The Terror Has Begun Again!

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The Terror Has Begun Again! Empty The Terror Has Begun Again!

Post by The_Terror on Sun Sep 11, 2016 9:12 pm

I'm not even sure if I can post a reintroduction post, but I'm doing it anyway. Anyways, I'm back now. For the members that remember me, you know how I am. For the newer folks, I am The_Terror. I like to terrorize people through my roleplaying abilities. I've been roleplaying for about four or five years now; I can't quite remember how long anymore. As for a view into my personal life, I am a former pro wrestler-in-training. The reason for quitting is entirely private. Nowadays, I practice on the guitar and work often, so my chances of roleplaying are limited. As for my characters, they're dead. Why? Because I plan on doing something else. Something more suspenseful and less action filled. Anyways, that's a bit of info about me. Hope to roleplay with you guys again. See ya!
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