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Post by Whip~ on Tue Sep 27, 2016 2:06 am

So, this is gonna be a sort of storage space for the project I'm working on, Pokemon Nebula~!

It's super heavy W.I.P, using some of the assets that Uncanny worked with until they closed their project down. Besides that, I've been accepting help from anyone who is willing to help, so by all means, if you have any Pokesupport you wanna rapport behind this project, go for it~! =D

Right now, we're looking for Pokemon Ideas~!
I'm only in the super early stages of design, so I figure it'd be better to throw down all the Pokemon before I get into any heavy planning. So go ahead and vomit up some designs and ideas you were having for any Pokemon~! 

The bare minimum you need to submit for a new Pokemon is a design(drawn or described) and a general idea of what kind of fighter you want it to be. If you want a full list of information needed for a new Pokemon, then it'll be here in this spoiler tag.

Appearance: (Either a drawing, doodle, or a description of the Pokemon would be alright! If you want to be a bae and sprite it in HeartGold/SoulSilver style, that would be the bee's knees, though we might still edit the sprites to fit into the game style. )

Name: (The name of the Pokemon's species.)

Type(s): (Which of two typings it is. If you want the Pokemon to have multiple forms, list them here in an intelligible way)

BaseStats: (It's base stats! These are, for those unaware, the HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, and Special Defense stats a Pokemon will use for the entire species. Every Pokemon of a species will have the same base stats, and what makes individual Pokemon different depends on the training and personality they have. For reference, Magikarp has a Base Stat Total of 200, whereas Camerupt has 460, and Arceus, the strongest Pokemon in the game, has 720 total points. Please don't make any base stat less than 5, as that messes with the programming and creates ultra-strong or corrupted Pokemon, depending on its other stats)

GenderRate: (A species' gender ratio. Please keep the ratios in eighths, that is, one eight, one fourth, one half, etc.)

GrowthRate: (How fast a Pokemon will gain experience. There is a scale specifically, going Slow, Mediumslow, Medium, Medium Fast, and Fast. There are also two other scales, Erratic and Parabolic, but unless you know what you're doing, the odds are those scales will over/underpower your Pokemon by a lot. >v>; )

BaseEXP: (How much experience the Pokemon drops when defeated. This number will be multiplied by the Pokemon's level, as well as a specified Trainer modifier if it belongs to a trainer, so please keep that in mind. It can be any number between 1 and 65525, but don't be a wad; 1 experience would only give 110 experience at maxiumum potential, and 65525 experience would bring a level 1 to 100 easily at level 10 )

EffortPoints: (So, fun fact for those who don't know, Pokemon have hidden values called Effort Points! It's pretty detailed, so the abridged version is that if you fight a Pokemon that is particularly representative of a state, like say, a Kadabra is for Special Attack, then your Pokemon's Special Attack will actually raise more than the other stats upon level up. So, list which stat or stats will be raised more than the others by your Pokemon, and please keep it between one and three points. Theoretically, any number is possible, but yeah, even Arceus only drops three points.
An example for this would be: Attack-1, Defense-2, or Special Attack-3, or Special Defense-1 )

Rareness: (How hard it is to catch your Pokemon. any number between 0 and 220 will do. The closer to 0 the number is, the harder it is to catch. At 0, it is only catchable by a Master ball. Arceus again is the hardest to catch at a 3 rareness, whereas normal Pokemon are around the 100-200 range. )

Happiness: (Your Pokemon's base happiness upon being caught. For almost ALL Pokemon, this number is 70, so if you want to change it, please explain why. =3 )

Moves: (The Moves your Pokemon can learn, and at what level. While we are capable of programming new moves, it's a right pain, so if you absolutely must have a new move for your Pokemon, please explain why and we reserve the right not to include it anyways.
For the record, we have access to about Gen V, so no VI moves for now please.)

Compatibility: (What Egg group it's in! You can look it up on Bulbapedia to see which one your POkemon fits into, because there's too many to reasonably list here.) 

StepstoHatch: (If your Pokemon were obtained via egg, how many steps would it require to hatch? The average is in the thousands, and the longest is about 30,000~ish for, once again, Arceus. )

Height: (How tall is your Pokemon, in Metric? This is used for the Pokedex, as well as certain moves that affect weight and height, and the game will automatically adjust to Imperial if it detects you're in the United States, so don't worry about it, just convert. =3 )

Weight: (How much your Pokemon weighs. Again, metric please!)

Color: (The main colour your Pokemon is, for the Pokedex again!)

Kind: (What's your POkemon's species name, e.g. "Seed Pokemon" for Bulbasaur)

Pokedex: (Your Pokemon's Pokedex entry! It can have as many pages as needed, but try to keep it only a sentence or two unless necessary)

Abilities: (What ability will your Pokemon have? Again, we can make abilities, but that is such a painful and byzantine process that unless you have a heavenly reason for it, we probably will not bother.)

Everything beyond this point is Optional!! It's unnecessary, but will help with certain portions of the game!

HiddenAbility: (What hidden abilities, if any, can your Pokemon have? Up to four, but these will never be found in the wild and only can be recieved in in-game events)

EggMoves: (What moves can your Pokemon inherit from parental Pokemon? This is mostly used for breeders to have something to do, since some Pokemon can only learn certain moves via breeding, like Charmander only being able to learn Outrage if it's bred from a Dragon parent, like Dragonite. )

Habitat: (What kind of habitat does your Pokemon live in? This is mostly for Pokedex flavour text. )

WildItemCommon: (What item would your Pokemon hold in the wild? This one is for a 50% slot)
WildItemUncommon: (Same as the above, but for a 15% chance instead)
WildItemRare: (Same as the above, but for 5%)

Evolutions: (What's the name of the Pokemon it evolves into? If at all. XD)

FormNames: (If your Pokemon has alternate forms, then I'm so sorry, but you're gonna have to fill out a separate list for each form, and give each form a new name.)

Incense: (If your Pokemon breeds into a baby form via a hold item, like Marill vs. Azurill, then list the item here! You can actually do multiple baby forms that evolve into the same Pokemon, soooo...)

Footprint: (What kind of footprint should the Pokemon have?)

Cry: (What kind of cry should the Pokemon have?)

Notes: (Any details that you think we should know about the Pokemon!)

Beyond that, the only help really needed right now is for spriting. If any of you losers wanna be gracious enough to throw sprites at me for any of the listed Pokemon, I'll be forever in your debt~ uvu

So~! Without further ado, let's list all that we have so far!




~*Pokemon Nebula*~ (WIP POST) 122~*Pokemon Nebula*~ (WIP POST) 124(IOU one final form)(First form sprite Courtesy of Electrisa)
~*Pokemon Nebula*~ (WIP POST) 123 

Lunabud(Luna, in reference to it being loosely based on the Moon Flower, and bud, as a budding flower).
Bluuna(Bloom, as in the state of its flower, and Luna, again referencing Moon Flowers).
Lunassom(Luna once more, and Blossom, based on it being a fully-blossomed flower)

Lunabud: Grass
Bluuna: Grass/Dark
Lunassom: Grass/Dark

 -HP: 50
 -Attack: 50
 -Defense: 30
 -Speed: 60
 -Special Attack: 40
 -Special Defense: 80
 -Total: 310
 -HP: 75
 -Attack: 65
 -Defense: 40
 -Speed: 70
 -Special Attack: 55
 -Special Defense: 100
 -Total: 405
 -HP: 80
 -Attack: 94
 -Defense: 60
 -Speed: 93
 -Special Attack: 65
 -Special Defense: 136
 -Total: 528

GenderRate: 50/50

GrowthRate: Medium-Slow

Lunabud: 68
Bluuna: 140
Lunassom: 240

Lunabud: 1 Special Defense
Bluuna: 2 Special Defense
Lunassom: 3 Special Defense

Lunabud: 45
Bluuna: 45
Lunassom: 40

Happiness: 70 (All three)

-Level 1: Tackle
-Level 1: Leer
-Level 7: Absorb
-Level 10: Fake Tears
-Level 12: Pursuit
-Level 15: Charm
-Level 19: Flatter
-Level 22: Payback
-Level 25: Leaf Tornado
-Level 28: Glare
-Level 31: Torment
-Level 33: Faint Attack
-Level 36: Foul Play
-Level 40: Leaf Blade

-Level 1: Razor Leaf
-Level 1: Pursuit
-Level 1: Leer
-Level 19: Flatter
-Level 24: Payback
-Level 27: Foul Play
-Level 31: Glare
-Level 34: Night Slash
-Level 37: Petal Blizzard
-Level 41: Nasty Plot
-Level 46: 

Compatibility: Grass (all three)

StepstoHatch: 5400~

Lunabud: 31 CM
Bluuna: 118 CM
Lunassom: 183 CM

Lunabud: 4kg
Bluuna: 12kg
Lunassom: 18kg

Color: Green(all three)

Lunabud: "Pulpit Pokemon"
Bluuna: "Gloom Bloom Pokemon"
Lunassom: "Dark Blossom Pokemon"

Lunabud: "The underdeveloped bulb reacts to the moonlight. It looks to the satellite with curiousity on clear nights."
Bluuna: "As a Bluuna's flower begins to blossom, they also learn many dark things about life, which concerns them greatly."
Lunassom: "Lunassom has grown to understand the way of the world, and while they have certainly become more mischievous, they also reject darkness as necessary."

Lunabud/Bluuna: Overgrow
Lunassom: Overgrow/Prankster

EggMoves: (What moves can your Pokemon inherit from parental Pokemon? This is mostly used for breeders to have something to do, since some Pokemon can only learn certain moves via breeding, like Charmander only being able to learn Outrage if it's bred from a Dragon parent, like Dragonite. )

Habitat: They live mostly 

Evolutions: Lunabud evolves into Bluuna at Level 16, who evolves into Lunassom at Level 32.

 - Like the other starters in this game, the Lunabud family is meant to have an even greater advantage over one starter, and an even greater weakness to another, than is normal. In this case, it's Grass typing means that it is 4x effective against Crustean, the Water/Rock Pokemon. In the same vein, however, it is also 4x weak against Lumlik's Bug-typing. 

Fire Starter,Evo,Final:
 ~*Pokemon Nebula*~ (WIP POST) 115 Fire/Bug Type!
Crustean,Water Evo,Final:
Water and Water/Rock Type!


Appearance: ~*Pokemon Nebula*~ (WIP POST) 121(Courtesy of Uncanny-Illustrator) 

Enlarge this image Click to see fullsize
~*Pokemon Nebula*~ (WIP POST) 111

Name: Billaby(A cross between a Billby and a Wallaby), and Billboa(A mix of Billby as well as famous fictional fighter Rocky Balboa).

 -Billaby: Normal
 -Billboa: Normal/Fighting

Base stats: 
  -HP: 42
  -ATK: 59
  -DEF: 38 
  -SP.ATK: 21 
  -SP.DEF: 18 
  -SPEED: 48
  -TOTAL: 226

  -HP: 103
  -ATK: 99
  -DEF: 58
  -SP.ATK: 48
  -SP.DEF: 31
  -SPEED: 81
  -TOTAL: 420


  • LV1: Tackle
  • LV1: Growl
  • LV4: Tail Whip
  • LV8: Quick Attack
  • LV10: Rage
  • LV13: Bide
  • LV16: Focus Energy
  • LV21: Skull Bash
  • LV23: Charm
  • LV27: Tail Slap
  • LV31: Swagger
  • LV35: Take Down
  • LV38: Slam
  • LV41: Howl
  • LV44: Secret Power
  • LV48: Mega Kick
  • LV50: Last Resort


  • LV1: Tackle
  • LV1: Growl
  • LV1: Quick Attack
  • LV1: Tail Whip
  • LV13: Bide
  • LV17: Endure
  • LV21: Mach Punch
  • LV26: Fake Out
  • LV34: Circle Throw
  • LV40: Headbutt
  • LV46: Reversal
  • LV52: Jump Kick
  • LV58: Sky Uppercut
  • LV64: Close Combat
  • LV70: Detect

Pokedex entry: 
 -Billaby: The Scrap-Rat Pokemon.
  -These Pokemon are famous gathering to watch trainer battles. Though feisty, many never build up the courage to battle themselves.

 -Billboa: The Underdog Pokemon.
  -Under the intense pressure of rigorous self-training, Billboa are adept in many martial arts and self-defenses. Very few will ever specialize, however, as most prefer being the master of none.

Evolution: Billaby evolves into Billboa at Level 21.

 -Billaby: 1) Hustle
             2) Run Away

 -Billboa: 1)Hustle
             2) Sturdy

Gender Ratio: 50/50 Male/Female

Gender Differences: None

EXP Growth: Medium-Fast

Habitats: Billaby can be found in Grasslands, fields, and sparsely wooded forests. Billboa live in similar conditions, though they can also occasionally be found near the outskirts of large cities, scrapping fights with inner-city Pokemon.

 -Billaby, on all four legs, stands at about 1' 04" (40.64 CM)
 -Billboa, standing as upright as possible, reaches about 3' 06" (106.68 CM)

 -The idea behind the two Australian-rodent fighters is meant to be sort of a rookie-turned-underdog scenario, with heavy inspiration from boxers and MMA fighters in particular. Billaby never learns any fighting moves, as it's meant to be a rookie fighter without serious training, whereas Billboa learns an array of fighting moves, each individually powerful, but without any kind of synergy between them, since underdog-type characters typically forgo specialization and instead work with what they have. 
 -Balance-wise, it's a pretty even Pokemon. Billaby has one weakness and one immunity, while Billboa has three weaknesses in the form of Flying, Psychic, and Fighting, three strengths in the form of Bug, Rock, and Dark, and an immunity to Ghost. Nothing particularly special, but definitely a well-rounded competitor.
 -Essentially, consider it a sort of fighting-alternative to Pooch/Mighteyana, the Dark-type doge beginner Pokemon from Hoenn. =3


~*Pokemon Nebula*~ (WIP POST) 118~*Pokemon Nebula*~ (WIP POST) 119(Courtesy of Uncanny Illustrator)~*Pokemon Nebula*~ (WIP POST) 110

Chrysolass (Pun on the word Chrysalis, as a pupa-esque baby Pokemon, Lass, due to the species being female-only, and Chrysanthemum, the flower both forms are based on.)
Chrysanthemom (Pun on the word Chrysanthemum, the flower both forms are based on, and "mom" or Mother, as a motherly Pokemon; spelled "mom" to differentiate from the actual flower name and in no way meant to Americanize anything)

 -Chrysolass: Grass
 - Chrysanthemom: Grass/(Ice)(Fire)(Fighting)(Normal) ---- (To be explained soon! Please hear me out. =) )

Base stats:

  -HP: 30 
  -ATK: 25 
  -DEF: 25 
  -SP.ATK: 40 
  -SP.DEF: 35 
  -SPEED: 45
  -TOTAL: 200

  -HP: 90
  -ATK: 65 
  -DEF: 85
  -SP.ATK: 80 
  -SP.DEF: 90 
  -SPEED: 50
  -TOTAL: 460


   LV1 - Growth
   LV1 - Charm
   LV8 - Tackle
   LV11 - Quick Attack
   LV16 - Absorb
   LV20 - Razor Leaf
   LV25 - Stun Spore
   LV28 - PoisonPowder
   LV32 - Mega Drain
   LV37 - Giga Drain
   LV44 - Sweet Kiss
   LV50 - Tri Attack


LV          Ice|Fire|Fighting|Normal
LV1 - Mega Drain
LV1 - Magical Leaf
LV1 - Sleep Powder
LV1 - Growth
LV32 - Quiver Dance
LV36 - Icy Wind|Will-o-Wisp|Counter|Doubleslap
LV41 - Ingrain
LV44 - Mist|Flame Wheel|Arm Thrust|Razor Wind
LV44 - Leaf Storm
LV50 - Hail|Fire Spin|Bulk Up|Skull Bash
LV50 - Petal Dance
LV56 - Sheer Cold|Flamethrower|Force Palm|Belly Drum
LV56 - Giga Drain

(Any single-listed move is for all four. Seperated movelists are for the seperate types. In this way, each Chrysanthemum has the option to further their special type's moveset, or they can each fall back on their Grass-type, depending on the trainer.)
(If you can't do all four typings, then just stick to the grass-type moves and ignore the variable-typings. =3 )

Pokedex Entry:

 -Chrysolass: The Single-Bud Pokemon.
  - This tiny bud sprints about the bottom of the forest through the foliage. When spotted, its tiny pistil glows its personal colour and lags behind its body to disorient predators.

 -Chrysanthemom: The Mother Petal Pokemon.
  - Chrysanthemoms are very motherly, even to Pokemon outside of their family. Small Chrysolass will hide beneath her dress of petals, to find it is mostly spacious inside.

Evolution: Chrysolass can evolve into Chrysanthemom starting at Level 30, with maxiumum friendship.

Abilities: This is where things get a little complicated. Basically...

Chrysolass: 1) Quick Feet
                2) Chlorophyll 

Chrystanthemum(Default if none other are possible): 1) Natural Cure
                                                                         2) Adaptability

Ice: 1) Snow Cloak
Fire: 1) Flash Fire
Fighting: 1) Pure Power
Normal: 1) Scrappy

Gender Ratio: Female: 100%

EXP Growth: Fast

Habitat: Forests, Woods, anywhere with trees and bushes of grass growing. (Only Chrysolass can be found in the wild).

 -Chrysolass: 0' 06" (13 cm)
 -Chrysanthemom: 1' 02" (30 cm)

 -The Chrysanthemom line is meant to be a representation of flower diversity, specifically with chrysanthemums. Because of that, I thought it'd be kind of cool to have a type diversity too!
 -My basic idea was this; Have four different lines of Pokemon(Eight entirely seperate Pokemon essentualy) that are each identical in all ways EXCEPT for their colour, subtyping, abilities, and moveset. As a female-only species, they don't need to worry about breeding-compatibility with each other, and each species can just breed with a Ditto to make others of its colour. =3
 -Each colour represents its type; Light Blue for ICE, Red for FIRE, Orange for FIGHTING, and White for NORMAL. Their abilities and movesets are balanced for each type, though I'm open to suggestions for how to improve their balance. =3
 -Chrysanthemom's stats are about on par with Pokemon like Tropius and Camrupt, while Chrysalass' stats are more around Magikarp and many baby Pokemon. To compensate for this, there is a wide level gap between their evolutions, complimented by a friendship requirement. If that seems too debilitating, we can talk about how to better balance the otherwise early-game-breaking strength that Chrysanthemom has. =)
 -In the same vein, the abilities and movesets of the different types of Chrysanthemoms is balanced by only being able to catch Chrysalass. It should be difficult, but not impossible, to tell what type of Chrysalass will evolve into which type of Chrysanthemom you want, with the only hints being the colour of her pistil and the colour of her one petal sticking out from beneath her leaf hat. 
 -The same goes for the abilities. Each type of Chrysanthemom has an ability that benefits its typing, though ALL Chrysanthemoms have the second ability "Adaptability", which serves as a kind of "consolation" ability that slightly benefits ALL of them. =)
 -I wasn't sure of your capabilities, like adding a Hidden Ability (I wouldn't even know how that would work in a fangame anyways) or what KINDS of abilities you have available (I tried to stick with Gens III and IV, since that's what I assumed you'd have access to at the very least), so if at all possible, can you tell us what limitations you have? Just to be safe in the future? =3
 -We need to talk HMs, TMs, and Move Tutors as well.
 -I wasn't sure whether something like this is even possible for you or not, so for that reason, I also included "Default" stuff, just in case you want to make it a single line of pure grass Pokemon. If that's all that's possible, or all you're willing to program for what amounts to a single Pokemon, then that's fine! I'm just hoping you'll like the idea at all. =3


Appearance: ~*Pokemon Nebula*~ (WIP POST) 120(Courtesy of Uncanny-Illustrator)

Enlarge this image Click to see fullsize
~*Pokemon Nebula*~ (WIP POST) 111

Name: Grekfier(Grehk-fee-air; Based on the real world mythological weapon "Greek Fire", a flame said to be able to burn even submerged in water during the ancient Greek times.)

Type(s): Ghost/Fire

Base stats: 
  -HP: 63
  -DEF: 40
  -SP.ATK: 72
  -SP.DEF: 40 
  -SPEED: 80
  -TOTAL: 359


  • LV1: Will-o-Wisp
  • LV1: Ember
  • LV1: Smokescreen
  • LV7: Astonish
  • LV11: Screech
  • LV15: Poison Gas
  • LV18: Rollout
  • LV23: Fire Spin
  • LV27: Self-Destruct
  • LV30: Defense Curl
  • LV34: Scald
  • LV36: Curse
  • LV39: Hex
  • LV41: Explosion
  • LV44: Flame Burst
  • LV47: Spite
  • LV50: Memento
  • LV55: Overheat
  • LV63: Flamethrower
  • LV69: Sunny Day

Pokedex entry: Grekfier. The Deathless Flame Pokemon.
 -The liquid inside the container in which it haunts sustains its life force indefinitely. Not even water can put out its fire.

Evolution: Grekfier does not evolve into any other Pokemon. =3

Abilities: 1). Water Absorb.
              2). Flame Body

Gender Ratio: 50/50 Male/Female.

Gender Differences: Male Grekfier have a red zigzag and red "pupils" on their clay containers, whilst females have blue.

EXP Growth: Medium-Fast.

Habitat: Grekfier live mostly in ruins and abandoned museums, or anywhere else where ancient civilizations have fallen.

Size: Including the container, Grekfier typically stands at about 2' 00" (~62 CM)

 -The idea behind Grekfier is basically to have a moderately-strong, but not quite super-powerful Ghost/Fire Pokemon whom has an immunity to it's most-common weakness via Water Absorb. Greek Fire is the perfect inspiration, being the first documented form of fire that could survive being totally submerged in water!
 -Grekfier is balanced so that despite it's immunity to Water, it's still not the most powerful Pokemon in the world, and because its Ghost-typing doesn't compliment its Fire-typing, it still comes out with more(though less common) weaknesses than a pure Fire-type would. 
 -It's battle style can be used many different ways, though the inclusion of Flame Body as a secondary ability means if you want to use this Pokemon as a normal Fire Type, you can. Relying on Burn to do damage over time and, eventually, aquiring Hex to do massive damage, not to mention Will-o-Wisp and Flame Body constantly recasting burn on enemies, it can be a deadly combatant in any event, even if its stats aren't the most intimidating. =3
Bug and Bug/Fairy type!
Water type!

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