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Post by ecolusian on Wed Oct 05, 2016 8:45 pm

(this is a fanfiction for my character, kurezai, i hope you enjoy it and please give feedback for it, i highly appreciate any and all critisism!)

It was a warm night in station square, well for night at least, the summer day had past and now the moon replaced the sun as it hung peacefully in the sky, birds flying past it back to their nests, glittering in the moonlight. The air was drowsy and light, it was comforting and could make nearly anyone want to sleep. The smells were very light but there were the scent of takeaways and fine restaurants floating in the air that could entice any hungry soul walking in these streets. This was a Friday night, people had come out of their 9 till 5 dead end jobs for a good 5 hours now. It was time. It was the time to enjoy themselves and recover as much as they can in the following 3 days before they back to the dull... dull grind of adult life and the best place to do that, with this kind of Friday night atmosphere, was somewhere calm yet rowdy where men and women of all shapes and sizes could blow off all steam if they needed.

There are many bars, clubs and other such places of community in the city and all of them are more or less the same, save for one location tucked away in an alleyway, and this was a bar unlike many other night-time social hideouts for this bar was unique. This bar did not operate under the laws of the city, being a common site for the sale of narcotics and other such substances. The way to the bar despite its nature was as inviting as could be, the alley was well-kept even if the odd rat scurried around under the water drains and garbage’s strewn the entrance from the nearby houses filled with lazy souls with such a lack of care that they litter the streets with them. When you get to the entrance, a sign hangs over its top, the sign was the shape of a rectangle hanging long ways, the words "The Shattered Gem" emblazoned in purple on the front. The door to the building itself was made of oak with a copper doorknob and black hinges like something from a mighty fortress. Once the doorman opens the door to you and lets you into that brightly lit tavern-esque bar you know that its time to let innocence die and madness reign.

Stepping down the cobbled stairs through the doorway are a set of 8 round tables surrounded by stools, not dusty but not well kempt either, with leather seats and greens mats atop them for card games and such. The gentlemen that sit at these tables are dressed in casual formal smoking large cigars with sophisticated demeanour to them, staring at the men playing pool and darts half-way across the room. The bar stand itself has a few people sitting at them, clearly the drunkest men in the room as they can barely hold their heads up before crashing straight back into a mixture of drool and spilt beer, much to the main attraction of our story, a 30 year old bar owner by the name of Hinekuremashita Sonzai. He had sharp grey hair and short ears that were stiff as a board protruding from above his topaz eyes encased in a half tired half apathetic look on his face that persisted save for the most intense of situations. He wore a brown leather jacket with buttoned pockets on his front and a pair of light blue jeans accompanying black shoes.

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