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Post by Mr. Spivey on Tue Dec 06, 2016 2:53 am

Name: Isaac Hawkins
Nicknames: Zed, The Green Star
Age: 24
Species: wolf
Gender: Male
Occupation: Adventurer

Appearance: Standing 3 foot 8 inches, Zed’s body is covered in forest green fur. The exception to this are his white furred muzzle, stomach, and tail tip. His tail is long and bushy. His hair is the same color as his fur, and is a messy mop of hair.
A fan of simplicity, Zed primarily wears a white dress shirt with rolled up sleeves, and a pair of black slacks. He wears simple, white sneakers with green stripes on the side. Zed has to wear a small pair of glasses as he is farsighted.

As the Green Star:

-    Green helmet with black star shaped visor covering the whole face
-    Knee long silver boots with silver knee pads
-    Wrist long gloves with extended claws
-    Black stars shaped belt buckle with wolf logo emblazoned
-    White vest with a silver star badge on his right breast
-    Silver blaster with white star shaped gems on the side that light up when shooting


Zed Hawkins C_haze_the_chameleon__by_keyarahedgehog09-dcbmeco

Zed Hawkins For_haze_the_chameleon_by_astrowynter-dchz7l9

Personality traits

- Superheroes
- Adventures
- Raisins
- Music that pumps him up
- his grandmother
- Working out
- Comic books and super hero movies
- When a plan comes together

- Villains
- How the real world isn’t as black and white as it is in fiction
- Old music
- Seeing injustice and being unable to help
- Having to face the repercussions of his actions


Raised by his grandmother to be a good man, Zed is a well-spoken and respectable youth, often refusing to refer to people by their shortened names and always using honorifics when speaking to an elder. In his small town, he was famous for his helpful nature and polite attitude, with grandmothers from all over the place bringing their granddaughters to try to wed him. But Zed, unlike his good friend, Dave, is not the romantic type, and is perfectly happy living his bachelor life full of platonic friends.

When he was struck by the Jewel, Zed leapt at the opportunity to create a superhero persona for himself. These include a name, a call, and a fighting style. As a child who read dozens of comic books, and watched loads of cartoons, Zed grew with a romanticized version of justice. While he knew the world wasn’t as black and white as it were in these media, he still felt the need to uphold those very morals. Doing the right thing, upholding justice, helping the helpless. These morals often land him in situations where he’s in over his head, but his quick wittedness and power often prevail in these scenarios.

Combat traits

Powers: Zed was hit with a magic jewel from space that gave him the power to transform into the Green Star. As the Green Star, Zed has boosted strength, speed, and defenses. He is armed with a blaster that can be set shoots offensive concussive beams, or a beam that temporarily renders the target completely invulnerable. Finally, his vest is removable, and can grant his defense boost to anyone who wears it.

To summon his powers, Zed strikes a pose wherein he holds his arms out to the side with his legs spread out, making a five point star with his body. Then, he thrusts his right arm to the sky and shouts 'STAR POWER!', at which point, a bright green star appears in his hands.

Zed is able to thrust this star into others to bestow upon them the green star powers.

Zed has set for himself a set of rules that he lives by. These rules include:

- No transforming against ordinary people
- No transforming unless the he's in danger
- No transforming for personal gain
- Keep your identity a secret too as many people as you can
- No killing under any circumstances
- Help anyone in need.

Zed has also created a martial arts style he calls 'Wolf Paw Karate'. This fighting style involves using the palms of his hands to strike, block, and parry.

- Excellent speed and strength before transforming
- Brave
- Compassionate
- Great stamina and reflexes
- Very fit  
- Good shot

- Not trained in any formal martial arts
- Doesn’t resort to violence unless necessary
- Doesn’t use claws on living beings
- Forces himself to stick to set of rules he’s made for himself
- A bit too reliant on his Green Star form
- Too willing to help people, and thus easy to fool

- Poor eyesight

Social information

Positive relations
- Dave, the chameleon
- Holly the Monkey

Negative relations
- Rob Scarlado


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Post by Mr. Spivey on Thu May 17, 2018 12:10 am

Now with a reference of his civilian wear. By the talented keyarahedgehog09.
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