Chapter 0: Star crossed Fame

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Chapter 0: Star crossed Fame

Post by Xander_The_Hedgehog on Tue Dec 06, 2016 7:36 pm

*As the lights dimmed for the end of the show, Xander exited the stage where he took a long deserved rest. Things were pretty good for him now. He had everything he dreamed of... Except one thing... friends; more importantly, true friends. As Xander stared into the city horizon, he couldn't help but feel lonely and empty on the inside. He switched on the news channel, only to find the news was quite... surprising for station square. Apart from the report about Chaos and the report where everyone thought it were to be doomsday when the ARK fell into the atmosphere, he hadn't really been interested to switch to the news channel on the regular occasion. Luckily, he caught some of the more interesting news.*

News reporter: We now go live to the scene of when the crime took place last night. According to eye witnesses at the scene, the perpertrator happened to be none other than the mad Dr we all know and despise. Strangely, the only thing that was infact stolen, were the ancient documents from inside the museum of natural history.  These documents that were stolen seem to be in fact useless and cannot be decrypted by the leading minds of the world.

*Xander shook his head in doubt.*

Xander: Knowing that old fool, he probably has some plan and has already found out what the documents say...

*As Xander went to say another thing, the ground shook and a shockwave passed over through the buildings and city pathways. Making a thunderous sound as they roared past the high top skyscapers.*

Xander: What in the name of Chaos was that?!

*Just as Xander managed to recover from the last shockwave, a second with even more power stripped past, leaving everyone inside the city confused again. Before anyone could stop the confusion, a bright rainbow light emitted from the horizon. It shot up into the sky and dispersed in seven colours; Orange, Red, Blue, Sky Blue, Magenta, Yellow, Green.*

Xander: The chaos emeralds! Wait a minute... why is one of them Orange...?

*Before Xander had time to think, the Orange beam flew into the city and crashed itself in the city hall. Leaving a dissapearing orange trail.*

*As Xander went to open his door to rush out and find the orange object, someone stood waiting in the darkness of the hallway.*
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Re: Chapter 0: Star crossed Fame

Post by Electrisa on Tue Dec 06, 2016 9:49 pm

Hello Xander! I'm Elec the admin, and I just happened to stumble upon your RP, as well as your bio!
I advise a rule re-reading.

Related to your bio:
2. Don't make your character OP. This means: Stick to one form (unless you have a DAMM good excuse to have multiple), don't have them too many powers and balance their powers and strengths out by weaknesses

And to your RP:
5. You also can't have or magically find a Chaos emerald, they are scarce in number and are awarded out by admins and tend to need to be fought for or found in an RP leaded by an admin. This also means NO CHAOS POWERS UNLESS YOU HAVE A CHAOS EMERALD. The ONLY palce where you are allowed to just have chaos emeralds is in the "Non Canon" section

....And, just in case that mysterious "Dr" IS THE Dr. Eggman, which I hope it is not:
4. No RPing as a canon character out side of the "Non Canon" roleplay area UNLESS you have claimed a character in the official character apllications and got accepted. You can find THAT topic here:

Please, do read into the rules, especially the ones I listed here. And once you do, either edit your bio and RP or contact me, for example, via a PM if you want them moved or deleted, ok?
A lil protip: you can safely RP all the canon characters and Chaos Emeralds you want in Non-Canon section. You just have to keep in mind that whatever happens there, doesn't actually happen in the site canon. Sort off like Sonic '06.
Hope you understand, and I'm here if you need help with anything! 

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