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Luka Frolig

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Name: Luka Frolig
Nicknames: Lu
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthdate: November 17th, 1997
Species: Two-Tailed Kitsune         
Occupation: Waitress/Restaurant Singer
Birthplace: Station Square
Current residence: House in Station Square near the park
Marital status: Wibbly wobbly (Gets in a relationship too often to say)

Personality traits:
-Going out
-Being creative
-Doing nothing
-Feeling left out
Luka is a very extrovert person that usually likes to be happy and playful. She doesn’t mind being weird and she is fond of expressing herself. Making new friends is an ease for her, seeing as she is attractive and kind. However she can be a bit squeaky sometimes, which could be rather annoying. She also has the tendency to fall in love really quickly, which could be quite annoying as well. But that’s not the only side Luka has. Luka easily switches between two personalities. One being the personality just described, which she usually is, the other being more serious. She can be quite to the point and very strict in those times. She usually turns to this personality when she needs to take care of stuff. Normally she’s fun as heck tho.

Combat traits:
Luka doesn’t have any real magical powers. She is however closely linked to Chaos Kitsunes, so she has more chaos energy in her blood than regular mobians, which makes her able to sense large sources of chaos energy when they are close.
Luka has been trained to survive. She learned survival skills from her mom and dad and also learned to fight from them. She has a very strong physique, and is experienced in close combat fighting. She uses a battle stick to fight with and that thing hits pretty hard.
-Strong, She can beat up men yo you don’t wanna know
-Strong minded, She can easily keep her mind with one goal or target
-Extrovert, She doesn’t mind going out and saying what she thinks
-Kind, You need cuddles? She got some
-Impulsive, Luka always acts very fast. Sometimes this makes for bad choices
-Slightly unstable personality, Mood swings can be quite annoying to deal with in difficult situations
-Overthinks a lot, SHE WORRIES
Physical Stats: (On a scale of 0 to 10)
Speed: 7.5  ­– She run fast yo
Stamina: 8.5 – Luka tries to never skip a day of training, and she works hard on it. She can walk for a few hours straight without caring.
Strength: 7.5 ­– She’s is PRETTY REALLY tough for a girl. Plus the fact that she is kinda tall and has an athletic build gives her everything she needs to beat up evil men.
Intelligence: 7 – Luka is studying to be a vet! She’s pretty smart and also knows a lot of things about basic survival and being a good housewife. Cuz, you know, her parents are not home sometimes.
Agility: 6.5 – She’s agile, but sometimes her body just doesn’t work with her. Dodging isn’t her best quality
Social information:


Drake Frolig(Father): Drake is a dark blue, hyperactive fox with passion for exploring. He knows how to survive in many bad circumstances. He is also very impulsive. Together with Luka’s mom, his job is to explore certain areas to find ancient buildings or sacred treasures. Once found, others would continue his job in investigating the buildings. Some say that he’s sort of a treasure hunter, although he’s never really searching for one. He just loves to explore. Drake is mainly the one training Luka. He trains her in close combat.

Lara Chaol(Mother): Lara is a calm, green Chaos Kitsune. Although being very good at helping her husband in exploring sometimes dangerous areas, she is very sweet and always calm. She also has the ability of controlling chaos energy. She really cares about other people and wouldn’t want to let anyone down.
Boubka Frolig (Brother): Boubka is a very optimistic Chaos Kitsune. He tries to help out as many people as possible. Their relationship is very brother/sister related. They’re not real good friends because they’re both doing different things all the time, but they talk a lot to eachother about things like, what they’ve done the whole day or their opinion on stuff. Of course, brothers and sisters tease each other and they are no exception. The two can really get on each other’s nerves sometimes, but they still love one another. They’re also alone together in one house for sometimes a few weeks straight, so their bond is pretty close.

Positive relations:

Alina Marilayra: Luka’s best friend. Alina entered school when she was 9 and immediately got greeted by Luka, who was super friendly towards her. From that point on, their relationship has almost only seen positive points. Luka loves to be with Alina because of how different they are, but still can have fun if you push her enough. She also always knows what to do and gives Luka some advice from time to time.
Negative relations
Well she once met a spider guy, but she doesn’t even know his name. He’s mean he attacked Luka. >C
Born in Station Square. Her parents are adventurers. In her first years, her parents didn't go anywhere to take care of Luka and her brother. But now, after a few years. they sometimes are away for a long time. Mister Butterscotch, a wise owl, looks on the two by visiting at least once a day. So she learned with her brother to be independent.
Luka is currently studying to be a vet and is very eager to be learning it. Meanwhile she’s also looking for an apartment to move into so that she could be even more on her own. However she didn’t have a lot of luck finding a good apartment at all, so this could still take some time. Also if she’d leave, Bou would be alone and he’d maybe be a bit too young for that, thinks Luka herself.

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