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Post by Midknight on Tue Nov 08, 2016 9:54 pm

Here's a little tag I stumbled upon while watching some YouTube videos, I'm aware there are a few fans of the franchise on here and with Sun and Moon just around the corner it seemed fitting! There are a few ways you can take this quiz - You could answer thinking about if you were a character in the Pokemon World, or answer considering Pokemon that mean a lot to you!

Here are the questions:
1. What trainer class would you be?
2. How many Pokemon would you have?
3. Why did you choose the number of Pokemon you chose?
4. What Pokemon are on your team and why?

I guess I'll kick is off!

1. What trainer class would you be?
I spent a long time thinking about this, just staring at all the classes already in the game. I was going to go with the musician class, but I'd much prefer it there was an actual "drummer" trainer class. Anyway, as much as I want to call myself an Ace Trainer also, I'm going to settle between the 'Punk Guy' and 'Hooligan' Trainer Class. I consider myself quite the night owl, I tend to meet up with my friends at the later ends of the day - and not to say we cause a lot of trouble but I'd imagine people would see us and imagine we were just a bunch of hooligans, y'know? Plus I would consider myself quite the Punk \o/

2. How many Pokemon would you have?
6 of course! I'm not sure if 6 + 'Mons in the PC is allowed but if that's an option then sure!

3. Why did you choose the number of Pokemon you chose?
Because at this point, there's too many to choose from. 6 being the maximum you can have on you at one time, I wouldn't want to have it be any less than 6.

4. What Pokemon are on your team and why?
Gonna reaaaally be rattling the brain to just pick 6...

What better Pokemon for a Hooligan than one of the most mischievous Pokemon of all? 
Sableye is a Pokemon I've always been attached to, despite never having actually used it in a play through of the main story of a game. The Ghost and Dark typings are both of my favourite Pokemon Types, and having them both in this one adorable little creature just makes me love him more. Lastly, when I originally got into the competitive scene of Pokemon, Sableye was a 'Mon who always wiggled his way onto my teams! His hidden ability Prankster is also one of my favourite abilities, and fits him perfectly. If I were to give him a nickname, it would be Gemlin! Get it...he's a Gem...GREMLIN...HA.

Although not my favourite Pokemon of all, Lucario is the Pokemon I think of when the franchise is brought up. I remember the days of Gen 4 in the school yard, people fearing to battle me because of my Lucario. I love the concept of Lucario being able to sense the aura's and emotions of living things, and feel it would be very reliable companion. Other than this, there are a few other reasons I feel attached to this Pokemon. The first being that if Lucario has been in a fighting game, he has most likely been my main. I'm unsure why, but I've always been able to pick up Lucario as a character in fighting games such as Smash Bros. and Pokken, and playing him rather well admittedly. The last reason being that my first ever shiny Pokemon I got was a shiny Riolu, in my Pokemon Black Version (hatched). I was so excited, since I had been using my 4th Gen Lucario to breed for it. At the time, it felt like I was bringing in a part of my old companion into a new adventure. If I were to give my Lucario a name, it would be Oracle.

Gardevoir is just one of those "go to" Pokemon for me, if I have the chance to use it I probably will. As someone who is very into their battling, Gardevoir is just a very useful in my eyes. It's very flexible and can provide a number of roles to a team! Not to mention it has an awesome design and shiny! Also, it's PokeDex entries have a recurring theme of mentioning that it will always try its hardest to protect its trainer, AND it can see into the future! A very sound companion in my eyes. I can also see Gardevoir as the kind of creature that can appreciate music? Im not sure why but..hey ho! Normally I nickname my Gardevoir's Spectre, so let's stick with that.

Where do I even begin with this 'Mon? First of all, it matches my selected Trainer Class perfectly. The HOODLUM Pokemon! Again, it's part Dark which is one of, if not, my favourite typing. It's DESIGN. The Mohawk! The baggy pants! The hoodie! I love it's design in that fact that it captures subcultures such as Punk and Hip Hop (two of my favourite musical genres, also), not to mention it's in the Dragon Egg Group? I mean? Can it get any cooler? It's like? A punk? Lizard? Hip Hop? Dragon? Due to this, it gets access to Dragon Dance through breeding, which makes our little hoodlum here super good. All I'm saying is, Scrafty to me is a Pokemon I hold very dear to my heart. I love his design, I love his typing, I love his Move pool, I love using him in game, Scrafty can do no bad in my eyes. If I had to name my little hoodlum, I'd name him Scrapps.

3rd Hoenn in here, can you tell which Region is my favourite?
Anyway, I realised that as a Pokemon Trainer I have no form of getting around and was really stuck for a Fly user. It was between Crobat and Flygon, but I settled with the desert dragon instead.
I'll say this much, I love like - all Dragon Pokemon, and even though Flygon is overshadowed massively by most of the other titans we can pick from, I adore this Pokemon so much. I remember being the kid that wanted to use Flygon over Salamence and honestly, Flygon is just one of those nostalgic Pokemon for me. I love the evolutionary line, starting off as a little ant who dwells in sandpits to trap people and evolving into this awesome literal dragon-fly! I can remember it taking me a long time to figure out how to actually obtain Flygon when I was younger, cause really, if I showed you a picture of Trapinch and then a picture of Flygon, would you think they were connected? 'Cause I didn't! As a kid, I always imagined how cool it would be to ride on the back of a Flygon, and that is why he is on this list. My nickname to my Flygon will be Goggles.

Okay, gimme a second!
Pikachu is on this list because Pikachu is the FIRST starter Pokemon I ever had. The first Pokemon I played through and completed was Pokemon Yellow. My cousin gave me her copy of it one day when she was clearing out her room, and she knew I loved the show so she gave me it, a long with her Gameboy. I loved my Pikachu, I essentially solo runned the game with this Pikachu, which looking back now is impressive because Pikachu is kinda...really bad as a battling Pokemon. Anyway, I love the whole Pikachu line, and I'm just as big a fan of the Pika-Clones of each Gen (Pachirisu almost stole the 6th slot), so I felt like I had to give the lil guy a spot on my team. If I ever play through Fire Red/Leaf Green, Diamond/Pearl/Pt or even XY, I always try and get myself a Pikachu on my team. Lastly, I love Pichu a lot. If I could have any Pokemon to have in real life I would definitely want a Pichu. In Heart Gold/Soul Silver, the notched ear Pichu event was my FAVOURITE thing ever. I'm pretty positive I got that Pichu to level 100. So yeah, I guess this last slot is ANY member of the Pikachu line??? Who knows xD But yeah, my Pikachu would be called Zeke, Nacho, or Panda! I have a few names haha!

Honourable mentions (PC Mons I guess?)!

Swampert - Favourite starter of all time!
Absol - Dark type, awesome design, beautiful mega, fun to use
Crobat - Simply because it's a Pokemon I've used the heck out of in playthroughs
Krookodile - I honestly just love this Pokemon because it can be unstoppable
Gliscor - Love it's design and typing, used it a lot in a competitive play
Pachirisu - Had one in my team during Diamond, super cute Pokemon, was my favourite for a long time, I loved it to bits and grew really attached to him, his name was Comet!
Galvantula - Simply one of my favourite Pokemon of all, love it's typing, design, used it many times
Glaceon - Again, had one in my Diamond team, is one of the most pleasing pokemon to look at in my opinion, has a beautiful shiny 
Jolteon - Strange to think my favourite Pokemon of all isn't on my team?
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Your Pokemon Team! Empty Re: Your Pokemon Team!

Post by CyanFox on Thu Nov 10, 2016 3:49 pm

Yesss I like this quiz. I'm gonna buy Sun for sure so this is great to get in the pokémood. I already have an RP pokémon team but to just simply copy it would be rather boring, so I'm just gonna mix it all up and pick a few pokémon here and there.

1. What trainer class would you be?

Ah this is difficult. It's pretty hard to just pick a certain characteristic for yourself. Also I don't even know most of the classes, so I had to look it up on a list. At first I wanted to pick the musician. Simple choice because I play piano, but it felt a bit off. Camper or Backpacker came to mind, because scouting is a thing I like to do. Then I remembered there was a Pokémon Ranger class. I loved Pokémon Ranger and thought that it fitted to me. Pokémon Rangers are described as trainers who collect and train pokémon like usual trainers, however they care for wild pokémon and nature. I'd definitely care for these pokémon, but I also want to stretch an ideal Pokémon Ranger to 'someone that wants to protect other people'. Yes. Pokémon Ranger would be my class.

2. How many Pokémon would you have?

Well duh 6. The more companions, the better!

3. Why did you choose the number of Pokémon you chose?

see it as a group of friends. a group of 7 people is a rather balanced group where everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Not only in typing, but also in personality. Plus the fact that I want to list as many pokémons as possible because I love them.

4. What Pokémon are on your team and why?

Okay let's go...

My best buddy old pal who always seems to help me out. Swampert was my first starter, and although it being absent in my team for a long time when the 4th gen happened, I redevelopped a lot of attention for it. After that Swampert's never been out of my team again. It only has one weakness and the immunity to electricity really makes it more fun to use it. Also it's the Pokémon I give surf to, which is a great move. It's mega evolution is super badass and Mudkips are the cutest things ever. Swampert's definitely my favourite Pokémon and it would be a shame to not include it here. His nickname would be Derek, because my first companion is always named Derek in games.

This flying type has really helped me out in gen 4. I actually traded my Dialga for a Staraptor once. I was young please don't judge me. We were supposed to trade it back once I beated a gym but that never happened because we never really felt like trading back. I've always had the standard flying type in my team, were it Pidgey, Taillow or Starly, but this one is definitely my favourite birb. It's hair is just so fab it looks so badass. Also Fly is a very important move that you just can't miss. Its nickname would be Trish or Trisha depending on the gender.

Now this guy is just here because of being badass. Most of the time I have either Gardevoir or Gallade in my team, seeing as I love the Ralts evolution line, but my preference goes to Gallade. Mainly because his arms are sick as hell. I always see his personality of a nobel knight, trying to server justice and fight with honor. Psycho Cut deals quite some damage and Close Combat for some quickies is always fun to do. His mega evolution makes him even cooler and ARM SWORDS YEEAA. His nickname would be Traon.

Okay so I'd never use Flareon in any situation other than to show off my RP team. It's move pool isn't great and there are way stronger choices for a fire type. Fire type is also not a typing I normally use, other than with a starter. HOWEVER HAVE YOU SEEN HOW BEAUTIFUL FLAREON IS? SO MUCH FUR TO CUDDLE. IT LOOKS SO CUTE AND I WANNA HAVE ONE AND I DON'T CARE IF IT SETS MY HOUSE ON FIRE WE'RE GONNA HAVE A GOOD TIME.
*cough* ...Nickname's Pirnia

A Pokémon I fully ignored in Ruby, until Omega Ruby came over and made me think: "Hey, why not use this Pokémon once?" I captured it. Many of my first caught Pokémon left my team after some time, but this one didn't. The dark type really helped me out. However I'm probably going to ignore it again in Sun & Moon, because the Pokémon really seems to be not as strong as the rest of my team and Incineroar is a must have for me. So I see this as a goodbye message to my Mightyena. Its nickname would be Mighty, because it fits eventhough it's not original.

In my playthrough of Omega Ruby, my 6th Pokémon slot was open for most of the time. I tried a lot of Pokémon but they didn't really seem to fit in. Until I caught Luxray. I remembered it from my Diamond playthrough. It was the strongest Pokémon I had back then. It looked very strong and adamant. Like a leader of a team. That's also the personality I give it usually. However Luxray would also be very stubborn and most of the time nobody would listen to his commands. It's a strong Pokémon with some useful moves and he looks badass. It's nickname would be Spalt. A combination of Bolt and Spark.

And that's it for me. I really loved doing this and I hope others would write something down here too, because I'm really curious to what others think of their team and class.

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Your Pokemon Team! Empty Re: Your Pokemon Team!

Post by Knuxtiger4 on Fri Nov 11, 2016 6:20 am

1. What trainer class would you be?
Probably either an Artist or an Ace Trainer?  I actually would need to look into more of the trainer classes but more or less one that would show I've been playing Pokemon since its release here and can prove that fact!

2. How many Pokemon would you have?
6 of course!  Always have to have the full party going into battles!

3. Why did you choose the number of Pokemon you chose?
I am not going to make an an easy battle, that would be silly!

4. What Pokemon are on your team and why?
If there is one thing a lot of people appreciate a lot about my Pokemon is that I don't pick what is going to have the best competitive moves.  I pick one that I enjoyed or one that have such a strong meaning with me that I have bonds with them.  I am a huge dweeb and nickname a lot of them which I feel like really puts across that bond I have.

With that this has been my battling team for nearly a decade now!

Max - Persian
If there was one Pokemon that has the strongest meaning to me it would be this one.  Max was named after my own pet cat who passed away many years ago and is my last memories of him.  Because of that Max has always been on my team and always starts the battles.  He's got a killer move set to go with it!

Kaiser- Arcanine
Arcanine always has been a Pokemon I loved through generations and being able to get one was a feat!  He was bred from another Arcanine named Growly and overall he's in my team because why not!

Aggra - Aggron
People under-mine Aggron potential in battle because these guys are TANKS.  I just love their appearance and just how cool they are!  My Aggron's move set is VERY similar's the Champion Steven's Aggron who also had similar moves as my own.

Tyrant - Aerodactyl
I loved Aerodactyl as a child and was able to get this handsome boy from my brother in a trade many years ago.  Without a doubt this guy is my FASTEST Pokemon on my team, even beating out Kaiser on the speed stats. 

Sparta - Dragonite
Fun fact, she got her nickname before 300 came out and after that move came out, my Dragonite became a legend among my friends because of her name.  Her nickname actually comes from a town near me but also inspired by the Spartans who had badass females too!  She's a female Dragonite I got in a trade with my younger sister, the last Shadow Pokemon from Gale of Darkness and difficult catch!  
She's a literal tank and tough to take down.

Swampy - Swampert 
Swampy even with his silly nickname was my Mudkip from Ruby!  Ruby I hands down have 900 hours of game play in that game and really he has a special honor in the team as well.  He's slow but man he's got some moves!

Honourable mentions

Camian- Ferilgator, a Pokemon I adored from my Gold days.
RedDragon- A shiny Gyarados a friend gave me and was not one from Heartgold or SoulSilver!
Aero- Pidgeot, named after one I had in my Yellow version
Carrion- My Marowak from Y version!  I definitely related to both Cubone and Marowak as people tell me those Pokemon suite me.

And there is many others!  I have other teams out there that I just can't recall!

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Your Pokemon Team! Empty Re: Your Pokemon Team!

Post by spark tb on Sat Nov 12, 2016 12:29 pm

Well, considering how hyped I'm getting myself for Sun/Moon, this seems like a pretty good time to answer this :p

1. What trainer class would you be?
Man, like... can I just say I wish there was more ghost trainer people? Mainly because, imo, they have some of the coolest designs yet are only represented by a crazy lady who use to dress in a pointy hat.
Still, for the sake of things, I guess I'd be a hex maniac ;D
2. How many Pokemon would you have?
...6? I literally see no reason why I would not xD
3. Why did you choose the number of Pokemon you chose?
Because, as I said above, I see literally no reason not to have 6. Like, it just seems the more pokemon, the better??
4. What Pokemon are on your team and why?
Alright, so I've never really made an 'official' team before, although I am currently working on a semi-serious 'lul full iv trained' group, which is as follows;

Stab Crab - Crawdaunt: Alright, so Crawdaunt was a pokemon I was always surprised didn't get a mega evolution in ORAS. Like, imo it was one of the most well remembered pokemon, had a really neat design, etc. From a fighting stand point, it has a really good strength stat with decent bulk - so, having raised it's attack, made sure it's got adaptability and given it moves like Crab hammer, STAB Crab is a bit of a monster.

Derpy Birb - Archeops: I've always liked fossil 'mons, and I've always felt bad for Archeops because it's typing and it's unique ability [half attack at half health, really? I know it's got insane base attack but come one], it's always been vastly undershadowed by Aerodactly - especially once mega became a thing. With roost, super high attack and speed, along with a few other hard hitting moves, my hope is to make it through at least one or two of my opponents pokemon.

Ryuko Matoi - mega scizor: ...ok listen, I'm a big KlK fan. Pokemon with 'scissors' for hands, red and black colour scheme, moves quickly? How could I not name a mega scizor after it??? Second of all, how could I not use scizor in the first place? Good speed, cool design... I just love it.

Gourdgeous - Gourgeist: Another pokemon I always felt was a bit overshadowed. Like, seriously, it's a pumpkin ghost which doesn't make the pumpkin the head. Competitivly, it's... classified as dumpster tier, but I reckon I can make it work. Good natural bulk combined with boosted att and some strong moves should hopefully give me a pretty decent sweeper, or at least take a pokemon or two down with me.

Goodra Stuff [name likely to change] - Goodra: Ok listen, Goodra is like... one of my fav dragon types. A slug dragon with a potbelly?? Man, it's like looking in a mirror. Competitivly, it's... kinda weak? Raw dragon typing means it eats a lot of stuff, doesn't last long, etc - but again, good natural bulk mixed with raised def, Sp.Def and HP and a rocky helmet/assult vest should mean it's able to eat a few shots.

Jelly Tot - Reuniclus: Psychic floating baby with pretty decent stats? Gonna bulk this lil fella up, and once it starts getting a calm mind it's going to hopefully be able to stand up to moooost pokemon.

Your Pokemon Team! LTmwWdB
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Your Pokemon Team! Empty Re: Your Pokemon Team!

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