The Battle for Ita Ciyet (Non Cannon Roleplay)

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The Battle for Ita Ciyet (Non Cannon Roleplay)

Post by Joshua the Hedgehog on Tue Oct 25, 2016 4:14 am

The Battle for Ita Ciyet is a Non-Canonical Roleplay, that starts two days before the Jkirk - Order Coup of Ita Ciyet had happened.
Context: What is Ita Ciyet?
In Canon, The Jkirk Federations and The New Order forces had cooperated together, in order to take over the Ita Ciyet territory, from a tyrannical being known as Nickolas the Hedgehog, who claimed himself to be the "King of Mobius." This king, however, had quickly been put down for his lies by Jkirk and Order's assault on the Territory, which resulted in their victory, having the Order take the territory, and Jkirk getting some resources. The territory was put in command by Major Merci, of which had the baron name the newly province: Ita Ciyet (previous name is unknown).
The Point:
Now... what if this coup... had never happened? If just, didn't happen, poof, gone. Now, this doesn't mean that these factions won't come in and try to take it for themselves as well. But, what if everyone had just gotten word that this claimable province is up for grabs, by literally anyone, and then some groups decide to try and claim the province, which will no doubt spark a Land War within this province, and possibly the others around it. Who is up for having a little war for this province (Note: This will be non canon)?
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