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Post by The Red Blur on Tue Nov 29, 2016 11:38 pm

An endless abyss.

That's what it seemed like, at least. The sheer and utter despair that I felt when it happened. As I sat, watching the home that I had grown to love be reduced to ash. The sound of sirens ringing within my ears. The smell of smoke filling up my nostrils, taking my very breath away. Everything around me was in a blur, as people frantically tried to quell the blaze that was reaping havoc in front of them. I, somehow, had survived. The flames surrounded me, yet they did not burn me. I, however, could feel their warmth, but this warmth was more like an embrace from a loved one, rather than the hellish burning sensation that you would expect to feel. An embrace from a loved one... Something I soon had to learn to go without.

Soon enough, the blaze was tackled, and the firemen begun to move out, letting the police do their job. I ran up to one of them, presumably some kind of wolf, due to their facial features "s-sir? Did you- Did you find anyone else?"
The fireman knelt in front of me, taking off his helmet "I'm afraid... I'm afraid whoever else was in there... We were too late to save them. I'm sorry." He stood up, nodding to me, before placing his helmet back on and walking towards his truck.

At that point, I saw red, and nothing else. My vision was blurred with this crimson tint as rage coursed through my veins. Rage, not at the people who did everything they could to save them, but at me, who failed to protect them. My mother, my father. Both of them were gone. They were erased from existence due to my failings. At least, that's what I thought. Heat spread across my body as flames began to rise from me, erupting into the sky as I screamed in distress. Whatever happened next was unknown to me, as the next thing I remember, I was soaking wet, cowering on the ground as pain washed over my entire body.
"Right. Case closed. Pyro-kid got out of control." One police officer muttered towards a fox. She held up a finger towards him, staring at the ground "wait. Something's not right," she replied, crouching down and brushing the dirt with her hand "footprints... But who made them?" She murmured to herself. The fox had long forgotten about all others around her, as she followed these footprints, soon coming across a scrap of paper on the ground. She picked it up, unscrewing it and trying to make out what the tiny, faded print read. "it's a receipt for... 50 litres of gasoline?" She said aloud. The woman turned back towards the other police officers "I think this may be a case of arson, and manslaughter, or, in the worst possible case, murder."

Meanwhile, I was still crouched down on the ground, with my hands on my head, whimpering to myself quietly. What had happened to me? Had I truly set the place ablaze myself? The sheer guilt overcame me when that thought entered my mind. The wimpering was replaced with tears, causing the already damp ground beneath me to grow progressively wetter.

The fox raised her eyebrows, looking over at me. She walked over, crouching down and laying a hand on my back. "I'm afraid we're gonna have to take you back to the station and ask you a few questions," she said, trying to sound as reassuring as possible. Unfortunately, the idea of being questioned just caused more ideas to spring to my mind.
"I-I'm not a murderer... I-I'm not-" I replied, weakly. My voice was rather high-pitched, reflecting my age at the time.
The fox starting rubbing her hand along my back, trying to calm me down somewhat "we know, we know... We just... Want you to try and help us find out who could have done this..."

I looked up at her, tears still obstructing my vision, giving everything a watery film. I nodded, trying my best to crack a smile, but failing miserably. I stood up at the same time as the fox, walking alongside her towards a conspicuous-looking vehicle, with the use of neon yellows, most likely to make it stand out on the dull greys of the asphalt that made up the road. I turned back, looking at the shell left behind by this arsonist. I turned away, trying my best to prevent another wave of tears coming out of my eyes, but, like everything else, I failed. Miserably.

The lone ember (working title) FKEGbnV

To right the countless wrongs of our day, we shine this light of true redemption. That this place may become as paradise. What a wonderful world such would be.

Fantastic art of Caen done by the damn fine Electrisa!
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