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The Last battle part 1 Empty The Last battle part 1

Post by Shrike Marine on Tue Nov 22, 2016 8:49 pm

-It had nearly been a full year since the collapse of the corporation that had spread its dark projects and questionable ethics to the furthest reaches, all covered up and hidden from the eyes of the world. Only a few only knew the true extent of what exactly these twisted maniacs had really done, and still even less a fraction of those who either manage to escape or were part of the corporation still lived on.

Where and who they were remained a mystery, fearing possible repercussions of coming back to a forsaken past and wishing nothing more then to move on. However it was not all sunny days after the collapse of the corporation, due to the hastily demise of the infrastructure soon after important information leaking classified information about un ethical projects reached the high authorities who swiftly cut all support and backing to the once vast corporate conglomerate, resulted in a rapid attempt to destroy and remove all evidence of currently or well known projects.

Files, documents, logs, specimens, devices and all such other manners had been subjected to attempted termination by any means. The Authorities however did not offer that much time till severe force was induced upon those who tried to relocate of the darker projects to isolated locations to avoid the praying eyes of higher powers. 

The end result of this endeavor, was bases, outposts, open domes, underground facilities, holding cells and testing fields all left abandon by the corporation. Some where totally destroyed by either the works of the Corporation or those military forces of the Authorities who commenced immediate cleaning operations.

 Out in the vast wilderness, propped up against a fairly large tree and enjoying the tranquil night as it seemed to last forever was but one of unknown thousands who were in one way or another directly involved in this entire endeavor, nothing more then a simple security soldier he both saw what was going on and upheld the security and on going of it, however there was no doubt he did in deed question all of it.

For one day that shattered his world and left a wake of destruction, a chaos march that only ended 4 years later after it began, a battle against a darkness, a enemy he could not comprehend, a enemy that was unrelenting in rage and knew not of mercy.

 4 years later it was all over, with intent to leave it where it belong in the far past, this lonely figure spent his days as a free lancer hoping to catch up and move on, coming back to a world he was not used to but had strong memories of.

Yet he still wondered about what else was out there regarding them, who may of survived, did they really shut down, questions with no answers and only cause for more speculation. Yet he firmly believed the nightmare was over, it had been so long since any thing of the sort took place, but he was about to get a chilling reminder, that true evil never really dies. 

While enjoying the calm night alone looking towards the stars thinking of the good times that he had way back when, a sudden rush of wind swept over him, just one stroke and then nothing more, the first time didn't phase him but the fact that it got stronger with each passing and to top it all off the distant yet faint sound of a scream finally caused him to take notice. 

Looking left to right Shrike didn't see any thing out of place, nothing in sight and was not to worried about it, but it was enough to at least intrigue him.  Moments go by and all seemed to return to normal until a large wind wave struck him with a utmost clear shaky whisper of the words " They have returned, they are rising" Now this worried Shrike he knew of this voice but it was one he was not so sure if it was true or not, he began to think that maybe the whole isolated thing was getting to him, perhaps he was hearing things that were nothing more then his imagination sparking these voices. 

Yet he could not feel a dark and cold presence, something he felt during the covert battle against Dark Terra. Pulling his weapon close to him there were slight nervous tension inside of him, as if he was being watched, yet could of just been pure paranoia. Then with out warning or alarm something burst out of the near by tree line, standing 7 feet tall, thick muscle like structure, its skin blue with sapphire like eyes, it seem to phase as it moved towards him, with brief instances of it showing it self. 

Shrike started shooting in fear of his life, yet the bullets seem to have no effect or just go right through it, thus he decided to wait till he had a visual on this strange being before shooting, upon its brief display of it self, Shrike found out that while it was partially visible it was also vulnerable but only in this state. Despite the creature taking several hits it didn't seem to slow down or retreat, it came right up to him delivering a powerful punch into his helmet knocking Shrike to the floor, as soon as it got up he lost sight of it, then it phased in behind him delivering another blow to his back sending him to the floor once more. He had never encountered any thing like this before.

Thankfully luck was on his side this time as by the time he rolled over the creature materialized before him allowing Shrike to discharge half a clip into the creature as it succumbed to weapons fire. The creature crumbled onto the floor and died before him. 

Confused and stunned Shrike carefully made his way to the fallen monster, upon inspection its structure looked familiar, like he had seen something like this before but not how it fought or its color. Every thing would come to pass upon glancing at its forehead, the creature bared the mark of his old enemy. The Dark ones. 

Shrike backed away quickly from the fallen creature, completely distraught and almost panicking. He was over come with anxiety and fear that this creature was one of them, he began to have flash backs saying the words. " Oh no It's not over, the battle its not over yet!."  He was able to settle down eventually, but ultimately knew his enemy he thought was gone for good was back. Now that he knew this Shrike had no choice but to go forth, discover how they managed to return and stop them, for Shrike, it was going to be the last battle.
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