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Post by CheverTheShrimp on Tue Nov 01, 2016 5:55 pm

Name: Comet Starlie
Nicknames: Co Co
Age: 15
Species: Grey Fox
Gender: Female
Occupation: Adventurer
Heigh: 80cm
Weight: 20kg

skinny and athletic, she loves 90s oversized shirts and yoga shorts. Kinda lanky, also with a spunky haircut.


Comet Starlie Img_0010

Personality traits

-Drawing anything
-Sports of any kind
-Making jokes
-Baggy oversized shirts
-Silly pens with feathers and glitter
-Being optimistic
-exploring new places

-Boring pens
-Rainy days
-Pessimistic people
-boring cities

Comet loves doing practically anything fun, she even likes her pens fun with all the colours and accessories. Usually she is rather active and cheerful, often coming across as a bit of a ‘live wire’. She likes her sports, particularly anything with running and she loves cracking a good joke or two. She also loves exploring different places and abandoned structures.
Because of her tomboyish nature, she hates anything to do with dresses and shirts, and favours her oversized baggy shirts. 
She absolutely can't stand tear-jerkingly boring people and loveydovey romance. Rainy days also make her depressed and thus go on her do not want list. However, she can be so optimistic, she can be rather blunt with other people's emotions, coming off a bit cold to others.

Combat traits

She will prefer another method over fighting, but if she has to fight, she can use her legs. She is quite good at kicking, thanks to her sporty lifestyle. She also contains a rather small amount of psychokinesis, giving her the ability to pick up and throw objects with her mind, however her powers are rather weak and she is unable to do anything else but pick up and fling objects. 

-always holds a positive attitude
-Tries to cheer others up with jokes
-Good sports skills
-Has psychokinesis powers
-She never gives up

-Can be too optimistic and in turn overbearing and cold
-Picks the worst time for her jokes
-Cannot stand boring people
-Can be stubborn
-She never gives up

Social information

Positive relations
-Chever Starlie (her brother, will write profile for him soon)

Negative relations


Ever since she was young, Comet has always loved sports and running around. She was named comet by her father due to his love of the galaxy and always told her to shine bright like a comet. Because of that, she had always worked to appear positive and optimistic, always cracking jokes and loving the flare of life. She soon developed a habit of collecting colourful and vibrant pens. She mainly lives with her brother in Station Square, however their father is nowhere to be seen. She has since set off on her own, exploring whatever she feels like.

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