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Sarah Kershaw

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Name: Sarah Kershaw
Nicknames:  Cherry
Age: 20
Species: Scorpion
Gender: Female
Occupation: Shop assistant
Current residence: An apartment above a shop in Station Square
Sexual orientation: Bi-sexual
Date of birth: December 18th, 1996
Sarah is a slender yet athletic built scorpion with a dark brown skin, a colour more leaning to the black side of the spectrum. She stands a 5”8 tall. Her waist-long hair is black and she usually wears it in a high ponytail. Her arms and legs have scales starting and ending at each joint, just like her tail which has many more joints and a poisonous stinger on the end. Her belly has scales too only these are smaller and cross her body horizontally. The insides of her hands and feet are slightly lighter than the rest of her body. Her face has big brown irises and a very small nose. She has vampire-like teeth that stand out against the rest of her face when she smiles or talks. Her clothing usually exists of a sand coloured tank top, a black short skirt and a pair of flats the same shade as her shirt. She usually wears a golden necklace with a tiny dreamcatcher ([size=30][/size] ). 

Personality traits
·        Movies
·        Going out
·        Meeting people
·        Fruit
·        Spicy/bitter food
·        Bad acting
·        Old people
Sarah is a very outgoing girl, someone who likes to go to parties and social events such as conventions, festivals and other things like that. She loves meeting new people just for the sake of meeting them. She also likes making friends, though she doesn’t consider everyone she meets immediately as a friend. However, when she sees someone who she thinks might be a potential good friend she just walks towards them, says hi and tries to get to know them better.
Sarah is also a huge movie geek. With this I mean that she loves seeing movies and figuring out the techniques behind them such as special effects and camera positions. She is also very interested in acting itself and has already met a few actors, may they be popular or not. She’s a frantic movie collector and currently has about 150 DVDs.  Most of them are science fiction and fantasy movies about other galaxies and universes. Because of this hobby/obsession she tends to babble on about the newest movies and how good or awful they were.
Sarah doesn’t really like old people, meaning that she gets annoyed quickly be the things they have to say about life and their wisdom. She won’t yell at them but she’s most likely to get a cocky attitude and roll her eyes at everything they say, except when it’s her grandparents. Those are the only old people she really tolerates and secretly she adores them for being such sweet people.
Sarah is a naïve and gullible girl. She believes a lot of what people say and doesn’t think too much about the other sides of their stories. This could also be the reason she gets in trouble sometimes and she has to be careful with who she becomes real friends. If she chooses the wrong people she’ll get in real trouble really quickly.
Combat traits
Sarah doesn’t actually have any powers except her poisonous tail that can leave a paralyzing effect on the target, though this isn’t really a power, more an advantage.
-        Good with people. Sarah isn’t afraid to meet new people and won’t hesitate to meet new people in social events.
-        Athletic build. Sarah has a pretty athletic build, meaning she’s pretty agile.
-        Has good stamina. She can run for pretty long periods of time and doesn’t get out of breath quickly.
-        Quick runner. Since Sarah is a light weighted girl and has good stamina, she can run pretty fast.
-        Fragile. Sarah isn’t very strong as she is a slim girl. Her scales kind of works as plate armour and takes some of the blows.
-        Easy to manipulate. Sarah is pretty easily to manipulate since she’s  naïve.
-        Annoyance towards elderly people. It’s not easy for her to work with elderly people which sometimes makes her seem really cocky.
Social information
Positive relations:
Negative relations:
Sarah was born in Station Square and has lived there for her whole life. She is the second child in a family of five and has one older brother of 21 years old. The three children younger than her are two girls of 15 years old (a twin) and a 12-year-old boy.
When the twins were born, a lot changed in the lives of Sarah and her family. Her mother had to quit her job to care for her children fulltime and her father had to make extra hours at work to provide for his family. This meant that Sarah got much less time with her parents and grew a bit apart with them.
Then three years later, when her youngest brother was born, her father had found a new, better payed job and could start working less. Thanks to this the family got more quality time together and got closer to each other. Nowadays they’re a close and loving family who will do anything for each other to help other members of their family.
When she was 15 years old, Sarah went on an exchange to another school in Central City. This is where she became a bit looser and started to go out more to meet people. This is because a few students from her class took her out to a festival one day. She met a few other people there but doesn’t have contact with them anymore.

After high-school Sarah went to college to study cinematography. She’s currently in her second year and still enjoys the courses, maybe even more than when she started. When she gets her bachelor she wants to specialize in producing and eventually become an independent producer herself.  

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