arsenal. 

fighting style. 

Replicant units are fully deployed if needed, all elements will be sent in during combat usage, unlike the commander who can give others telepathically the soldiers still require radios to communicate to each other. Depending on the objective replicant forces will not engage enemy forces larger then them self due to the small number of them, they will rather engage in covert strikes, or hit and fade combat tactics, only confronting enemies head on when they know they have the tactical advantage.  They may call upon heavy units, powered armor and even gunships to assist if need be. 


Their gear was manufactured by H.R.C while the gear only differs slightly from element to element such as head gear, camo and possibly weapons, generally they look like advance versions of G.U.N soldiers only that they have concealed faces behind a helmet or some other type of head gear. They hold advance and dangerous weapons some conventional others not so much, they also have various amounts of small mech units and helicopter gunships to use when needed. All replicant units use a voice changer to hide there true identities as well as to confuse enemy units to who is actually talking, their voices sound like like echoing radio tones.

Strengths and weakness.

Replicant units strengths lays in their superior genetic make up, they are easily able to outflank and outgun G.U.N forces and even those belonging to other factions, their ability to adapt to the enemy and the situation with fast speed makes them dangerous, the ability to instantly receive orders from a commander  means they can suddenly shift tactics on the fly with out the enemy even hearing a word, however orders from soldier to soldier must still be communicated out loud. Their advance gear and weapons also gives them a large edge in firepower. 

They Replicant have few weaknesses, the first is their size, with only two confirmed Battalions they do not have the vast numbers others would and causalities can not be replaced, thus replicant soldiers will do what ever it takes to save a injured soldier as the loss of even one is a blow they can't recover from.

 The second weakness is also one of their strengths, the telepathic link between the commander and soldiers can be cut, if the commander is killed there is a very good chance the soldiers will deactivate and go dormant stopping them all together, also if there is a being with higher telepathic power out put then the commander that being can effectively take control of the soldiers away from the commander, and use them against there own allies. 

Mission and agenda

While originally built as genetic super soldiers for G.U.N with the fall of H.R.C and the sudden and unexplained activation of them, its currently unknown what the replicant forces are up to or what they are after, only a few sightings of them have ever been accounted for but they seemed to be hostile towards those who stand in there way including any remaining H.R.C, they are currently led by the replicant commander Vanik Kotare. 

Notable events.

Attack on the wolf pack nation. This happened during the days of H.R.C as a covert attempt to secure more subjects for testing, two full elements attacked the nation, despite opposition they were not match for the replicant soldiers, once gaining what they wanted they withdrew. 

Siege near Metropolis Zone. Replicant forces launched a surprise attack at the small industrial complex just outside the main city, taking control of the factory docks and thwarting military attempts to take them out, however like the previous attack, once they had what they wanted they simply withdrew. 

The impaired.
 The impaired are those replicants who have been noted to act different or exhibit behavior changes from others. These are few and far between but do exist, it is believed they may of become self aware and are able to act on their own accord far more then others do. Such known cases are Echo 813, Zulu 9, Bravo 19 and foxtrot 528. They have been known to thoroughly question orders from the commander and high command. 

Location and size.

 It is unclear where they currently reside although some believe they are still using the Harbinger facility as a place of operations that was located far south of Station square but this has never been confirmed. They have manage to remain undetected so far. They currently have 2 battalions worth of soldiers estimated at about 3000 in total. 

 A type of a Echo replicant soldier.
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