The last battle part 2 : Final assault.

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The last battle part 2 : Final assault.  Empty The last battle part 2 : Final assault.

Post by Shrike Marine on Thu Nov 24, 2016 10:16 am

In the coming day Shrike knew what lay before him, his old enemy had returned and thus threatened every thing he had come to know and enjoy, along with the rest of the world.  Gathering his wits and gear Shrike started what seemed like the impossible, a search for where the origin came from, with nothing to go on it felt hopeless, he had no idea where to start or if he would ever even find where they were coming from. 

Thankfully it wouldn't be to long till his helmet's radio came into contact with a familiar voice, the voice of the man who was the true hero of stopping them the first time, non other then Dr Hayden Lysander. There was a very brief reunion speech before Lysander told him the dark truth. He was almost certain the result of the Dark ones returning to the world was the work of a stubborn ex H.R.C scientist by the name of Dr Von rook, he explained that Von rook was Notorious   for his determination to further push the fields of science despite the consequences of his actions. 

Lysander also informed Shrike of the possible location upon which this Dr was located, A facility dangerous close to the Wolf pack nations border, he explained it once was used to test potential subjects that had been abducted from that region. However Lysander didn't know the full reason for why the Dark ones returned all he could tell Shrike was that Von rook was probably the man behind it as he wanted to continue researching the creatures. 

With some sort of direction upon which to go and limited data provided by his trusted ally. Shrike had a mission to get to, he was not that far from the border zone, find the facility may prove hard, nor did he know the full extent of the Dark one's size nor what to expect upon getting to the facility. 

Shrike gathered what gear he had left, since the days after the his battle against them had ended he had more or less disarmed himself of all but the most needed weapons, gone where the heavy and experimental weapons he once used to defeat his arch enemy, now reduced to simple weapons. Not to mention no longer have the advance suit which helped him tipped the battle in his favor, Shrikes odds were against him more so then ever. 

Regardless of how he felt he knew come hell or high water this needed to be done, yet he was also driven by a great sense of interest to figure out how and why they were back. He wasted little time checking or processing what he was about to do and set off into the night, the world around him unaware of what may be lurking in the shadows. 

Along the way he could not help but look back upon what had happened, every bit of detail flashing before his eyes, as real as the day it happened, all the terrible things he witnessed, or the poor innocents he watched by captured and experimented on, all those who perished in the name of science, he still had a lot of regret in him that he didn't act sooner to change what was happening during that time. 

Never the less he at least did at some point it was better late then never. The land was quiet, and being this quiet was the reason he could focus so much on these thoughts and memories. Over analyzing the situation before him, over thinking the could's and could not's the would's and would not's and of course how to keep himself alive. After several hours of marching the armored figure finally reached the Wolf pack nation border, over looking the village and lands before him. 

Upon looking at the towns, he had a flash back of a being he once knew, one who he was close with who perished in the fire. All he heard was her voice screaming his name, before he snapped out of it looking behind him. Coming to the conclusion they were nothing more then vivid echo's of his past, but strong enough that made them seem real. Wasting now more time Shrike moved down the hill, making sure to stick to the outside to avoid drawing attention. The only real direction he had was some kind of co-ordinates he had his helmet point him in, moving through the night like a unseen shadow the lone figure kept on moving, mission in mind and fire in his spirit. The flash backs and visions began to grow stronger, he felt that the closer he got the more intense they were getting.

Finally entering a extremely dense and thick environment, Shrike's trail blazing would finally be at a end till his helmet beeped 3 times indicating he was pretty much at his destination. Yet to him there was nothing but trees and bushes, no indication of any sort of base or facility. Had Lysander some how given him incorrect co-ordinates or perhaps this may of been a mistake on Shrikes on behalf. Before being able to process any more about his current dilemma. The sounds of metal doors unlocking could be heard, frantically looking left to right he was trying to figure out where the hell the sound was coming from. 

What seemed to be coming out of thin air finally showed it self. Doors were opening from out of no where slowly moving apart, showing the interior of a complex. Then it hit him, the facility was no doubt cloaked no wonder no one ever knew of its location so close to a populated zone. Shrike took cover to a small clump of bushes to hide himself, only exposing his head to observe what was coming out of the holding complex.

What he lay his eyes on struck shivers down his spine, appearing from the large doors were a couple of scientists and directly along side of them were the creatures he had come to know as the Dark ones, why were they not tearing the scientists to shreds, these were suppose to be mindless creatures who only knew of killing and 

There appearances looked altered from what he remembered, some even bared resemblance to human's and mobians, and then there were others he remembered when he fought them a while back, Dark, terrifying, powerful, these monsters came in various shapes, forms and had all kinds of dangerous abilities. 

That is when he began to over hear a few of the scientists talk among one another. They revealed a lot, Shrike couldn't believe what he was hearing, it appeared that these H.R.C renegade force had reconstructed the Ark gate in order to let these creatures return to Mobius on purpose for the sole sake of capturing, altering and bringing them under their command. For but one purpose a purpose so radical that only a man such as Von rook dare even attempt. They were creating a army of these creatures to crush the same Authority that destroyed there mass corporate conglomerate.

 They even mentioned they were using live subjects to create new types of Dark ones from poor victims captured from near by area's.
Shrike continue to watch them until he heard direct orders from one of them that this batch of Dark ones was to attack and destroy the wolf pack nation as a means of " testing" how they followed orders and how controlled they could be. The large and menacing looking monsters wasted no time to moving out directly towards the border. This sick event was nothing more then a test of what was to come.

 A far greater attack that would over run any Authority military if left to grow larger in size.  
With the creatures on the move and the scientist retreating back inside there dark domain, the large doors began to close, this was probably the only chance was going to get Shrike got up and sprinted towards the large shutting doors, just barely able to get inside before being locked in, now, there was no going back not that he could any way. 

 Thankfully the poorly lit staging area inside the complex was dimly lit, giving him lots of room to move in the shadows unseen.  For how long he could remain undetected was un clear, but he was going to use this to his advantage as much as possible. This dark enclosed space only harbinger  more dark thoughts and memories, Shrike couldn't let himself be distracted right now, his primary goal was to destroy the device if it was a device that was responsible for allowing these things back into this world, second would be setting free any captive personal still in there normal state, and finally put a end Von rook.

 This was not going to be any easy task however, between him and what was inside the facility was no deed in doubt the very same monsters who once threatened all, now allied or more so under the control of the H.R.C, once the battle had began he had to go all the way, with his stealth approach coming to a end as he sees Dark ones protecting the only entrance path deeper into the facility, Shrike checks his weapons. The final battle was about to start. He was going to stop this or at least die trying.
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